Vegan Vs Paleo ft. Gary Yourofsky

Hi it’s Emily from Bite Size Vegan and welcome
to another vegan nugget. Today we’re going to dip a toe into the battle royale that is
vegan vs. paleo. I’ll start you off with Gary Yourofsky’s answer to this heated debate
and then close out with my own 2 cents. So without further ado, let’s get ready to…well,
talk I guess. Gary: First of all, the Paleo diet is not
a new diet. It’s the standard diet. Paleo is what you’re doing, that’s why it works.
If I can tell you to do the exact same thing that you’re doing, you don’t have to change
anything, that’s why people love it. Paleo, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Zone, Atkins…
The only different diet on this planet, the only unique diet, the only compassionate diet
on this planet, the only healthy diet on this planet, is a vegan diet. That’s it. And study
after study has proven this by the way. It’s not my opinion, it’s not your opinion. There
are dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens of studies showing that vegans have the least
amount of diseases on this planet. It’s a placebo effect. That’s all Paleo is. You feel
good often at first, in the end you’ve got the same amount of heart disease, the same
amount of cancers, the same amount of health problems, and it ain’t solving and curing
anything. You can’t solve diseases with meat. You definitely can’t do with dairy. I know
Paleo, I think excludes dairy, so they might have that part right. But you can’t solve
any health issues with animal protein. It’s toxic to the human body. You can’t solve them
with cholesterol, it’s toxic to the body. You can’t solve with huge amounts of fat.
You can’t solve it with naturally occurring trans fatty acids, that’s not how you obtain
health. Again, you might get lucky, but keep in mind that not everyone that worked in an
asbestos factory got mesothelioma. You could get lucky, but lucky is not health. Clearly the paleo vegan debate is quite a
hot one and rather controversial. The thing that I find personally interesting about this
rivalry is the implicit belief that vegan and paleo have to be mutually exclusive. There
are people who eat vegan paleo. Paleo is all about eating as our ancestors did and there
is a large body of studies and research that paints a surprisingly plant-based picture
of our stereotypically meat-eating caveman forefathers. In his article in Scientific
American entitled, “Human ancestors were nearly all vegetarians,” Robb Dunn states
that, “although “Paleolithic” diets in diet books tend to be very meaty, reasonable
minds disagree as to whether ancient, Paleolithic diets actually were. Fortunately, new research
suggests answers…to the question of what our ancestors ate. The resolutions come, in
part, from considering the question of our diets in a broader evolutionary context. When
we talk about “paleo” diets, we arbitrarily tend to start with one set of ancestors, our
most recent ones. But why do we choose these particular ancestors as starting points? They
do seem tough and admirable in a really strong five o’ clock shadow sort of way. But if
we want to return to the diet our guts and bodies “evolved to deal with” (a concept
that wrongly assumes our bodies are fine tuned by engineers rather than cobbled together
by natural selection), perhaps we should also be looking at our earlier ancestors. If you
want to return to your ancestral diet, the one our ancestors ate when most of the features
of our guts were evolving, you might reasonably eat what our ancestors spent the most time
eating during the largest periods of the evolution of our guts, fruits, nuts, and vegetables—especially
fungus-covered tropical leaves.” Now for me personally, my main concern as a vegan
is animal rights. I’m primarily an ethical vegan, though I value all of the benefits
of a vegan diet. Some people come to veganism for health explicitly and I fully support
that. I don’t care what gets you here, just that you make it. And honestly, the health
benefits of veganism often branch into deeper convictions as people learn more about animal
issues. But for me, even if my ancestors ate nothing but meat and that was somehow the
healthiest thing for me to eat, I would still choose veganism. Fortunately, as it is, I
get to eat in a way that doesn’t involve the blood and suffering of other being and
is healthy and ancestrally sound, or as much as you can be in this day in age. But if you
want to eat paleo vegan or junk food vegan or any other variation of vegan, I say, go
for it. Do what works for you, as long as it’s not encroaching on the rights and lives
of others. I’ve included some reference links and resources about this topic in the
blogpost for this video that’s linked here and in the video description. Now that you’ve
heard Gary’s take on paleo and my quick two cents, I’d love to hear what you think.
Let me know in the comments. Give the video a thumbs up if you liked it and please share
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Reader Comments

  1. Gabrielle Murphy

    I love Gary haha. And it's so funny, his mannerisms are the same as my dads. He has the same goofy emotional faces and tones in his voice.

  2. jervey123

    they say "vs" but all they presented were one-sided biased arguments made by vegans, they didn't even bother to at least have someone who had tried paleo diet talk… this channel is stupid, vegans are stupid

  3. viveutvivas

    I think most people who go deeply into "paleo" just find themselves on a low-carb Atkins type diet.
    If friends and family of paleo-istas are better informed and have the opportunity to influence the paleo victim,  any approach at helping could work.
    It's a matter of intention, careful selection of approach, and artful implementation.
    Use good judgment as to whether a certain approach is correct…
    However… in hindsight,  many times I should have been more blunt with people.  
    Someone who is on the road to a heart attack should be vigorously warned with the full force of emotion.
    On the other hand,   a heart attack, or other serious disease is a great lesson for any paleo-ista and sometimes is the only way for a person to be woken u.!

  4. MGTOW_Monk

    I get sooooo tired of hearing "so where do you get your protein from" or "how do you get calcium if you aren't drinking milk"? ugh! Like I just woke p one day & was like…holy s**t!!! I need togoto McDonalds & get a Big Mac with extra Cheese or I'm gonna die!!! It is hard to break through all the years of conditioning esp. with older people, but just because it's hard, doesn't mean you stop trying! 😉 Go Vegan!

  5. TallWaters

    Paleo is a standard diet? What BS is this? Does the normal person avoid grains, dairy, alcohol, processed food? Does the normal person exercise? This guy is a MORON!!!

  6. Jenna S.

    The paleo diet is VERY different from the standard American diet!
    Believe it or not, grass fed and pasture raised meat is good for you but grain fed meat is very bad for you and isn't worth eating. There's no dairy in paleo. very few to no grains are consumed. The diet doesn't need to be crammed with meat. In fact, you should be eating more plant matter like vegetables, herbs and fruit than animal matter. Most people I've talked to have animal matter make up 10 – 30% of their total diet. The average American eats far more than this and it's sourced from factory farms. This guy is ranting rubbish in my opinion. Not everyone should be paleo and not everyone should be vegan. Try both and see which you're healthiest on.


    I love how this video is called vegan vs paleo but doesn't have any pro paleo point of views. whether veganism is right or bullshit id appreciate an unbiased presentation

  8. Last Time

    There's a really good ted talk from Christina Warinner titled 'Debunking the paleo diet' which has a really good explanation of the actual diet our ancestors would have eaten.

  9. Hybodus Shark

    vegans have least amount of diseases on the planet?…while consuming dairy products? LMFAO! BULLSHIT
    Go Vegetarian the reach the state of immortality!

  10. Averyofthemain

    That article wasn't much of a refutation the whole premise is "why do we look at only our human ancestors, why not eat what our lizard ancestors ate," etc, etc…because that's not the point, people used to ashamed to use that kind of sophism as support for their argument, sadly, the left (and veganism is almost entirely a leftist contrived movement [perhaps there are rightist vegans, don't know, never met one, don't care]) isn't interested in the best argument, they and vegans are a religion.

  11. aattitude

    Sometimes Gary's emotional tangents make him look completely foolish. Eating an organic paleo diet, that is, veggies, fruits, seeds, and unprocessed meats, is definitely healthier and more nutritious than eating processed meats, processed oils, and refined sugars. That said, I don't think any diet is healthier than a plant based diet for humankind. You can only make an argument for B12, and most meat lacks it anyway.

  12. Sarah Sniderman

    I'm a bit put off by the opinion that veganism is the only healthy diet – I think there are a variety of ways to eat that work for different people. But maybe vegan is best for me… the only way to know is try!

  13. Stephen Docksteader

    Newly vegan, and I came across your channel while surfing other channels. Love what I see, and can't wait to see more! Thanks for being a light in the shadow of this ridiculous era of "I recycle (or "i eat Paleo,", or I give to charities,") or any other excuse!" – I'm fine,"

  14. cosmic waderer

    GO PALEO VEGETARIAN….vegan or paleo diet is bad…go paleo vegetarian. Read the countless studies on the benefits benefits of fish and fish oil.

    paleo vegetarian = paleo vegan + eggs and fish

    I am a paleo vegetarian no milk

    Paleo vegetarian is closer to hunter gathers than vegan.

    Bad things about vegans

    Vegans dont get the incredible health benefits of fish oil.

    Vegans dont get enough protein.

    Polical vegans are self rightous.


  15. Chris Gentile

    I think it's ridiculous what people refer to as Paleo. When I first learned about the diet my first thought was "this is the exact same thing as the Atkins diet". I was told paleo was supposed to be a hunter and gatherer diet, yet on social media people are posting pics of things like shrimp cooking in bacon grease and fried eggs stuffed inside an avocado, as if cavemen were doing the same thing. The paleo diet also seems to go hand-in-hand with the cross-fit trend that's sweeping the nation and Paleo has become a byproduct of the cross-fit cult mentality.

  16. aparna jain

    When I first went vegan, I thought I would never be able to stick to this "diet" but the ethical aspects of it keeps me from falling off the wagon. I would however encourage you as a public figure to advocate for the health aspects as well, it will just keep more people from eating animals for a longer amount of time. I understand some may start as vegans just eating fries and that's great because they stopped causing other sentient beings immense suffering but how long would that sustain? When they do it the healthy way, all they would think of is having amazing bodies while saving animals, I bet the vanity aspect will attract more!!

  17. Rodrigo Varjao

    Just take a look at Loren Cordain nowadays, he looks very bad, unhelth and fat. On the other hand, look at Emily, Gary and others vegans… Always look fantástico!

  18. Steven Landry

    paleo is far from being a normal easy diet, cutting legume and grains is really difficult. any it was for me, I tried this diet and it fucked me up and my weight got out of control for months after.

  19. Carly Smashes Ivory

    Emily, you have said exactly what I feel is the truth! I went Paleo a couple years ago and felt good eliminating grains, dairy and legumes. I was also under the false impression that the meat I was buying was raised "humanely" and that I could take comfort that the animals I was eating or not suffering as much. From watching your videos, I have discovered what the truth really is and that all animals that are killed for food are sacrificed wrongly for the greed of humanity, and it breaks my heart every day. I have wanted to find a way to combine the Paleo and the Vegan diet in an effort to stand by my morals of treating animals with utmost respect and eliminate processed food from my diet. I truly believe examining the early Paleolithic dietary habits and actively fighting against any/all forms of animal cruelty is the healthiest and best way to live! THANK YOU for the work you do, you have truly changed my life.

  20. John Savage

    T-rex was paleo, where's he now? Dead AF, that's where. Paleo makes you have a loose poopy-hole, fact. I know hole and that's how I do, and often what, too. Holy crap, surely I should be banned.

  21. Julian Miller

    I resonate so much with what you said.
    I came to veganism as an experiment (raw vegan) feeling so much energy.
    Now 7 years later, I am very involved in the animal rights.
    I agree you can eat healthy vegan or junk vegan. Your choice.
    The most important is to not highjack other lives in your eating.

  22. Robert Martin

    Paleo guys won't admit this, but actual paleolithic man ate mostly vegan. The reason? It was insanely dangerous and unreliable to try to run down a wooly mammoth and kill it with stone age tech. Sure, Paleo man ate meat, but he ate a tenth or less of the meat modern man, even modern paleo man eats, and it definitely wasn't factory farmed burgers.

  23. M Mc

    I am a vegan myself and dietician at the same time. I would agree with many aspects of veganism Gary promotes except the one important thing vitamin B12. I take supplement of this vitamin and advise other people to do that. Not all of them are vegan as you can have deficiency if you are older even if you eat meat. In one of Gary's videos he addressed this nutrient as something we don't need to provide with diet as bacteria in our mouth and intestine can produce it. It is true however the amount is really insignificant and deficiency can occur within quite short period of time. there are many myths about vitamin B12 and they are dangerous  as they can cause irreversible brain damage. I would advise Gary to do the study as many claims on vitamin B12 changed dramatically. He would be more believable if he did his homework.

  24. Tommy Ma

    Can you check this out please about how genes change on a vegan diet. It claims to show that it increases risk of cancers and other things and had me worried. If this is real it will pass on to my kids and other generations which scares me more. The studies seem to be fairly new, this year is the dates they usually are published. I couldn't find any ways to prevent this too so canyon make a video on this if you know about this? Thanks!

  25. Miss Silvia

    Before I went on a vegan diet, I did pales for 4 months. I lost weight and left good but then after 30 days I felt weak and sorry if this is too much info but I couldnt shit to save my life. I was so bloated and uncomfortable. Switching to a vegan diet well let's say I don't have a problem going anymore 😉

  26. arbonac

    Before the flood, people were all vegetarian. After the flood, some meat was included. When Moses freed the slaves, and received the ten commandments, animals were being sacrificed by letting out all the blood (as it belongs to Jehovah) and then putting the fatty parts on a fire. I'm not sure what happened to the rest of the animal, but it probably was split up between the priestly class (house of David). An asterisk beside "Thou shalt not kill" to include animals was not necessary, as "animals for food" was already allowed by the word of Jehovah. When Jesus came, the food laws were opened up even more to include those animals that were regarded as unclean. I would like to note, that Methuselah and his family were all vegans and lived a good, long life.

  27. Dominic Marsh

    I think the Vegan "diet" should be called the Live and Let Live diet. I don't know about you but I can't stand the word "diet"!

  28. Tourmaline

    You do know our ancestors before neanderthals weren't even human right? They were apes still, that's why they ate mostly plants because back then they could digest cellulose which made up their diet. Homo sapiens and neanderthals couldn't eat leaves because of the cellulose. Meat was more abundant than edible plants. I'm going paleo soon btw.

  29. Joanne Nugent

    Gary is wrong in saying that Paleo is doing the exact same thing.True,you eat meat on Paleo,however,Paleo excludes dairy which is what it has in common with veganism.

  30. Amanda Morris

    I love love LOOOVE your channel. I've been binge watching and I'm falling in love with how absolutely honest, and friendly your channel is. <3 peace and love mama

  31. Michelle Sunshinestar

    I was once told to go on basically the Atkin's diet. I realized it was wrong, and my mom did the Gerson diet, and then became vegan.

  32. XxGR3YW01FxX

    Vegans are also known to have fewer friends and social lives. Yourofsky himself admits he is a militant misanthrope. It is more ideal to be an "ethical" vegan than one for health reasons. There are no compelling health benefits to veganism that provides incentives for regular people to opt out for a complete change of diet and lifestyle given the fact that humans have been omnivores for our entire evolutionary history and have been able to reach prominent feats of health via their omnivore diet to this day, most body builders, athletes, health gurus, etc. are notably omnivores. The issue with veganism is that it is a stricter, more tedious diet that requires larger intakes of protein alternatives that accumulate to an excessive intake of calories. I can see this with that vegan strongman vegan activists always reference. He is pretty strong, but he does have quite a belly and his physique is not designed for much versatility.

  33. Darin Bourque

    vegan diet is the best American diet…I call it American BC Asia has amazing diets that would fill in the holes of a vegan diet such as fish considering vegans normally have a lack of omega-3s

  34. ns arboc

    Holy shit the comments in this video are narrow minded and generally ignorant. It reminds me of nonsense religious discussions. Vegan or Paleo, do what you fucking want to and leave people alone. At least either way your making an effort to change. Also do me a favor and dont comment back to me because i dont give a shit about what you have to say. Im just giving other level headed people a fair warning about the trash below.

  35. Shoggoth

    Gary open his mouth and immediately say something stupid. "First of all, the Paleo diet is not a new diet. It's the standard diet." It took me less than 15 second to confirm it, Paleo diet exclude food such as dairy product and any processed product like alcohol, sugar, salt, oil.
    Basically everything that a human during the Paleolithic could not have access to.
    So why should I watch the rest of the video if it begin with a statement showing how uninformed Gary is?

  36. Matthew Niedbala

    I do believe that unprocessed is better and grains are overreaten and sugars are way overeaten. I am unhealthy and vegetarian. This summer I will grow a bigass garden and be healthy and then in the winter get fat cuz I have no healthy food here in zone 5b. It tastes disgusting in the winter. Summer lettuce is fuckin amazing.

  37. Ben Smith

    so an omnivore diet isn't healthy? oh buy wait an omnivore gets everything a vegan can, plus more healthy things like fish, eggs etc
    it's a very biased channel, which is what makes me less likely to pay attention to what you say.

  38. Ujuani68

    10: 40: Dear Gary Y, if paleo is so bad, how come there are no fat folks in Japan ?And why do they get so old? And how did we Inuit manage to survive in Greenland for 5000 years? I know, that these days in Greenland, Western shitty food has snuck its way into society, along with alcohol and smoking, but in some areas, we still eat a very ancient diet. And we can`t GROW a lot of plants during our short, Arctic summer! My ancestors had to catch various kinds of sea-dwelling critters in order to live!

  39. william zichko

    im vegan and I have to say that my boyfriend switched to paleo and a lot changes diet wise, and ive seen several studies that say a Mediterranean diet is pretty much as good as a vegan one.

  40. TofuDream

    I wonder, since we are usually divided up into ''hunters and gatherers'' in these older times, if it's true that we didn't eat much meat (which I think sounds entirely plausible and likely for the majority of history) what were the ''hunterers'' doing then?

    I need to study more anthropology I guess!

  41. Ulfric Stormcloak

    JESUS CHRIST!!!! Humans are omnivores!!!!!!!!!! Humans ONLY exist because we ate whatever we could to survive. Humans are not herbivores. Our closest relatives arnt even vegan wtf. The last straw for me is when these vegans started feeding their dogs and cats vegan diet because their vegan. Dogs and cats are carnivours. That's animal cruelty in my book and should be punishable by law. That's like feeding a child fruitarian diet and child dies which actually happened. Wake up people.

  42. Ben Huttash

    For real any person who feels bad about animal suffering will get here on their own. Health is the best way to attract persons not sympathetic to animal suffering.

  43. Andrea Haynes

    So.. I'm sort of in this wager with a friend who is on a paleo diet and I've recently decided to go vegan from vegetarian.. now he is much heavier than I am and has already lost 19lbs and I've been doing what I'm doing am down only 7lbs but it seems like I'm not losing anymore weight? I'm just so confused?

  44. rick blue

    did this fuckwit just say the only diet is a vegan first of all vegetarians second of all the word diet by definition means restrict oneself to small amounts or special kinds of food in order to lose weigh? so you objectively wrong on this no opinion here your just wrong good it like me saying all religions are the same the only real religion is catholic its stupid and inarguable wrong i would try and argue on his channel but for some reason comments are off almost like he is doesn't want people to have a discussion and only listen to him

  45. Mr.Someone

    Sugiro pesquisarem sobre o Frugivorismo, creio que essa sim seja a dieta mais compassiva e saudável em todos os aspectos (obs, é uma alimentação totalmente vegan, e que na minha opinião é em TODOS os aspectos e pontos de vista, a forma de se alimentar mais saudável, ética, sustentável. Sim, mais que o veganismo.Afinal, como ser diferente, sendo algo vindo diretamente da natureza? A perfeita natureza, sem os erros dos homens..). Não quero entrar em tantos detalhes mas como disse, sugiro que pesquisem sobre, sou frugívoro â mais de 5 meses..(fui um ano vegan, iria entrar no crudivorismo quando encontrei o frugivorismo)

  46. Zach Brinner

    The human digestive system is identified as a herbivore/fugivore, right? This should speak volume to the diet we should follow and a role we should not step beyond in the hierarchy of things.

  47. Gabriel Whiddett

    Paleo is a fad, a giant leap
    backwards- smack bang in the stone age. Veganism, on the other hand, is not a fad; it's the future. Welcome. The truth has landed.🌱

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