Vegetarian Airplane Food on Thai Airways ► from Bangkok to Bali

Just took off from Bangkok heading to Bali it’s a four-hour ride Considering the average movie lasts for 90 minutes to two hours we can watch one full flick no time to waste Let’s get to the pixel party ASAP I Forget what the name of this movie is, do you happen to know salted peanuts? Exclusively packed for Thai Airways one of these days. I hope coconuts become a staple snack on airplanes Crunch crunch crunch crunch partay as tempting as complimentary flavored drinks are plain All water is one of the healthiest ways to rehydrate in-flight magazine filled with booty-ful pages Time for breakfasts vegan and vegetarian style this bread roll looks like an eye 100% natural this jelly reminds me of the protein bars from snowpiercer, except it’s red white beans chilena on a bed of lettuce Lettuce unveil the entree. Yes, that’s a pun. Whoops-a-daisy the hot steam from insite surprise My fingers life goes on to continue to peel away Final aerial view before we dig in we are given two spoons a Fork and a knife the big spoon must be for the entree The tomato sauce is paired with vegetables including carrot zucchini and potato. Oh I Spy one small pea Peekaboo Tastes lean and tastes clean Onto the white bean side dish comprised of multicolored bell peppers The peppers are refreshing and The beans are firm lettuce, turn this lettuce into a salad by using our mouth After all teeth are like a knife, especially when you accidentally bite your own tongue in cheek Some say butter causes heart issues others say butter lengthens your life. Maybe it’s all about moderation What do you think onto dessert the jelly contains pieces of fruit? Flavor-wise, it tastes like a diluted coke. The dessert is more firm than a jello. It’s like jello that works out a muscular Jello, let’s blind ourselves momentarily and take a peep outside This ice gives Christmas lights. I’m feeling ambitious. Let’s squeeze in a second movie the boss In my dreams you can bounce on clouds like a trampoline Hello Bali, it’s been a long time my friend Can’t wait to eat all your coconuts. Hope you guys enjoyed this video. See you in the next travel vlog. Bye. Bye

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Reader Comments

  1. Inga Rūdolfa

    Hey Mina! I got an idea that you could make a video about what to do on plane take off's and on landings and how you feel when takinf off and landings


    This type foods that are really pure vegetarian I needed when travelling overseas and while visiting all the places in the world so I can choose all the menus provided available all the times , otherwise I turn to raw vegan another choices cos cold climates do have varieties of fruits year round , one moe thing I didn’t eat eggs so I don’t need cakes just raw vegan cakes and cookies , yummy yummy

  3. Panda Bear

    I love your channel😍Its so comfortable to lay in bed with tea and watch all that good food😂also your voice Is really pretty and relaxing❤️

  4. Hitaishi Sharma

    Great video. Really like your videos. Infact me, my husband and especially my daughter really enjoy your videos. Keep it up. Best wishes. Also try sometime to visit India.

  5. - zuzuspetals -

    I've been using your videos to fall asleep recently also I am going to do a summer trip and I will vlog it and do the food miss Mina style <3

  6. Giorgia Carter

    Must be nice to eat nuts and not have to worry about dying every time you eat unfamiliar food especially in Asian countries like Thailand were peanut is every where…

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