Vegane Low Carb Pizza aus Leinsamen und Chiasamen / Gesunde Paleo Pizza Rezept

[intro music] Hello and welcome to MrsFlury today I am going to show you a recipe for a delicious low carb pizza the “Lizza”, the linseed pizza it is super tasty, healthy and really easy to make! I am going to show you how I found the recipe for this linseed pizza at Lizza itself The most important recipe for the linseed pizza is of course the linseeds you can use golden linseeds, or use brown linseeds like I have I have preground these linseeds in my food processor Preparing the pizza dough is super easy You need a bowl, in which I put my chia seeds the ground linseeds some dried italian herbs salt then I will mix everything this is probably the healthiest pizza ever because you get so many omega 3 fatty acid through the chia and linseeds as well as lots of fibre and healthy protein Now I will add some hot water and mix everything together the dough is done, now I will let it rest for 15 minutes at room temperature this is what the dough looks like after resting for 15 minutes it is nicely set Now I will roll the dough out thinly Because the dough is a bit sticky I am rolling it directly onto baking paper now I will put cling film on top and roll out my dough as thinly as possible I take off the film you can neaten up any edges the original Lizza is rectangle, I am making a more oval pizza now I will prick the dough with a fork a few times and prebake the dough at 200 degrees (Celcius) for 6 minutes in the oven while my first Lizza is in the oven I am going to make a second variation Next to the primordial Lizza, I am going to use a different flour, linseed flour You can find this flour in larger supermakets and I have found that the dough is just a little bit finer and more similar than the original that you can buy in the supermarkets preperation is similar I put the golden linseed flour into my bowl a bit of coconut flour chia seeds italian herbs, salt then I mix the dry ingrdients then I add hot water to the dry ingredients I use a spatula to mix, which makes it super easy My second Lizza dough is done I will also let this one rest for 15 minutes This is what the dough looks like after resting I roll the dough onto baking paper so it doesn’t stick I add cling film I pull of the cling film again neaten up the form of the pizza by hand you can also cut it if you want a specific form I prick the dough with a fork And I will now prebake this at 200 degrees (Celcius) on the bottom rail for 6 minutes the prebaked pizza base can now be topped I am using a tomato sauce make sure there is no sugar in the sauce apart from that vegetables with no starch are great for the low carb pizza for example mushrooms or spinach leaves I have a vegan almond cheese, mozzarella and olives I will use these as toppings for my pizza I will just cut the mushrooms as well as halfing the olives first of all I will add a thin layer of tomato sauce to the pizza Then I will add some mozzarella cheese I just rip little pieces off then I add mushrooms and the olives I will now change the temperature of the oven to 240 degrees (Celcius) this is the highest temperature on my oven then I finish cooking the pizza for 10 minutes the second base is also prebaked I add tomato sauce Then I sprinkle on some grated cheese, I have a vegan almond cheese Then I add my mushrooms olives and add a little bit more cheese I will now cook the pizza at 240 degrees (Celcius) on the bottom rail for 10 minutes We will now have this tasty linseed pizza for dinner it is super tasty and you definitely need to try it if you try out the recipe send me a picture on Instagram with the hastag mrsflury This and other great lowcarb recipes can be found on Pinterest on my pinboard “Lowcarb”

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