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  2. Darren

    Let’s spread the word everybody, share the movie on Facebook and social media, dare your friends to face the truth and plant that seed 🌱 😈👍🏻🙂

  3. Shelly Rye

    Stop lying. Come on. This is total crap. Alarmist bull$%!+ animal agriculture is NOT ruining the planet. Get rid of all the plant based packaged food shipped all over the world. That world help more. Veganism is there to confuse. Stop with all the carb eating.

  4. Nikolina Cacija

    I am Vegan since 3 years, the best 3 years ever! I am very proud vegan. When people ask me why you become vegan, my answer is because i know to much.

  5. Imaginews Report

    Great vid, but……….
    when did an angry 16 year old child (Greta T) become such an expert on ANYTHING that you needed to put her in this vid, and at the start, to boot? Gimme a break, PBN!

  6. Iacob Ioan

    I just loved it!
    Thank you for giving me hope!
    I just love your work.
    Keep it going, dudes!
    Next year you will reach 100 million people a month!

  7. Nicole Okungbowa

    I struggle with existential depression everyday and this documentary gave me hope for the future! I hope that we can all share our word that being vegan is one of the most powerful things you can do for the planet ❤️

  8. Baby Cakes

    New vegan convert here. Oh my gosh the prep time just to make a good meal! It was so much easier to cook meat and make the veggies to compliment. Having said that, I won’t be going back to meat anytime soon. There’s a beautiful clean feeling in my kitchen and that is the absence of blood from dead animals.

  9. IULI Hobbies

    Hi to all the team behind this great movie, congratulation to the team behind the great movie, very well presented and very informative. Love and peace from a 8 years vegan/ plant base eater !

  10. Filip Rac

    Excellent my friends, sending good vibes to everyone! Cheers from Serbia!🌍🌎🌏🍇🍈🍉🍊🍋🍒🍍🍓🍒🍑🍐🍏🥭🥝🍅🥥🥑🍆🥔🥕🌽🌶🥒🥬🥦🍄🥜💚

  11. Denice Garrou

    Of course the meat eaters react negatively, eating meat makes them more confrontational, using the Reptilian brain that was not part of our original DNA but put there. The vegan has overcome that and shut it down. We need to be careful to not fuel that divide and conquer mentality. We need to stay calm and focused feeding this planet our higher vibrations so in turn we can liberate MOther Earth.

  12. F S

    Awsome love it . Being vegan has changed my life I feel amazing . My baby is vegan my husband is slowly turning vegan and I can see a great change thank you what the health to the game changers for opening our eyes and showing us the truth , and a big thank you to plant based news for giving us vegan news all around the world on the daily you guys are amazing keep going change is near.

  13. 5kQueen

    Great film!!! I’m new to the plant-based lifestyle (Nov 2019) for health reasons. Now I know the impact on the environment and I’m feeling more stoked about my choice!!

  14. Janine M

    This work gives me hope. Vegan since 9/10/11 <3 May people by the hundreds of millions make 2020 the year they go vegan too. We will reach a tipping point, when enough people wake up, for the future to be vegan. May it begin now. I know of one US 2020 presidential candidate who is publicly advocating the closure of all factory farms. We can do this, and together we will.

  15. Therese Larfield

    Go vegan by all means …… but the fake food…. Why??? the ingredients are appalling and so much packaging….. just crazy 😜 sooo much propaganda!!!!! Yes I’m confused….. I always believed plant based to be superior and healthier but through my own experience I have found this not to be true (for me anyway).

  16. Deimantė S.

    So much cooler to watch these when you finally made a switch. I mean, I was already transitioning last year when I saw it, but it feels better when you switched for good.

  17. Camila Ruiz Rivadeneira

    Love your work PBN, still it is important to remember Veganism is only about the non human animals. plant based diet is urgent because of enviormental and health reasons no doubt. But being vegan is about ending specism and fighting for animal liberation. What about the big marchs and liberation actions?

  18. Go Vegan Ban Animal Farm-Fish- Hunt & Exploitation

    Governments need to stop subsidisng the animal farming and agriculture farming industry, so it will just did by itself.
    Land now dedicated to producing food for the farming industry, have to be subsidized to transforming it into forests and wood production. The planet will then go back to be mostly forested, capturing Co2, instead of medows and corn- weat fields.

  19. Ana Villanueva

    I've been a vegan around year 2017 then I stopped earlier this 2019 due to my anxiety then before 2019 ends, I turn vegan again and will never coming back! ✨🌻

  20. Paul Willow

    The worlds largest fast food companies are going vegan?!!! Wow!!! This MUST be the best option for the world because their number 1 priority is the health of the people and the planet! What a great example of how dumb sheeple are and how they'll shove so much processed junk in without doing their own due diligence. My gut would heave uncontrollably if I tried to ingest that fake rubbish with all those toxic chemicals.

  21. Alvaro Jaeramillo

    I´m 53 year old and just 1 month as a vegan. I'm Very happy with the results!. It's time for a big change because our planet and the humanity is severely ill. by the way it is not easy to be different and the bullying is terrible, but i want to keep on my way to promote the Vegan movement. Thanks a lot for this valuable information.

  22. satanicbotanic420

    It's easier than ever to go vegan. There's so many resources and products out there now to help you. There is no reason to eat pig butthole.

  23. Stewart Rutherford

    It is never too late I was vegetarian for 28Yrs then I watched "Dairy is scary" and that pushed me over the line and became Vegan over 2Yrs ago not only is it good for you and the planet, it feels so good knowing no animal has suffered because of what you eat or wear and at the age of 74Yrs old I feel great and happy I am doing my small bit saving animals and the environment.

  24. TeejaysBoxingTalk

    We need this planet and who are we to decide what animals should live or die. Since I've been vegan my energy levels are so much better and my digestion problems have gone.

  25. Marla Jacques

    I’m a committed vegan and for me there is no debate on my ethical stance on animal welfare or my personal health improvement. But I do remain sceptical on anything promoted by Greta Thunberg and her group. Great program, but like some old timers on here, it’s disappointing to see the V life become a hyped up, trendy, radical shift.

  26. Sharon Hall

    Thank you for this excellent video. I became a vegetarian over 40 years ago because I thought it was the healthiest way to eat. I became a vegan a little over 20 years ago because I did not want to contribute to animal suffering. Then I found out that a vegan diet is the best diet for the environment. I am 76 years old & I do not take any prescription drugs. I do take vitamin B12. I am still a working, productive member of society. I live with gratitude for the beauty & abundance of nature & for the benefits of a plant based diet. Eat your fruits & veggies!

  27. Dean Moore

    The guy that speaks at 15.54 with the orange t-shirt, that's gotta be one of the most uplifting speeches I've heard, almost brought me to tears. Can anyone tell me who that is?

  28. Ali Rahn

    advocating for SBD/space between diet: vegan diet for human digestion : hopefully Government can be Scientifically Studying what optimal diet within Veganism is: ( as well for understanding what specific vegan diets animals eat )/ (what materials have the most scientific integrity for all processes/all systems: specifically).
    my best understanding of what optimal diet for humans is, is:
    Space Between Diet
    certified organic
    no wheat products
    no soy products
    no peanut products
    no coffee bean products
    vegan/plant-based-foods diet

  29. Blair Cox

    Don't lose sight of just how The Game Changers rose in popularity. When people are faced with an overwhelming problem in a way NPO's like to pitch them, they shut down and do nothing. So the first minute of this show falls into the same the sky is falling trap of pitching fear.

    STOP IT!!! You want to change people? Feed into their self-centred mindset. Build off of Game Changers, don't knee cap them with this old hippie fear-mongering shit. Is it real? Hell yes. Does it work? NO!!!

    You learned nothing this year.

  30. Maegan&Tyler

    Love this! My boyfriend and I just started a Vegan YouTube channel where we doing vegan What I Eat In A Day, Muk Bangs, Cooking and Reviews! Check it out 💛🌞✨

  31. Christopher Vegan Porowski


  32. Savannah V

    Wonderful movie, I would also like seeing saving humans as is part of the vegan movement, focus on the lives lost from the meat and dairy industries! They are not just the animals but the human animals also!

  33. Brittany Butler-Lamar

    So glad I made the decision to go vegan the beginning of this year. I've learned alot and now I have my husband going vegan as well.

  34. Just some Guy

    I love how the greatest threats to veganism you can really recognize at this point are Fad dieters, discredited Doctors, Tv personalities no one really takes seriously, and real life zombies.

  35. Scott Mclaughlin

    Vegan now feeling amazing thins are changing for the better.Feeling great thanks for the wonderful movie .❤️🌏🌱🌿🌳😊

  36. David Miller

    Why do you want to make vegan sausage rolls? Making veggies substitute for meat? Why?
    Nobody's trying to make bacon taste like broccoli. I wonder why. Don't you?

  37. Sarmen Ismailian

    FAKE NEWS !!!! all fake.. none of this is real.. growing plants and veggies kills more animals!!! learn the facts you god damn vegans!

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