Ultimate saucy Pasta with chicken and vegetables in red sauce | Homemade delicious pasta

Lets start with Chicken marination Add black pepper powder, soy sauce, chillies sauce Origeno and corn flour Mix them well Marinate it for 20-30 minutes Put 2 litres of water in a deep wok, turn on the flame Add 1 tbsp of salt and 2 tbsp of cooking oil in it Let it boil at a high flame While it is boiling, we are going to add ingredients for sauce In a bowl, add tomato ketchup ( I have selected Chili garlic sauce) Now add chili and soy sauces in it Also add black pepper, white pepper powders and sugar Mix them well Add white vinegar in the end and mix again Keep this mixture aside The water has come to boil, add pasta in it Cook it for 10 minutes at high flame Do not overcook, otherwise your pasta will be soggy and broken Keep stirring with intervals to give your pasta an equal heat After 10 minutes check the condition, it is almost done The pasta shape should be intact Stain out the water Pour fresh tap water at the Pasta while it is in the strainer Shuffle in between to reach fresh water at every piece Use spatula if it is hot Spread it in an open tray Apply 1 tbsp of cooking oil on it Keep it aside In another wok, add cooking oil and heat a while Add vegetables in it and saute for 1 minute at high flame Again do not overcook we need to retain the crunchiness of our vegetables It seems good and tastes awesome in the sauce Add a pinch of salt over them I am not using extra salt as it is already in ketchup and sauces When the vegetables are done, bring them out the wok Keep them aside Add 2 tbsp of cooking oil in the wok and fry marinated chicken When it is done, keep it in a separate plate In the same oil fry sausages slices for 1-2 minutes It is an optional step, you can skip the frying Bring it out in a separate bowl It is time to assemble Take 1 tbsp of cooking oil/Olive oil and heat Add finely chopped garlic and fry at high flame When it turns to light brown add prepared sauce mixture in it Cook for 1-2 minutes Add chicken or vegetable soup and 1 cup of water in it Mix well and cook for a while Add mushroom and olive slices Put fried chicken and sausages in it Add saute vegetables and bring it to boil Mix them well Check the sauce consistency, if it is runny add cornflour and water mixture to thicken it While pouring the cornflour mixture, keep stirring otherwise lumps will be formed Look at the colors, these are amazing Now finally, add the boiled pasta in it Mix it well and serve Enjoy this yummy pasta with your own additions and variations Thanks for watching our video. Please Like and Share it with your friends and at social platforms Also Subscribe to our channel to encourage us. Bon Appetite!

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