VLOG 003 | 1st Day of Intermittent Fasting

After 2 and a half days of rain, it is finally sunny outside. And it’s so beautiful. Good morning, guys! ‘Morning guys. Welcome to another vlog today. I am underneath our apple tree here, and just look…we are growing… I’m not going to be here in Saskatoon when they’re ready to eat. I’m actually moving out of Canada soon. And I’ll be talking more about that soon… but, um, for today I’m going to be showing you what I eat. And what I do and everything… but I’m actually going to be running… there’s an airplane right now Remember when I used to always sing when airplanes passed? (singing) Lucky I’m in love with my best friend. OK, but I’m going to be running a little bit of an experiment on myself today. Um, I’ve been kinda wanting to try intermittent fasting out for a while now. So, today’s the day I’m going to be trying to get all my microvore food into 2 meals, and hopefully as little snacks as possible. I’ve just been kinda feeling a little hungry a lot lately, I think I have a pretty high metabolism because I’ve been biking so much lately. Um, so I am going to try to not eat breakfast this morning. And I had a good filling supper last night, so I don’t feel hungry, and I’m going to wait until lunch and have a meal that’s higher in protein and fat than I’ve been having lately. So, I’m hoping that this will keep me fuller throughout the afternoon, and then I’m going to be having more carbohydrates in the evening for dinner. So, I’m going to show you that today. I’m going to show you what I’m packing for lunch. I’m going to the university today. Another airplane, thank you…yep. They’re…this is like, the airplane route in the city. And, yeah, so. Come along with me! I just realized that we are out of so many vegetables that I normally have, I would normally always have carrots for lunch, but we do not have carrots or cucumber, or a lot of things that I like to eat. So, instead I’m just kind of improvising. I’m going with some tomatoes, uh, some celery, and some bell pepper. And spinach, I’m going to make into a salad dressing, and then also have some in here. And rather than quinoa, rather than rice, potatoes, you know… stuff that I normally have for lunch… I’m just going to go with tofu. Another thing that I’m starting to do today is cutting down on my garlic and onion intake because I want to start eating more herbs and spices that are aromatic in a good way, that actually smell good. So I’mma be using more basil and mint, rosemary, sage… those types of things. Versus garlic and onion. I’m still going to eat those things… just maybe not every day for every meal, like I’ve been doing. You know, apparently… Mom…can you attest? To this? If I ever? Mom off camera: “Yep” Have I ever smelt like garlic and onions? Mom: “Yes.” Yeah, see so that’s a problem. So, I’m going to be working on that, too. So, my bio-available sauce today has what it normally has: sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, dulse flakes for iodine. But rather than Mrs. Dash, which has a lot of garlic and onions in it, and like, more garlic and pepper and stuff that I usually put in it… I’ve gone with rosemary, sage, dill, and now I’m actually outside… and this is my herb garden… and I’m going to be putting in some sweet thai basil. So, it’s going to be different, but hopefully, you know… just as tasty. And to go over vegetables, you know…I think it’ll be good. Oh! And right here, guys, is chocolate mint! Isn’t that cool? Like, you can just… you can just eat them. And it tastes like you’re eating mint gum. So delicious! So what I’ve done here, too, is put spinach into the dressing. And this is a really great way of getting your green leafy vegetable into a meal. Especially for kids, if they don’t really like spinach, or kale. Just to blend it into smoothies, into dressings, dips…into soups. You can hardly notice the flavor. Here’s our tofu, so I’ll break these apart. And put them in a bag to add to my salad when it is ready to eat. Hey, I just finished my lunch, it took forever, but I’ll probably get the hang of it soon. Um, just packing a little bit more in terms of meals, and that sort of thing. So, here’s my salad, tofu, the dressing is inside this container…um my berries. There’s also cacao nibs in here. And then my hemp seed/chia seed sauce. And this is my lemonade, so just a lemon and truvia…and that’s it. And water and ice. So these are the microvore meals that I’m taking to university today. Hey, so I’m back at home now. And, it was a really good day. This was my first day trying intermittent fasting, so I kind of just drank water all morning. I didn’t feel hungry at all because I’d eaten a good meal the day before for supper. And I started getting hungry around noon, and that’s when I decided to eat. It was, what I had was the chopped veggie salad with tofu, and that cream sauce…and so just tons and tons of micronutrients. Very rich in fat and protein. And not many carbohydrates. Um, right after that I was definitely looking forward to my berries and cream. So I had that too. But halfway through that, guys, I could not finish it. I was soo full, but in a good way. I didn’t feel, like, really bloated or anything. Just, I felt really satisfied. So, I actually could only eat, like, half of it. I’ll probably eat the rest after dinner tonight. So, as far as my hunger and energy levels throughout today… they’ve been really, really good. Um, I’ve been able to work a lot. Put my brain into my work. And, just no hunger. I still don’t fell hungry. And it’s like, I think 4 o’clock right now. And I haven’t eaten since 12. So, that’s really good because what I was doing before was I’d wake up, you know, I’d have coffee. I’d have a smoothie. I’d get to the university, I would need like, a banana or something between lunch and breakfast. Lunch, I’d have you know… whatever…then an afternoon snack. And then get home, have another snack. Supper, snack, and bed. And I’ve just kind of gotten tired of doing that so much. I’m still doing the microvore eating, I’m eating microdense food groups, it’s just I want to experiment with how often I’m eating and kind of the macro composition of each meal. And so, it feels really, really good to eat a lot of fat, a lot of protein mid-day for me. And just fresh food, lots of water. Alright, so that’s my little afternoon check-in. I hope you guys have been having a great day, and we’ll see you soon. So, rather than 3 colorful vegetables, I’m actually having 3 green leafy vegetables. That’s right…we’re having kale, we’re having beet greens, and spinach… there’s also spinach in this. This is sunflower seeds and a bunch of different herbs and spices, vinegar, and truvia. And I have tofu cooking as well, and we’re going to add some quinoa probably. And this is the second microvore meal of the day, suppertime. So, a bit richer in carbohydrates, but still quite high in protein. Dinner. Quinoa. Tofu. 3 green leafy vegetables. And our bio-available sauce. Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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Reader Comments

  1. InternetTrafficCop

    Intermittent fasting is the business, especially if you feel like you've been hungrier than normal. After doing it for a while, I felt somehow that I "understood" my body's signals a bit better. Also, onions and garlic smell absolutely fantastic, and I LOVE it when I smell like them. I can see how you might not, though.

  2. 247Tatertot

    I've been doing intermittent fasting for 6 months now and absolutely love it! I've stopped binge eating as a result, lost 23 lbs while eating a high fiber vegan diet with plenty of fats and protein, and it also cleared up my skin. I skip breakfast, eat lunch at 1pm, and dinner at 6pm. The weight has stayed off, I'm more productive, and my metabolism is better than ever before. This has become a way of life now, it's so easy, and there are some great health benefits. I'm glad you're giving it a try! It's awesome!

  3. tamcon72

    Airplane singing! Yes! Interested to see how your macronutirent changes will affect you; I have found when I am feeling unusually hungry, that when I examine my last few days' eats, it's because I have been intaking insufficient carbs. I've tried keto vegan in the past and, boy, did my body rebel after about two and half years. Looking forward to hearing your traveling news : )

  4. akcoen2

    Any reason for choosing a 6-7 hour eating window? I'm not sure it's "bro science" or not, but rule of thumb says 8 hours for men, 10 for women. It's great to see vegan IF videos out there! Thanks.

  5. Meagan Stow

    I love your channel, you have such a gentle and beautiful spirit 💜
    Coincidentally I did my first day of intermittent fasting today too!!! So excited that you felt as satisfied as I did 😊 thanks so much for sharing! Hope to see lots more from you!

  6. Veggie Bee

    Your dreads are perfect! How do you prevent them from getting frizzy? I've been contemplating getting them, but worry my hair won't take well (and that my hair will shrink up too much if dreaded…. Id definitely need extensions)

  7. Camifruit Le peuple en marche

    Intermittent fasting is so helpful and great for the metabolism… but if you start your day on excitant drugs (coffee)… I don't see how you can benefit of a intermittent fasting. The coffee will disrupt your natural fasting/detox of the night and you will lose a big part of the adventage of the intermittent fasting…

  8. Fruitinprogress -Wholefood Plantbased

    I tried higher pro/fat and less carb (as a filler) for a time but found id eat the tofu and veggies beans lentils nuts seeds tempeh till full but then in time crave starchy foods…so it resulted in eating higher fat/pro plus a lot of carbs…i gained weight big time trying this! Yes it works if dont crave carbs. So im back to simple no fuss no prep plain fresh fruits and starch first then added veggies beans lentils & occasional tofu/tempeh/seeds/nuts but not every day, back to good quick easy digestion and less prep & fuss in the kitchen.
    I do prefer having b'fast after a quick walk & water though (till 9ish so 12-14hr 'fast'), but if i have a coffee or tea it keeps me going till midday but it dosnt feel good for my digestion health to do this so i wouldnt recommend it for weight loss or better health in any way, its like an acid bomb in an empty stomach.

  9. GreenSmoothieParty

    I blend a teaspoon of MCT oil with my morning coffee for improved polyphenol absorption and for deliciousness.  A little Ceylon cinnamon sprinkle as well.  Cheers!

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