Was Zeus Real? How Long Have Humans Been around? You Find Out A Lot In Crete Greece

Crete Greece has been a roller-coaster
ride for us dealing with illness and poor weather today is our last day on
Crete and we have one of our best days yet check it out what do you think of
this psychro cave Minoan Knossos Palace our kids are so lazy they gotta go on
a donkey this wall is gonna collapse on you domkey with the hat used to be a
man he devoured his children it’s just crazy beautiful we’re in trouble
then right [music] we’re in Crete Greece and every country
we go to we try to figure out the driving laws here is crazy it’s like
anything goes a lot of the things that we’ve seen here will be considered
dangerous driving and reckless driving back home you have to drive in the
shoulder and let people pass and then people just pass on blind corners
weave in and out no regard for your personal safety it’s crazy we’ve
picked up on it and we drive the same way now when in Rome we’re heading up to psychro cave and it’s supposed to be the birthplace of the god Zeus so we’re gonna go and
check it out and you can get up there by hiking or you can take a donkey ride and
our kids have opted to take the donkey trot ride cuz they’ve never been on a
donkey before how cool is that whoo are you excited or nervous Excited!
and nervous yeah our kids are so lazy they gotta go on a donkey up this climb to Zeus’s
castle Zeus’s birthplace I’m racing the donkey who will win psycho cave is located on the east region of Crete just
south of Malli it’s a steep climb to get to but the views along the way are
fantastic how’s the climb good it’s too much of a climb for you no I just have a cold he’s been sick where was this donkey on Cinque Terre like this is steep climb
yeah but we did like 40 of these on Cinque Terre this is just one yeah one up hill Look he’s turning 90 today happy birthday so what do you know about this Zeus cave it’s about some woman who gave birth to Zeus that would be his mom and then she had to hide him from the
father because he devoured his children for power or something I don’t know sounds interesting
Oh oh got to turn off we got donkey traffic this is rush hour donkey traffic there’s
a donkey with a hat oh yeah he must have been a man once donkey with the hat he
used to be a man he wasn’t good to his parents I guess according to my wife another fib to our children yeah just like the one I tell our kids that they’re not so
tall because they don’t eat their broccoli Bella Margherita thank you very
much say thank you Zeus is the mythical god of the sky
lightning and thunder the king of gods tell me about Zeus what do you know he
was a bad he was a bad God? a good God yeah his father Kronos swallowed his children as soon as
they were born one was prophesied still overthrow him makes sense right I just
not have kids this cave is huge I think Zeus was a big guy this is crazy
beautiful big I wasn’t expecting this we never been this deep into a cave before yeah yep no I gotta I gotta focus on my
steps here every to fall what do you think of this this is crazy the things from the
ceiling are this other the stalagmites or the stalactite it’s better a
stalactite is an icicle shape formation that hangs from the ceiling and a stalagmite is an upward growing mound of mineral deposits this chamber is just
filled with them I think this where they used to sleep who? ah the gods like Zeus and the other people And the other gods and that egg over there looks like a rock but I think in a million years it’s gonna hatch and its going to be a god in there cool we could all be in for trouble then right, good,
good trouble Donkey? where’s the donkey? you’llactually have to do some work walk
down a hike down is filled with spectacular views of the mountainside and ocean we
only have a couple hours left before we catch our flight into Athens one more
stop on the way though well we’re at the Minoan knossos Palace its suppposed be amazing we hope so because it’s 30 euros to get but the kids are more interested in chasing the peacocks around that’s right but I guess it’s
fun for kids talk about taking a step back in time knossos palace was first
inhabited around 7,000 BC and was abandoned around 1382 to 1100 BC wow this
is like 3,000 years old it’s more like around 9,000 years old that just blows
my mind so you can step on it and fall throuhg? ah maybe in its peak somewhere around 1700 BCE the palace and surrounding city
population estimated around a hundred thousand people Its literally looks like this wall is going to collapse and fall I was walking down here and like what the heck? well it’s 3,000 years old this is beautiful but we got to catch a flight
don’t you think yes we really enjoyed our time a Crete hopefully we can come
back one day if you haven’t been what are you waiting for it and oh yeah don’t
forget to subscribe and hit that like button for more fun videos we are in Greece! In Zeus’s cave whoa!

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