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Like that’s what I love about watches.
It’s just, again, it’s the same thing as food. When you go and you eat in a
really great restaurant and the food’s amazing and as a chef you’re like, “This
took them two weeks to make this garnish, because they dehydrate it, and rehydrate
it, pulverize it, and fry it, and then hang cure it or whatever. You know, you
just see like the immense amount of process that went in, and it’s the same
with watches. It’s like this was thought about a long time. The company is called
Pete’s Paleo and it’s in the vein of the Blue Apron and Plated and those types of
direct-to-consumer food businesses, but we operate strictly in the paleo sphere.
So all the proteins are pastured and organic. All the vegetables are seasonal
and organic. Everything comes from as local place as possible. The menu changes
every week so you’re gonna get 10 different items. All of the things are
cooked differently. All different spices and flavors and everything’s cooked and
prepared for you. And then we ship it fresh, direct to your door. And with
watches it’s the same thing. It’s this so much thought beforehand. Before you even get started and then putting everything in order. In the perfect order. Like when
you look at your wrist like, to me, it’s not just the time that you’re seeing.
You’re seeing like all of that thought and ingenuity put into a beautiful
product. I have three watches that I would say
are beginning of my collection, and the first is actually the first watch that I
got from Crown and Caliber. Is this Omega chronograph, and it’s one of the
prettiest watches I’ve ever seen. It’s got this beautiful black dial. Everything
is all polished chrome. I think a lot of times Omegas. They will have like all
the names of Seamaster or Speedmaster and you end up with a lot of extra kind of lines
on the dial. This is not that at all. It’s just super super clean. I kind of
call it like my tuxedo watch. Anytime I go to any fundraiser or any special
event that’s gonna be the watch that I wear. And I just have always loved Omegas.
I think they’re classic plus this is the James Bond watch so yeah big fan of
Omega. The other Omega that I have is actually it’s a really cool story. So it
is a gift from my wife for our wedding, and she knew that I wanted a vintage
Omega, and she found it online, but unfortunately it was through eBay and
there’s just no guarantees. Another good reason that you guys exist. So we got the
watch and it literally worked for a day. And we brought it to Omega. They were
like this is a beautiful watch. We’ve never even seen this watch. It’s got a, it
just says Omega Seamaster, and it’s a red dial. So they sent it back to Seattle,
which is where Omega’s home base is located here in the States.
And they said this has got to go back to Switzerland. So it took four months to
get it back, but it is a 1948 fighter pilot watch. It’s got this really
old-school glow-in-the-dark paint on the minute and hour hand, and around the dial. And I wonder like how much radiation is probably in it to make it
still glow in the dark because it’s from 1948. But yeah it was issued for Swiss
fighter pilots after World War II. And so it was the one year they did that red
face and that glow-in-the-dark paint for them when they were flying. So Bell & Ross. It’s a big fat tank of a watch. It’s somewhat subtle because it’s the Phantom 03-94. So it’s all blacked out. And the design of it is so beautiful though
because you think that like it would be hard to read the time, but it does, you
know, it has a luminescence to it when you’re in the dark. But even if you’re
not in like the best of light just the way it was cut and the way that they set
it up in the watch you can always pick out where the hands are and you always
can tell the time even though it’s completely blacked out. I’m a chef and I
always wanted a nice watch, and I always loved the Bell & Ross shape and the
fact that they’re just built like tanks. I remember reading that like the French
bomb squad used them and I was like yeah that’s something that a chef can put
through the ringer and it’ll still come out the other side. So the ability to crack in to watch
collecting and high-end watches without having to plunk down five, ten, fifteen,
twenty, thousand dollars is pretty incredible. But then it’s also really
cool to think, you know, to be able to get that and know that it came from a place
that is gonna take care of it, and did a good job, you know, restoring it. That’s a
great deal. Crown and Caliber is, I think, the only place to get a watch. You know,
unless you really want to spend way more than you need to, or and not have the
option of the variety. Yeah I think Crown and Caliber is the only place to get
to watch.

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  1. panulli4

    Somehow I don't really buy the red dial story. After doing a quick google search I couldn't find another one and it wouldn't really surprise me if it's just a redial. The OMEGA logo looks a bit sloppy too. BUT: I might also be completely wrong. Can anyone confirm the red face Omega Seamaster?

  2. dean bovetas

    pète contos he is thé best great family also he help lot peolpe i dont thing any one can replace this Man god bless you with family dean.

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