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In this video, we’re talking about the top
intermittent fasting mistakes. Hi, I’m Dr. Zyrowski from As always, if you’re new to the channel,
it’s such a pleasure to have you here. Be sure to subscribe, hit that little bell
notification, join our notification community so I can help you excel your health and your
life. In this video, we are talking about the top
intermittent fasting mistakes. There’s a lot of people who are making these
very crucial mistakes when they’re intermittent fasting. In some cases, it can actually throw you out
of the fast, mess up your focus, and mess up this whole lifestyle. Intermittent fasting isn’t a diet. It’s a lifestyle. What I want to do is go through these mistakes
and help you avoid them so that you can make sure that you’re on-point with your intermittent
fasting strategy and get the best results. First that I want to talk about is being obsessive. A lot of times when people are intermittent
fasting they get really obsessed over the hours. “Oh, should I do 12 hours or 16 hours?” On average, you fast for 16 hours, eat for
eight. That’s kind of the standard intermittent
fasting. If you choose to go lesser or more, that’s
your decision. There’s not really a right way or a wrong
way. If you cut the fasting out or it’s too short,
then it’s not a fast. However, you got to do what’s right for
you. Don’t obsess over the little things like
that. The other thing I see people being obsessive
over are, “Oh my goodness, I missed a day. Should I completely stop? What do I do? Did I screw everything up?” If you missed a day, that’s just fine. Here’s the thing, if you’re obsessing
over it and you’re very worried about these very small details, you will fail at intermittent
fasting. Once again, it’s a lifestyle, and if you
can’t sustainably use it and you’re not able to adapt to maybe days where you can’t
fast as long or days that you can fast more, days that you have to skip a fast then you’re
going to crash with this whole thing, and it’s not going to be sustainable for you. Don’t obsess over the small things because
at the end of the day it’s about making it sustainable, and none of these little,
tiny details truly even matter. Next here is having the wrong focus. A lot of people want to focus on what they
can have while fasting, really put your focus into just doing a good, clean fast and only
drinking water during that fasting time or black coffee or tea that doesn’t have any
type of sweetener in it or anything. If you’re talking about trying to– “Can
I have this type of food?” or “Can I add creamer? Can I add creamer and butter?” All these things are just really putting you
in the wrong state of mind. We really want to have the right focus here
and not get into all the little nuances of “can I add this?” “can I add that?”
just really focus on doing a good, clean, pure fast during this time. Next is electrolytes. A lot of people don’t drink enough water
while fasting, and they crash with their electrolytes. There’s a couple things to talk about here. When it comes to fasting as a result of not
eating a lot of people fail to drink water as well. As a matter of fact a big problem that I see
people do is they’ll have a black coffee in the morning, and they’ll only drink that
black coffee for that whole fasted morning. And the problem with that is that it’s going
to really wear on your adrenals, it can raise your blood pressure, cause a lot of issues. We want to make sure we’re drinking lots
of water. Now, while fasting, our insulin stays low,
we’re starting to flush out ketones. Things are different in the body. But as a result, we flush out a lot of electrolytes. What we want to do is make sure we’re focusing
on boosting those electrolyte levels. People who have electrolyte deficiencies can
have all types of muscles spasms and twitching. They can also— For instance, I’ve seen
this happen where somebody who’s fasting the longer they’re fasting the higher their
blood pressure is going up. We start looking at the electrolyte magnesium. There’s so many different things: constipation,
potassium deficiency. We want to make sure that we’re getting
proper electrolytes drinking enough water while intermittent fasting. Next on our list here is poor nutrition. I always talk about going into nutritional
deficiencies when it comes to different vitamins as a result of eating a low-quality diet while
intermittent fasting. We really want to focus on eating a very high-quality
diet. If you want more on the proper foods to eat
while doing OMAD or intermittent fasting, go ahead and take a look at this list I did
right here where I did the OMAD food pyramid. Next here is calorie restriction. For a lot of people, once again, they become
obsessive over this, and next thing you know they just want to go next level: “How can
I drastically increase weight-loss?” Instead of just doing intermittent fasting,
they want to actually go and restrict calories as well. Intermittent fasting is enough. Intermittent fasting is going to help balance
metabolism, keep insulin low. There’s no need to go and do some massive
calorie restriction along with the intermittent fasting. It’s just totally not necessary. You’re going to lost weight while doing
intermittent fasting, and the last thing we want to do is crash our metabolism by doing
intermittent fasting and then trying to eat as little as possible. That’s not the goal here. Let’s be aware of that problem. Last on our list is breaking the fast. This is a really important one because when
that eating window comes most people are going to grab the first thing that they see and
start eating it. If it’s an unhealthy food, they’re going
to grab it. If it’s a high-carb, high-sugar food, they’re
going to grab it. We want to plan this meal out. We want to plan our first meal out. I always recommend a nice, big, healthy salad. I recommend a protein shake, green smoothie,
something along those lines: highly nutrient dense and is going to offer you some really
good nutritional benefit. Whereas if you’re going and grabbing a high-carb
meal, high-sugar meal a meal that is just very low-quality from a fast food restaurant,
you’re really ruining all the hard work that you’ve put into this whole intermittent
fasting thing. Be sure to make sure that you’re grabbing
a really good meal and breaking your fast properly. Once again, think nice salad, protein shake,
green smoothie, something that is going to be very nutrient dense and gentle on your
stomach. These are the top intermittent fasting mistakes. Be sure to like this video, subscribe to my
channel down here, and put any questions down in the Comments section below that you might
have about intermittent fasting and then check out my other videos. I do tons of videos on intermittent fasting
and one meal a day. They’re really going to help you out. I’ll see you in the next video.

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Reader Comments

  1. Tiyu Wan

    Hey doc love all your videos, so helpful! Just one question, how many blue shirts do you have? Would you consider wearing different colors sometimes… 🙊😺

  2. The Rock

    Thanks doc. I am IF OMAD since 20 days.l lost 14 lbs. Usually, I break my fasting around 2 p.m salad with avocado with a small amount of cooked vegetables like broccoli , califlour and mushroom. I just drink water during the day and knight and green tea. I stop taking my diabetic medication because I don't need it any more. I feel energy. I used ketosis strip to check ketosis in my urine and it was modern.

  3. Meriana Liaw

    Hi sorry for being out of topic, I have several questions.
    1. Is there any supplement for those who have insulin resistance to help us to lose weight ? I got some information from Pinterest about Berberine, Inositol etc and wonder if it really works.
    Please make more video about supplements and vitamins.
    2. Is it necesarry to do IF for those who have insulin resistance ?

  4. Bruceann Yellowega

    Black coffee 😝can’t do it 😘 I ate 3 pounds of cherries coming off a 24 hour fast. O M G, they were delicious, plump, sweet, and firm. 😋

  5. Amber Olaleye

    I’m sure you’ve been asked this before…but does bone broth break a fast? I struggle with my fasting hours because I really love my morning tea with a bit of milk and xylitol. I would cope better if I can replace it with a warm cup of bone broth.
    Ps thanks for taking time to respond to queries.

  6. Dawn's Heartfelt Corner

    I love the IF it is wonderful and it is a way of life! I agree 100% not to be obsessive because that will ruin you from doing this. I eat a few cabs and if I want something I eat it and so can you BALANCE IS THE KEY! This week I had to eat lunch with my mother in law at 1:30 p.m. So I ate early and I had a 6 hour window  and ate something later at 7:30 p.m. The neat thing about IF people need to realize you can pick up the next day and go longer if you like, change the hours you do IF. I went the next day until 7:30 p.m. to eat a light dinner and I am fine. The neat thing is you do not gain the weight back! You have lots of energy, your not up and down with your eating, your joints do not hurt. I take some vitamins like I said earlier I am 46 years old I jog and walk on the treadmill this week I worked out 5-6 days. God is awesome by using this IF. Thank you for helping the people  because more people in America need to do this. They are obese and struggle with all the types of diseases. God bless you xo 🙂

  7. Luke Santiago

    I break my fast by drinking apple cider vinegar, green juice, and bone broth and my first meal is typically salmon eggs and bacon. Thoughts? And after my first meal I typically eat fruits either in the form of berries, mangos, or watermelon.

  8. Patrik Andrén

    Are you sure about the calorie restriction? Most other "youtubers" claim that you have to be in calorie deficit to actually benefit weightloss. I'm doing 18/6 with 1500 cal (BMR 1800) for two months now, feeling great with lots of energy.

  9. Shabaddeep Singh

    I wanted to ask what is your opinion on doing omad with morning workout? Is it a bad idea to work out in the morning and then fast all the way till 4 to 5 p.m.? Will this be a result of being in a catabolic state? Thank you

  10. Margie Mistretta

    I break my fast with sauteed spinach with a little shredded garlic and then scramble a couple if eggs in spinach. If course use a little olive oil. It's really good hopefully right

  11. roy T george

    Does Instant coffee break a fast??? if you look at the nutrition facts, there are some calories in there and carbs all be it very small quantities but again, does drinking it black and unsweetened break a fast??

  12. Lisa Williams-Walker

    Hi doc, I've been doing IF/OMAD since the beginning of this year and lost quite a bit of weight thus far. I am hypertensive and notice that my pressure doesn't really go much lower than maybe 130/90 …I feel fine but should I switch back to 16/8 instead?

  13. Dean Kanargelidis

    When you say black coffee is ok, does that include black cold brew coffee? Because it says it has 20 calories so I was wondering if it would take me out of fasted state?

  14. Candace S.

    Suggestions for how to get the most bang for my buck, so-to-speak, as someone who has had gastric sleeve surgery? I try to do the 16:8, but I have a hard time getting over 700 calories

  15. Michaël T.

    Thanks for your useful informations. I'm starting IF a few weeks ago, and try to document me a lot about that. I'm viewing a lot of your videos, and it's really interesting and useful. What you said is well balanced and argumented, and that's cool. Because there's a lot of gurus over internet that are too extremes in what they said. Thanks again !

  16. sammul871

    I was taking powder creatine and got a stomach blowing so i start taking pill form I train hard but I was disappointed how the poweder made me feel why that happen.

  17. Abonshi mesele

    God said we must fast at least one month in a year… im converted christian and i started fasting.. and it made me healthy.. i dont think God will prescribe fasting if it will make us sick… unless if u are really sick.. u are excuse not to fast.

  18. tweetypie37110

    Thanks for this video. question…Usually i break my fast around noon (sometimes a 10-11am) and I will have my 3 eggs plain,(sometimes veggie omelet-to change it up) cheese, 3 strips of bacon, one toast (wonder wheat bread brand) and black coffee. Is this balance? am i breaking my fast correctly? Please advise. thank you!

  19. John Canady

    I’ve been doing OMAD for a couple of weeks now and I am really enjoying the weight loss and energy boost! I drink a lot of water as well as a ACV/mineral drink throughout the day. I also drink several cups of coffee every day. Would drinking less coffee yield better results?

  20. Charlie Fox

    I would love to see a show about coming out of fasts. For short IF like 16:8, it’s not hard, but as I extend a fast, I have more issues.

  21. jinbei49

    when i watch the blake video for intermittent fasting. its was like he never make a mistake even he ate 5000 calories for his meal. what could be wrong. when i watch this video i feel like i dont even want do this fucking I.F.

  22. Billy Babu The Story teller

    I fast for 23hrs daily most days.
    Its a way of life now for me and no hunger anymore for me.
    My skin is soft and glowing And I get a good night's sleep and go to the gym in fasted state of about 20hrs.
    Blessings from Wolverhampton England to you all.

  23. Esther O.

    I was always taught that for every cup of coffee you have, you need to replenish with double the water, because it's a diuretic. I stay away from anything but water and acv.

  24. Friendrose Asuncion

    Doc am doing IF for 2weks i feel dat it i just want to ask because now i feel stomach ache it looks like squizzing…is it normal?

  25. theresonlyone

    Hi, Will you please give me feedback? I'm new to your channel, happy to have just subbed & sent link to my brother. I think what happened to me scared me in 2014. I tried HIIT short sprints before breaking my fast on two occasions — was new to fasts & they were ~16 & ~20 hrs. (Have had no problem doing same HIIT in general.)

    Problem was a little while after I got home. I awakened after having passed out, never felt myself going down!! I was on bathroom floor, hair dryer still blowing next to me the 1st time. Second time I had fallen back from sitting on edge of bed, kicking a door mirror that broke & cut my knee. Again never felt anything until waking up. I've been concerned I'll fall on the h.s. track & hit my head or get injured somehow if do fasted HIIT. I did kinda feel my muscles hit the wall on one or both occasions before or maybe during the sprinting. The passing out blew my mind but I'd like to begin fasts again & need advice to stay safe. Thanks

  26. 123koulis

    During my workout i am drinking water with a supplement of Electrolytes, minerals and vitamins complex in a hypotonic dilution… This type of drink is putting me out of the fasted state and so i have to count my fasting hours by the end of the drink, or is it something that is not affecting my fast and thus i count my fast from my last meal…?

  27. Kay Hawkins

    I like cream in my coffee and know this will break a fast so I fast between 6:00 PM until 10:00am the next morning so have my coffee at that time. I may wait to eat a full meal. After my last meal I brush my teeth as encouraged me not to eat more plus toothpaste can break a fast.

  28. The groove sessions anyalewechi

    I take bcaa's during my fast but people online are saying that it breaks it. I'm past caring because I'm still only eating twice a day and am losing weight.

  29. John Ford

    Break the fast with a salad, protein shake, or green smoothie? Nutrient dense? No way. Break your fast with real food, grass fed fatty meats, wild caught seafood, pasture eggs, only then if still hungry consider plant based foods which are supplemental. We are carnivorous don't believe the propaganda!

  30. sumanth hathwar

    I started with 16-8 for a month and saw the benefits. Then switched to 17-7 and later 18-6. I am fond of carbohydrates and used to consume carbs to break the fast. After sometimes it stopped working for me. As I am fond of carbs, can I consume it during my eating window along with vegs and fruits?

  31. Karen Steve Ruedas

    Question, i think ive been I.F. i dont eat from 7pm to 11am. But when I wake up i do drink about 20oz of straight celery juice. Does that still count or no?

  32. Ceeboy ForLife

    23 hour fast, and 9 pounds down first week! Now I know it’s mostly water weight but I also know a couple of pounds are in there too. Good start!

  33. Sat j

    Hi doc, I started IF. I finish my dinner by 5.30 to 6 pm. I start by 10.30 am. Apart from water I have 50 ml Indian coffee with milk. Am 55 . Won't that help my weight reduction

  34. teddy gee

    Hi, I dont eat after 7 pm. I do 16hr fasting I've been doing it for around 2 months now. I wake up in the morning sometimes feeling bloated. Any info on that. ? TIA.

  35. KJman

    Hey I was wondering if you can give your opinion on my first meal , which is a protein shake. The ingredients to this protein shake 51g Orgain Organic Plant Based Protein + Superfoods Powder, Vanilla Bean, 1cup of Costco frozen berries, 8 oz Kirkland Signature Organic Almond Milk, 16g hemp seeds, 8g chia seeds, and 4 oz of aloe juice.

  36. Lawerence Collins

    For 6 weeks I ate just my evening meal containing lots of veggies and small amounts of meat or fish. Doing this I lost 20 pounds (but not around my waist}. I'm a type two diabetic and with my diet I brought my A1C down from 7.9 to 5.9 since then I have blood reading 98 to 105. I don't take Metformin or Insulin shots anymore. So, 4 days ago I started a new program where I eat one meal a day and the next day I eat nothing but water with a little Apple Cider Vinegar in it and I drink about 30 some ounces a day. If this doesn't work I don't know what I'm going to do. Also, I have this fatigue problem since 2018 and all my doctors say lose a few pounds and you will be fine; that is bullshit. Also, I'm a 83 year old man that weighs 214 pounds. I need help.

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