Trash Meat and Go Vegan With Mayim Bialik!

Hi I’m Mayim Bialik for PETA! (music) I
decided to team up with PETA for this campaign largely because PETA is the industry standard
for veganism and I think also as a mom, as a mom of two vegan kids I think it’s really
important to put a young mom face on this aspect of veganism which is completely compatible
with being a parent and raising healthy kids. One of the main inspirations for me towards
a decision to complete veganism was Jonathan Safranfoer’s book, Eating Animals. I think
that was the nail in the coffin for me (laughs). It was really after that book that I had both
the education and the confidence and the personal conviction to be able to say, “ I don’t
know where to draw the line anymore I’m not going to draw it, I’m going to step
over the line” and there’s been no turning back. Some of the best advice that I’ve
ever gotten is what I tell other people and it’s actually information that I got from
PETA. Find the foods that already do not require meat and find the foods that do not necessarily
require dairy or for which there are substitutes that you find palatable. So my favorite question
is when people say “what do you eat?” and I list all the things that they also eat
just without thinking about it being vegan, so pasta marinara and salads and Mediterranean
food in particular and Asian food in particular. Those are things that often do not have meat
or dairy as part of their ingredient list. There is an age for children, whether they
are vegan or not, when they kind of put together the world and their plate. We decided to kind
of let it happen organically and gently. We do visit rescue farms with our boys, we do
take them places where we describe what happened to these animals before, that some were left
to die on the side of the road, that some were used and abused and when they weren’t
needed anymore nobody cared about them. There was two major shifts for me when I became
vegan, I’ve never had a sinus infection or been on antibiotics since cutting out dairy.
I obviously had an allergy to dairy that my whole life was called seasonal allergies,
well why are they all the time? It’s like every season allergies. I’ve noticed that
my true seasonal allergies are much less severe now that I’ve cut out dairy which is amazing
to me. But I think the most significant shift for me was I used to feel guilty, even as
a child I felt very guilty about eating animals and never knew there was something to do about
it, and as I got older it became clearer that there are things I can do and choices I can
make and so to me lifting up any guilt associated with consuming animal or using an animal for
my clothing or my pleasure, that guilt is completely gone. (music)

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Reader Comments

  1. fifavid1

    Does anyone know how to put muscle on wile being vegan? I really want to turn vegan but I want to maintain my muscle mass, any help? Thanks!

  2. TheDenssy

    las plantas también son seres vivos y asta donde se sabe no tienen sentimientos pero lo mismo se decía de los animales asta hace unos años si algún día se descubre que las plantas también tienen sentimientos y que sufren ¿que sera de los veganos? esa lechuga de tu ensalada sigue viva cuando te las estas comiendo…. depende de que tan fresca es, claro.

  3. Kari Vader

    That depends on what you call tasty and what you think is healthy. If they find a better flavor on vegan food why not giving a try? If you like it go for it. If not there are other alternatives 🙂

  4. Francesca Elliott

    It's great that you want to go vegan, and this definitely shouldn't stop you! I've been vegan for over two years now and haven't found this to be an issue. There should be a number of vegan protein shakes available at any health foods store, and drinking one of these before working out is a great way to maximize the impact of your workout. That said, a good vegan diet contains just as much protein as the average carnivorous diet, so it shouldn't be a huge issue.

  5. Alexios Salas

    Yes you can…Its only a habit…But we must separate ourselves from them…
    Yeah many products out there say its organic or Free range..but Not true…its as cruel…

  6. gravekeeper101

    What you eat and what you believe are two completely seperate issues, I believe in animal rights, and I enjoy eating meat. If I don't like the idea that my meat comes from a slaughterhouse, then I'll buy meat that comes from a humane farm. But either way, I'm still gonna eat meat.

  7. hodaka07

    peta is the standard for hypocrisy they advocate killing no animals but put down thousands. They say have no pets but they have pets. Great if you want to be vegan thanks for the tip Mayim but I will live my own life. Peta is not a good outfit there are better friends to animals out there.

  8. AwesomeHuman42

    Lions dont have a conscience or the same levels of morality. They are also carnivores not omnivores and cant survive if they dont eat meat, unlike us.

  9. AwesomeHuman42

    Better than becoming obese with clogged arteries, killing innocent animals just because it 'tastes nice', and buying into an industry thats more worried about profit margins than animal welfare.

  10. Griffy

    I don't know how to feel about her disapproving of the use of animals for "pleasure". I'm not going anywhere weird with this, it's just that as a single person coming home from work, I get welcomed at the door by my furry children. We cuddle on the couch when I'm watching TV, I get supervised to make sure I'm doing my chores, and Puppy drags me out for a jog every day. If that isn't deriving pleasure from animals, I don't know what is, and I can't imagine PETA disapproving.

  11. Katerinaandthe

    Okay- our canines are nothing like those of omnivores or carnivores. it would be very hard to bit into an apple without our canines. In addition, our jaws can move side to side and we have grinding molars, which are not found in either omnivores or carnivores. I hope this clears things up for you. Don't take my word for it though: do some research! 🙂

  12. Katerinaandthe

    I may be wrong, but that definitely looks fake to me. Additionally, if it was real, the cow's blood would probably leave stains on her rubber gloves.

  13. Traveling Folk

    I haven't been on antibiotics or any such crap for years and I eat meat and dairy products as well as pasta and salads. Being healthy and being vegan are not equal. I cannot help but sense a hint of condescension when vegans (many, not all ofc) talk about their diets.

  14. sid immanottellinyuh

    I dont really care if your vegan. thats great, more meat for me. But when you want to tell me that hunting(something in which i like to partake in) and eating all the delicous little critters is wrong, well thats where i tend to get angry. we humans were desinged to eat both meat and the veggies too. Again i do not care if you do not want to eat meat or not harvest animals. But dont tell me that what humans as a group have been doing for thousands of years is wrong.

  15. ZoldierrZzz

    Say I was raised by slave-masters in the 17-18th century USA and was intensively conditioned to believe that dark skinned people were inferior and we had the right to use them as we wished. Then comes someone who says what I'm doing is morally wrong (and rightfully so), of course I would feel hit. But from there, depending on if I have a big ego or not, I would either continue owning slaves coming up with irrational arguments to justify it, or I would do the logical thing and change myself.

  16. ZoldierrZzz

    I've eaten meat my whole life and been conditioned to enjoy it. I didn't stop eating meat because of taste but because of ethical reasons. The taste that a burger can give me does not justify the murder of a sentient creature. That's like people justifying rape because it can give them pleasure. Vegan food is also delicious, it's the best food I've eaten in my whole life.

  17. ZoldierrZzz

    There's no such thing as humane murder. Is it okay if I buy human meat from a "humane" farm? You do not believe in animal rights if you are okay with them being executed for your unnecessary needs.

  18. Brad Fox

    Animals hunt and kill each other in the Wild it's NATURE if you don't like tie yourself to a tree and get run over by a Bulldozer, slowly.

  19. cataria

    research casomorphins, diary products act like morphium just less strong and u are addicted to them!! also the high fat content and the indigestibility takes so much energy to try to digest, that u fell less or simplier said u surpress emotions. also there are vegan substitutes u can use, which are way way better. also eat more fruits and gluten free starches, so u have enough energy not going for fat.
    i am really concerned about your health as i believe u are me and u deserve to be yourself

  20. Aiden Campbell

    PETA is sick. They willed 2/3 of the animals they saved last year…… Im pro animal rights and i WAS pro peta. PM me for actual proof of there sick behavior. I can send actual FACTS AND PROOF.

  21. Live Fløde

    What humans do has nothing to do with nature. If we want to be a part of nature, we must give up slaugher houses and kill animals when we're hungry. Not just because we like the taste of burgers. Nature is eating flesh raw. Nature is hunting down our own victims, while the victim actually has a chance to escape. Nature is not keeping animals away from nature their whole lifes. If we want to be a part of nature, we must also accept that other animals kill humans.

  22. NuclearNympho

    have soy-cheese…and watch a video called "Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death"…(its not just about cheese, but watch it and it will open your eyes..)

  23. ASMR Addict

    I recognize myself when hearing her talk about veganism. :3
    There are alot of us, happy, interesting vegans. I hope you will go vegetarian or vegan some day. (and PS, hail seitan!)

  24. lemurfan123

    How is Mayim an idiot? Does this woman look remotely unhealthy to you? NO!! BECAUSE SHE IS HEALTHY, BECAUSE VEGANISM IS AMAZING!!!

  25. TwinBladeFury

    The problem with veganism for the sake of protecting animals is ALL animals have to eat to survive. You don't see many lions out there that care about the feelings of the deer they eat, now do you?

  26. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

    but we can choose! Millions of people around the world have chosen a meat-free diet and are thriving. We can make the choice, so we should.

  27. lovingboarding

    That's a naturalistic fallacy. Just because something like infanticide, rape or ripping an animal apart until it stops screaming is all natural, that does not mean that we should do such unethical practices ourselves.

  28. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

    But it's not natural for us to round up animals, raise them in terrible conditions, and kill them in factories either. Humans have progressed to where we now live outside the food chain. We can choose what we eat, and we don't have to kill to survive and thrive.

  29. Joseph Lang

    This is what I dislike about peta you all think you are higher than the laws of nature humans whether you like it or not we are animals just on the top of the food chain

  30. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

    We are animals, but unlike all other animals (to our knowledge), we have the power to reason, the power to weigh the ethics of a situation. The ethics of killing when we don't need to (as millions of vegetarians and vegans are living proof of), is extremely clear. We're not putting ourselves above human nature, we're empowering the best parts of our nature.

  31. Joseph Lang

    I have seen vegans and living proof is an overstatement considering they are mainly very underweight and many aniamls have shown inteligence that still eat other animals

  32. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

    We know lots of incredibly fit vegans (UFC fighter Mac Danzig, age-defying body builder Jim Morris for example). To say that they are very underweight is an overstatement.

    While other animals have shown intelligence, it is nowhere near human levels. Even if it was, some animals eat their young, but we probably shouldn't follow their example there.

    We can stop our contribution to this suffering, and it is so easy!

  33. Joseph Lang

    I am not talking about the few people I am talking about the magority and look at dolphins they are highly inteligent close to that of a human and they eat animals

  34. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

    Most of the vegans we know are very healthy and strong.

    Regardless of what animals comprehend, we know that we don't have to cause such suffering to eat. We can live compassionately, so we should.

  35. FindVegan

    You know I always liked her throughout her career and as a person. I didn't even know she was vegan. That just makes it all the better. Rock on!

  36. sophiejet

    A young adult (scary) fantasy on Amazon, "The Wakers" by Susan North, is designed to bring awareness of animal rights and cruelty to animals to kids. It's available for free download on Kindle on Oct. 10, Oct. 20, and Oct. 21, 2013. Please spread the word and try to get kids to download it. Open up the eyes of the next generation.

  37. viva lavista

    Assassin23000, sorry your arguments are dumb, please learn some biology.
    There are carnivores and they are designed to eat meat. We are not designed to eat raw flesh. We don't need animal products for survival or health.

  38. viva lavista

    Assassin23000, sorry your arguments are dumb, please learn some biology.
    There are carnivores and they are designed to eat meat. We are not designed to eat raw flesh. We don't need animal products for survival or health.

  39. Michaela Fuchs

      i so agree with here!!! my seasonal allergy are mostly gone since i don't consume dairy! i had horrible allergies and i saw a lot of doctors and nowone told me ever about getting of from dairy.

  40. Afonina Mary

    The same thing about seasonal (spring-summer) allergy! This year I was expecting this terrible period of the year but it still didn't came) I was vegetarian for two years but only when I became a vegan I became able to go out without all of those aerosols and pills.

  41. thevioletskull

    I have, some one in my school his name is Decalen and his been vegen ever seens he was born, and his in tire family is vegen. He said to me I should try it should I?

  42. Coconut ScienceGirl92

    Been vegan for 3 years now….no acne, no illness….no extra weight….its been great…i never even watch what i eat

  43. Jay Jay

    Thank you for sharing the guilt feeling…I can relate so badly with that too…that's my reason for being vegan & it's such an uplifting relief to finally "know" I do have a choice.

  44. Coco Bean

    I often wonder what would happen to many animals if a law was passed and we could no longer consume
    animals.Well we can’t keep as pets (the majority) and a zoo is definitely out … what is the solution ??

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