Vija loves intermittent fasting!

I think what makes Evolve
better than any program I’ve ever tried is because they allow a certain amount of fats in. And then they layer the protocol
with intermittent fasting. It’s been completely doable. It has been the most, I would say, flexible and adaptable program I’ve ever tried. And I think I lost 11 pounds my first month. A lot of us fall into the trap of saying, “I’m not gonna sign up for this diet program because, I have, you know…” You name it my birthday, my anniversary, the holidays — we have all this stuff coming up… That’s reality. That’s life. And I think it’s a little …unrealistic that these programs are so strict. Evolve kind of teaches you how to manage yourself and allows some of the stuff in — including alcohol. The team at Evolve180 is great, and then there’s a weekly coaching and a weekly check-in and weekly accountability, which I think is is imperative for success in any endeavor and life — especially weight loss. And so anyone I’ve ever met with and worked with in my weekly health coaching and check-ins there have been reall,y really incredible! Evolve180 really is Weight Loss YOUR Way! So everyone is saying the exact same thing – Evolve180 Weight Loss is Weight Loss YOUR Way. You need to get into the Evolve180 Weight Loss studio today for a private consultation. It’s absolutely free! You’ll love working with the people there at That’s

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