Vegan Coconut Curry Vegetables with Jasmine Rice

(light music) – Hey, thanks so much
for stopping in today. Chef Billy Parisi here with
Heinen’s Grocery Stores, and I’ve got an amazing
all vegan curry vegetables going over some white rice, and with some pan seared tofu. No matter what recipe I make, I’m all about mise en place, which means we’re gonna
prep everything up first, cook next. Go ahead and add some
jasmine rice to a large pot. We’re gonna go two cups of jasmine rice to three cups of water. That’s 1 and 1/2 water
to one jasmine rice. We want to bring it to a boil. Next, we’re gonna simply put a lid on, turn it down to simmering heat, gonna cook it for about 15 minutes or so. We’re gonna take a look
at it at that point. If it looks good, we’re
gonna put the cap back on. We’re gonna move it to the side, then we’re gonna make a
delicious curry sauce. Coconut curry is really easy
and so amazingly delicious. In that pot that we
just put on the cooktop, add a bit of oil to it. Next, we’re gonna add in
some fresh chopped ginger, follow it up with some garlic. We just want to roast
this until lightly brown, and then we’re gonna add in
some whole fat coconut milk. This stuff is amazing. Next, we want to mix in
some red curry paste. You could use yellow curry
paste if you want, as well. Follow it up with some soy sauce for some nice salty deliciousness. We’re gonna whisk that together. Sometimes it looks a little thin. If that is the case, we can add in either tomato paste or corn starch. I’m gonna use tomato paste in this sauce. It’s gonna thicken up really, really well. At this point, we want
to set it to the side and get started on everything else. For the tofu, I like extra firm because I don’t want it to fall apart. I don’t want it to be sofritas or anything crazy like that. I like it firm, so go
ahead and large dice it. Maybe 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch squares. Let’s go over to a very
large, hot sautee pan. We’re gonna add in a tad bit of oil. Go ahead and put in our large diced tofu right into that pan. It might smoke or you might
even get a little flame because there’s a little bit of liquid, obviously, in that tofu. We want to sear it for about
two to three minutes per side, ’til it gets nice and
browned on all sides. You can shake the pan or use a spatula, or even tongs, to move the tofu around. Once it is nice and brown, let’s go ahead and set
it to the side in a bowl. Put the pan right back on that cooktop. Now, let’s prep up our vegetables. Heinen’s works with over 60 local farmers to bring you the most amazing,
in season, peak produce. It’s wonderful and absolutely
loaded with flavor. The first thing we’re gonna do is just prep up some vegetables. We’re gonna trim up some green beans. Next, slice up some carrots. Follow it up with some zucchini. We’ve got some mini,
tri-colored bell peppers. Last, but not least, some Yukon potatoes. Now, because some of these things take longer to cook than the others, we need to put it in sequence. In a large pot of boiling, salted water, we’re gonna add in our Yukon potatoes. We’re gonna cook those
for two to three minutes before we next add in the carrots. We’re gonna cook those for
another two to three minutes. Let’s add in our trimmed green beans. We’re gonna cook that just for one minute, and last but not least, we’re gonna add in the zucchini and
tri-colored bell peppers, cook this for an additional two minutes. Once they are nice and tender, all the vegetables equally, we’re gonna strain it and
add it right to that pan that we cooked the tofu in. Go ahead and pour on all that delicious coconut curry sauce that we made, give it a little mix, and now it’s time to plate up. To plate up this coconut curry dish, what we want to do is add some of that delicious jasmine rice that
we cooked right to a plate. Next, add on some of
those amazingly cooked curried vegetables. I’m gonna top off just with
a little bit of red cabbage. It’s kind of traditional, and adds some really cool color to it. Add on some pieces of cooked tofu. We’re gonna finish it
off with some peanuts, some chopped green onions and cilantro. Last, but not least, some fresh lime. This dish looks absolutely incredible. The colors, the flavors. You get so many good things going on, and it’s vegan, bonus. I’m gonna try some out. Be sure to come back next time. Check out all of our great recipes on and be sure to get all these amazing ingredients from your local Heinen’s Grocery Stores. We’ll see you next time. (light music)

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