Vegan Raw Dairy-free Coconut Kefir Yogurt – Groovy Gourmet 1.2

Today we’re going to be making coconut kefir yogurt. It’s great for a dairy-free alternative for those of you who can no longer have dairy yogurt. So, in choosing your coconut. You want
to get one that all white, and doesn’t have any spots on it and it’s nice and heavy so you
know it has a lot of water inside. First, we’re gonna take this cleaver, use it to open up the Thai coconuts and we’re not going to use
a chef’s knife because it will break. I’m cutting this at an angle because
there’s a surface underneath that has a slight concaveness to it.
So, we can later go in and open that spot up. We’re going to use the corner part of the
cleaver to drive this right into the surface of the coconut. OOO! Haha! Ooo, all right. Hehehe. Ha! Okay. So, you may want goggles on
for this portion of the recipe. We are dealing with coconut water.
As you can see, it has a tendency to be explosive. It can get a little bit messy from time to time. So, now that we’ve opened it up, we can see that nice white flesh. The water looks clear. So, we know we’ve got a good coconut. So, I’ve got this nifty avocado scraper
that I’ll be using as a coconut scraper. This right here is fine to have left over on the coconut
flesh as long as it’s not crunchy or hard. So, we’ve got a nice piece of coconut flesh. And we’re just taking off
extra crunchies and then into the Vitamix blender. You all want to taste it? Look at that. I mean seriously, like, I mean, that’s good. That’s fresh, okay.
I’m going to eat this one. Mmmm. So, we’ve got most of it out of their.
It’s pretty empty. Hehehe. To do this part, just do that same thing.
Just come at it like that and voila! I’m exercising extreme self
control not to eat more of it. Fresh coconut tastes totally different. It
doesn’t have any sugar added. It’s got it’s own natural sweetness,
but it’s really a very mild flavor. On the website, there’s a
link about the benefits of coconut. Coconut flesh is firm and juicy. Delightful!
It’s kind of wet. Mmmmm! It’s very refreshing. It’s really good
for women who are pregnant or nursing. The coconut water is actually isotonic.
It basically means that a gets absorbed into your body
very easily because it’s like the same type
of molecular thing as your blood. So that’s my Angie understanding of it. Now we’re going to take
the isotonic coconut water and strain it, just in case we missed any of the crunchy stuff. Yum! I could drink all that right now. You can
really make the kefir any consistency that you want. It can be
more liquidy or thicker. and I like mine to be like a yogurt,
so I do just a little bit of the coconut water. If you wanted
your kefir to be more liquidy just add more coconut water. Start out
with less and then add more if you want to it. Okay! Let’s see how it looks. So, it’s pretty wet, but the thing to remember
is during the fermentation process it’s actually going to get thicker. This is
about perfect for me. Each batch of coconut keeper is gonna depend on the
specific coconut and how wet the flesh is. Some coconut flesh is harder and
firmer and a little bit more dried out and sometimes it’s softer and more moist. Use your intuition to figure out how thick
you want it to be. Flow it as it goes. So, this next part is where we’re gonna strain the coconut yogurt, because it comes out much creamier and fluffier if you strain it. I discovered this by accident one time
when I thought I had dropped something in the coconut. And I was voraciously trying to strain
it to save the dish and then later when I pulled it out of the fridge,
I discovered that it was the lightest and fluffliest coconut kefir I’ve ever had. So, I’m gonna rinse this off and do it again. Ok, now we’re going for strain number two. Yeah! We love straining coconut kefir. We’re gonna do it one more time into the jar. So, the final strain goes into the jar, a sealable jar. Lovely airation of the coconut yogurt. Yum! Yeah! Tends to get a little messy sometimes. But, we always have the
most fun when it gets a little bit messy. Cause I’ll sit here with this thing
and go Pooh Bear on it real quick. Haha! Not even joking! Not even joking dude.
Like, once I’m done getting it all out with the spatula, I’ll just stick my hand in there and lick my fingers
off just like he does. Haha! Mmmm… that’s good. Heheh. Alright. Now I just want to show you guys exactly
what I’m talking about with the different ratios you get with the coconut kefir.
So, check this out. This is how different the coconuts can be. So, you can see the staggering difference here. This is three coconuts and this is three
coconuts. So now, we’re gonna add the kefir starter. Now, inside the start, we’ve got different
bacteria and yeasts. Add the kefir starter to the coconut cream. That will ferment
to give us coconut kefir yogurt. Now, stir it up (singing) little darlin’, stir it up. So, now we’ve got it nice and mixed. Mmmm, that’s good. Next, we’re gonna take a clean kitchen towel.
Lay it over the yogurt. We’re gonna leave this here for seven to ten hours. After that, we’re going to take the towel off, seal the jar,
and put it in fridge for 48 hours. Not 24 hours. 48 hours.
And then you’ve got your yummy delicious dairy-free coconut kefir yogurt. It’s time! Here we go! Open it up! Dun dun dun! Do you that nice, thick, creamy top on there? That is the sign of a lovely fermentation. We’re gonna give it a little stir. Woo! We sure do get our working in here. Tell you what, there is some truth to the gym.
It’s not about getting strong. It’s about carrying your luggage during
holidays and working in the kitchen Haha ha! Okay! There we have it! Fresh, fluffy, creamy delicious That is good, okay? You’ve gotta try this. So good for you. Enjoy! Have fun making your own at home
and don’t forget to tell us about it
in the comment section below. Mmmm, that is so good!

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Reader Comments

  1. Darcy Smithson

    You are adorable. It's refreshing to see someone so light and carefree. I'm going to make a special stop tomorrow to buy the starter. Thank you for this tutorial.

  2. Going Natural

    I make Kambucha and use the SCOOPY from the previous batch.. why not just use the so called grain from the batch before to make a new batch instead of using the small starter packages every single time.. also, what would happen if you just leave the fiber in there and not strain it, ,.? and I would def add more water or coconut water in the blender. One more thing, first, you are supposed to keep in room temp for more than 7 hrs, and, you should cover with a clothes and use a rubber band to seal the jar as the bacteria makes gas and the jar can actually explode

  3. Going Natural

    Your next vid should be on how to make the grain so you wouldn't have to use or buy those starter packages .. if you are trying to safe and be conservative 🙂

  4. Diana Terrizzi

    I have looked all over the Internet for that avocado scraper and cannot find anything like the one you are using. Please, where did you buy it? Nice video by the way.

  5. Taurie Love

    I love your video! Such passion and yes, I licked out my blender too! My first batch ended up grey. Has this happened to you? After I blended it it was slightly off white due all the soft woody bits I left on and then after 2 days in fridge it was grey. It smells and tastes ok though.. . Just wondering if it's safe to eat…

  6. Castaway

    Tip. Use one camera on a tripod in a wide shot for the entire video. If you want close ups then use a second camera on a tiny tripod on the counter top focuses on your workspace. The camera work is really shaky and distracting with way too many switches between close up and medium. It actually hurt my eyes.

  7. Mike Breler

    I have heard that coconut has a natural antibiotic properties. Does this not kill the kefir grains and/or the finished kefir flora? Also is this only for milk grains or can you use water grains?.. Thanks

  8. Pamela Kelly

    Great video…love the tips…. going to make this for sure. FOR THOSE LOOKING FOR THE AVOCADO PEELER AND PITTER IT IS SOLD MY AMCO ON AMAZON FOR $9.99 PRIME PRICE.

  9. mattyzar

    Angela is very sweet and the video is fun to watch.i will follow her recipe at home and i will teach it to my patient (after i try it myself).Thanks heaps

  10. Heritage Homestead

    Your method of opening the coconut looks quite dangerous! I always use a chef's knife, make ONE good whack (maybe another small one) and rock the top off. I actually just uploaded a video demonstrating it. No water flying around.
    If they were cheaper I'd try your kefir method … but I must use a can!!

  11. LovelyLife

    If i use Almond milk the steps same with coconut? 8 hours the refrigated 48 hours? The result Will be thick? Its for milk not yoghurt . Please teach me

  12. Sandi V

    If you make the small investment to buy a Coco Jack, opening young coconuts will be easy and less messy and quicker…less waste of that scumptious liquid, too,

  13. Claire Will

    Less make up, less camera eye contact, reduce spoon and fingers in mouth to keep hygienic… poor video, shakey and flickering. Please address food hygiene and sanitising equipment

  14. jo bean

    Yes, perhaps , the quality of the video could be improved but these girls are not professional movie producers or Health hygiene inspectors either, and they are just having fun time in making the video without pretending to be "do -it-my way only", so let don't be all judgemental . But, even, if we forget the quality of the video, the recipe itself is very simple and easy to follow compare with many others available on YouTube. Therefore, thank you girls, now I think I can make a kefir myself .

  15. Larry Hutcherson Sr

    I enjoyed this video immensely. It is informative and entertaining and you are very cute. I am looking forward to trying your recipe. Thanks.

  16. deslocc124

    well.. coconuts were actually used in WWII as IV replacements, since the 'water' inside was sterile and contained a natural balance with human blood, so when they ran out of IV bags, they would simply 'hang another coconut'. good info and I'm sure as you get more pro to making your own videos, you'll maybe use a tri-pod to hold the camera.. be well and healthy.

  17. Hannah Bradford-Stuart

    Hi; I really appreciate your candor and presentation. There are, however, some very basic rules of kit hen etique. 1) Licking the same spoon you are placing into the jR to stir, or retrieve the kefir clumps, is rudeness, a clear violation of trust Licking hour fingers or dipping I to the jar to taste, can introduce a host of bacteria into the cascading repetitions of illness.
    Your videoñ

  18. Sarvs Falefitu

    Was excited to watch a demo but everything about this was difficult to watch and listen to to the end. Best for kids entertainment…onto the next demo.

  19. MiMi Ortiz

    WTF @ 5:30 and then licking that spoon, that's just FREAKING GROSS !!!! I HATE that people think it's cute 2 do that, NO its not. Even if it's 4 me I don't do that.

  20. Stephanie Pena

    This is by far the most refreshing and happy video I've seen on Youtube ever. I love it and that coconut just looked so Delicious. I am sold!

  21. Lynda Chevalier

    Hi, I watched your video because I am interested in Kefir. This is the first UPBEAT Video Ive ever seen. Can you please tell me what kind of Kefir grains you used? Water or Milk Kefir. I see you just ate it from what you had made. Is it fermented? I guess I missed something in the Translation. I enjoyed your Video very much. Thanks

  22. Victoria Arcturus

    You realise that coconut is white without spots, because it’s been soaked in formaldehyde, I guess your health benefit just went out the window !

  23. UdiYah Baht Yisrael

    I have tried to make coconut /almond k-fir yogurt from the vegan milk i got at the store but the only thing I got after 3 days of fermentation was the separation of what appears to be whey (yellow liquid) on top and white liquid at bottom which doesn't look like curds at all.
    The white liquid doesn't seem to be fermented and is very runny in consistency…..
    Is the store bought almond /coconut milk not good fir k-fir because it is "processed"?
    And in the process, did I damage my grains?

  24. Mark Gailmor

    I make my own all the time with my private stash of water kefir. About every third or fourth batch of fermenting my water kefir with sugar water I will make either coconut water kefir, or coconut yogurt kefir. And once they have fermented the coconut I immeditately rinse them and put them back in a batch of sugar water to keep them from dying.


    I'm just wondering if after you get your first batch using the powdered culture mix, can you use some of the yougart for your next batch?

  26. Scorpio AlBeau

    Maybe do it naked next time or bikini, splash it all over you and have someone lick it off you…
    Seriously the more you leave it on the counter the better. could go a week, it will get very fermented, almost alcohol like, with bubbles.
    Close the jar, shut and burp it everyday until to your taste and then refrigerate it… Always keep a part of it to seed the next recepy… Two table spoon for each liter.Should be indefinite….
    No more buying kefir….

  27. scottish dancer

    I actually think the camera work is fine, you are charmingly enthusiastic, the video is informative in a fun way. Most important of all, the SOUND is clear, unlike so many other muffled videos I have turned off before I found yours. I'm new to kefir but am going to try the coconut yoghurt kefir after watching this. Isn't that what it's all about ? thankyou

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