Vegan Keto Meal Plan & Prep! SOY FREE! #kickstart2019

(upbeat music) – Hey Munchies I’m Alyssia,
if you are new to the channel, welcome to the last
January Kickstart episode. We’ve saved this very highly
requested video for last, a vegan and keto meal plan for the day, and I’m showing you
how I meal prep it too. So if you’re not familiar with keto, watch this video, it’s
linked in the description, but it is a high fat moderate protein, low carbohydrate diet. You commonly see a lot of meat, eggs, and vegetables in a keto diet, so a lot of people assume
it can’t be done vegan. You’ll see today that it can be done. It’s not easy, but it can. The question is should it be? My personal opinion is that a keto diet is already very restrictive, and a vegan diet is already restrictive, and when you put those two together, and you make it soy-free,
you end up with this crossover where very few
items are left available, so it’s sort of the
ultimate restrictive diet. Does that mean you shouldn’t do it? Who am I to say? You do you. If you want to experience the benefits of ketosis while vegan,
then sure you could. Would I do it? No, but so many of you wanted it that I took the time to
figure out a meal plan that would work, keeping the
ratio of fat high enough, net carbs low enough
with moderate protein, and like I said I took the added challenge of not including any soy. Can I at least get a thumbs-up for effort? For breakfast I’ve outlined enjoying half of an avocado and
a bulletproof coffee. I take an avocado half
and if you don’t know this nifty hack, a glass
can scoop that avocado right out of the skin and then slice. I also add some Everything
but the Bagel seasoning. So simple but so delicious. For my bulletproof coffee,
I’m leaving out the butter since this is vegan,
and instead just adding a tablespoon of MCT oil
and a pinch of cinnamon. I talk about MCT oil in
my keto smoothies video, and these are all vegan too,
also linked in the description. Blend it up and you get
a frothy rich coffee that will keep you full for hours. After all, it’s easy for
a bullet-proof coffee to become very calorie dense depending on how much
butter or oil you add. That combined with the avocado,
and I’m set until lunch. Side note: when I do keto, I usually don’t eat breakfast other than a bulletproof coffee. In fact, I like to do intermittent fasting with keto because I’m not hungry
when I’m in ketosis anyway. I don’t need to meal prep breakfast. We all know avocados
shouldn’t be cut too long before eating, so I just
whip that up the morning of. For lunch, I’m making
a green smoothie bowl, or it could just be a
smoothie if you prefer. In this smoothie, I’ve got avocado, which is high in fat but
also fiber and nutrient rich, spinach which is actually a green that’s higher in protein,
unsweetened almond milk, macadamia nut butter, which is lower in carbs and higher in fat, spirulina powder which is
extremely nutrient dense and surprisingly high in protein per gram, and for a protein boost and thickener, I’m adding a plain
unsweetened almond yogurt. Read the label of yours. This was Kite Hill brand, not sponsored, and it has five grams of
protein, 16 grams of fat and only two grams of carbohydrates. Add sweetener to taste, something that won’t affect blood sugar. I have a video on sweeteners
if you want to learn more, and blend. This should be thick, because the goal is to make it a smoothie
bowl where you can eat it with a spoon. Then I top it off with
pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, and hemp hearts which
are all high in protein. The chia seeds are also
actually high in carbs, but all of the carbs are from fiber, which means they’re a low in net carbs. So what is a net carb? If you take your total carbohydrates and subtract the fiber which
are the non digestible carbs, you end up with the net carbs, which debatably are the
carbs that matter for keto. We’re not gonna debate that today. What I found is that it
really depends on the person and their individual carb tolerance. Some people can handle more
carbs than others on keto, some can handle more fiber, some can handle more protein, it all depends on you
and the only way to know is to actually check
your blood ketone levels, which is sort of a pain. Well it’s actually a literal pain too. (suspenseful music) This smoothie bowl is very green. It’s nutritious and even
more delicious than it looks. Add more milk to thin it out and drink as a smoothie on the go instead. Keep in mind spirulina
tastes like seaweed. You don’t really want to taste it, and sort of have to adjust to taste. Start with one teaspoon, but
as you get used to the taste, you might be able to handle
one to two tablespoons depending on the person. I personally stick with
one to two teaspoons max, but if you can handle more,
it does mean more protein. To meal prep, store your spinach, avocado, macadamia nut butter, and spirulina in a freezer safe jar or bag, freeze, and then thaw out before adding the yogurt and milk and blending. Easy peasy. If you want more vegan,
keto or vegan-keto content, subscribe, and don’t
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actually notifies you of my videos. For dinner, we’ve got a
roasted tahini vegetable bowl. I actually love this
meal even as a non vegan. I toss broccoli, Brussels
sprouts, and pumpkin seeds with oil, tahini and salt. And remember, with low-carb lifestyles most people don’t need to
be as conservative with salt because your kidneys expel a lot of sodium while in ketosis. I add that to a baking tray and roast up until crisp and tender. I then add some Kalamata olives and toss and serve in a bowl with
avocado and sesame seeds. This is so delicious. Savory, nutty and super filling. It’s a large serving, but
it is mostly vegetables. For meal prep I mix the
vegetables and pumpkin seeds together and store them
for later in the week when I’m ready to cook. Then I can toss them with
everything else and roast. It just cuts down on a step to make the weeknight cooking quicker. I love this dinner because it gives me high fat and moderate
protein without using soy. If you’re a vegan who eats soy, you’re in luck, keto
will be easier for you. But if you’re a vegan who
doesn’t include soy in your diet, keto is going to be hard. Tofu, tempeh and seitan
are going to give you a lot more options to
keep meals versatile. Also because this is vegan, the overall protein is
going to be a bit lower than traditional keto but that’s okay because keto isn’t a high protein diet, so we have a little bit of wiggle room. Like I said, it depends on the person. For a snack, or making the
easiest fat bombs ever. What are fat bombs? Well, little bombs of fat of course. With many other diets, this
would sound like a death wish, but on keto, the more fat the better. Fat bombs can be a great
way to up your fat ratio, and offer a snack or a little sweet treat
dessert opportunity. For these I simply
combine warmed or melted macadamia nut butter and coconut oil, (happy music) I put them into little
silicone molds, and freeze. Later, I can enjoy a few,
and satisfy any cravings. Although to be honest, one
thing I do love about keto, is how I don’t tend to get cravings. Pretty neat. I hope you enjoyed this meal plan. If it seems restrictive, you’re right, but it could be right for some people. We’re all different. If you want to try out a
keto diet, vegan or not, do your research as it requires a lot of preparation and planning. It’s definitely not a willy nilly diet that you can test out for a few days and fully understand it. It requires consistency for
weeks, preferably months to really see and feel the benefits, and you want to make sure you know what’s going on with your body and not just listening mindlessly to what someone on the internet says. If you want more keto recipes, I have a few other videos I will link in the description and I also have a low carb meal prep recipes ebook if you want to check that out. It’s not vegan, but it is low carb, and I also have a completely
vegan recipes ebook which is not low carb, but it is vegan. Like I said, the two
don’t really go together, but to each their own. The ebooks are at, and you can get 10% off any
ebook or package this month using the code KICKSTART. That’s all for today
folks and for this month. I’ll be back next week, and we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled program posting every Thursday with
some bonus Monday videos thrown in for fun too. Thanks for being here and for
all of your support this month it’s been truly amazing. I’ll see ya next week, and remember it’s all a matter of mind over munch.

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  1. Mind Over Munch

    Finally! A VEGAN + KETO Meal Prep! It’s a tough one… but can be done! Share your own vegan keto favorites below!

  2. Jasmin InBloom

    Seitan is wheat gluten and not made of soy. Vegan keto is easy and I don't feel restricted at all. So many amazing plant foods to enjoy!

  3. zakwan10

    Wouldnt a bullet proof coffee kick you out of ketosis and thereby ending the intermittent fasting since you would be consuming calories?

  4. Ashley Garner

    Thank you for making something soy free! I’ve been Keto for 3 years and have been curious about trying vegan, but weary of so many soy or almond flour recipes, that my options would be too limiting. This is very appreciated!

  5. GrindTheTooth

    MWAHA she calling me out for listening mindlessly to what people on the internet says… honestly I was just thinking "hmm, I don't wanna learn this one I just wanna do it." Now I know, nope. thanx. <3

  6. Marnie

    I wouldn’t do vegan keto, but I’m impressed you made this menu without soy! That Brussels sprouts dish does look good! May have to try it… maybe with some bacon, lol.

  7. Candy Clews

    As a vegan without a gall bladder, I don't do high fat keto. Instead, I do mod fat/mod protein/low carb and if anything is high, it would be dark, leafy greens. I've never felt so good!

  8. Natalie Prather

    I think people dont realize that restricted diets aren't forever. If you're in insulin resistance, are overweight, or have other emergent health problems, then by all means, RESTRICT yourself so you can get healthy. After that, you can begin to eat all food groups again because youre body is in optimum position to do so.

  9. Terri Carroll

    Thank you so much for this vegan keto soy free video. Some do have their reasons for doing a diet like this. I am actually not vegan, but I lean towards 90% plant based in my eating, and I am doing vegan keto, because I need to lose some weight for an important event that I have several months down the road. And I have decided for personal reasons that I want to eat way less meat. Although it is restrictive, I just did some research and was able to find a lot of recipes, so it just takes doing some homework to find some great options. I also know that I am not going to be doing keto vegan forever. Once I lose the weight, I will be moving to 90% plant based and still continue with the low carb lifestyle. It's not really that hard. Thank you again for sharing!

  10. Jaya O'M

    Thank you for this video. I've been a vegetarian and/or vegan for the last 22 years. I want to do a keto diet but don't feel like eating meat right now. I might start later but you gave me a good idea for how to get started as a vegetarian (I'll eat some dairy but I don't digest it that well).😀

  11. Ginna

    My husband and I are on keto but I'm trying to reduce our meat intake due to carbon emissions. This is great!

    Update: Hemp tofu is soy free and if you can't find it, you can make it yourself. Just in case anyone needs a soy-free tofu option.

  12. DTalford Training Solutions

    I am currently trying a vegan keto meal plan to see how my body reacts. I started yesterday and recorded my start. I am excited about trying it. I have been doing keto with high meat and dairy consumption for a year.

  13. Jorge DeLaCruz

    This stuff all looks so amazing! Very informative and educational. I will definitely be trying some of these. I also tried a keto camp and I definitely think it worked for me. Hopefully it can help others too!

  14. Amber Miller

    I may try this to lose weight, but I'm leaning toward mostly plant based as a long term lifestyle.

    There apparently have not been any long term studies regarding keto

  15. Audrey Hart

    Question, I'm on a lowcarb/ anticandida diet and everything I research on it says that you can't have coffee or caffeine. The reason is said to be that caffeine triggers an adrenaline response which raises blood sugars and make it hard to kill off candida. How do ketoers have coffee everyday if it raises blood sugar? Wouldn't that boot you out of ketosis?

  16. Meeshala Bird

    Very helpful thank you. I went from a keto diet to vegan. And now im trying this out. I actually find it easier as its hard to get to much protein which can be a big problem for regular keto. Just my experience. And i do soy so im set!

  17. IsabellasCorner

    Did you actually eat all that? Your food doesn't look good. Im a Keto Vegan and give you thumb down for crappy content. Plus you are contradicting, if you won't try the diet don't tell all of us to appreciate you and give you a thumb up for searching the diet for us. we already figured it out and trying.

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