Top 5 Terrifying Ancient Mysteries

As the Spanish philosopher and essayist, George
Santayana said, those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. Human civilization reached behavioural modernity
roughly around 50 thousand years ago, and before that – anatomically modern humans arose
in Africa about 250 thousand years prior. The dive into our ancestry doesn’t end there
though, because perhaps as early as 1.8 million years ago – humanity began using fire for
heat and cooking, developed the fragments of a Paleolithic language – and began the
systematic burial of their dead. Ancient history is brimming with uncertainty
– and a certain lack of clarity on exactly WHO we were has followed us since the dawn
of mankind. The fact that we measure our ancestry by the
year two thousand and nineteen perhaps discredits the trials and tribulations that our species
has already been through – and lurking within the corners of those turbulent times, are
some terrifying ancient mysteries. So let’s take a look, shall we? Hello horror fans – and welcome back to the
scariest channel on YouTube – Top 5 Scary Videos. As per usual, I’ll be your horror host Jack
Finch – as today, we curiously take a look at the Top 5 Terrifying Ancient Mysteries. Roll the clip. For the curious amongst you, that clip was
from the 2008 movie, 10’000 BC – and yeah, whatever, it’s incredibly historically inaccurate,
but eh – I thought it was pretty fitting. Kicking off at Number 5 – The Lost Roman Legion A mystery that has baffled Roman Historians
for aeons. The Legio IX Hispana – or the 9th Legion – also
commonly known as The Lost Legion, was one of the most renowned fighting forces of the
Roman Empire that existed from the 1st century BC until at least 120 AD. They collected countless battles and victories
across the Empire’s influence, participating in the Siege of Asculum in 90 BC – as well
as fighting ferociously beside Mark Antony in the Battle of Actium. Following the assassination of Caesar, they
were one of the Senate’s most powerful military tools, and battled the Cantabrians of Spain
as well as the Germanic tribes of the Rhine borderlands. And after that, their successes led them to
Britain – where they participated in the Roman invasion led by emperor Claudius – and it
is thought that they were stationed there all the way until 120 AD. And then they disappeared. Completely. Seemingly fell off the face of the Earth. Now, the Romans were incredibly diligent record
keepers – it’s why we know so much about them, and why they made extensive records of every
military battle and confrontation – even their losses – so they could better develop their
Imperial Machine. And the Ninth Legion, after seemingly heading
to Scotland to fight the Picts and Celtic Tribes – just disappeared. No notes, no records. Nothing. Now, The Lost Legion was made up of over 5’000
men. And somehow, in the strange mists of time
– they all completely disappeared. I guess we’ll never know. Coming in at Number 4 – The Sky Caves of Nepal Also known as the Mustang Caves – The Sky
Caves of Nepal are a collection of over 10’000 man-made caves dug deep into the sides of
the Himalayan valley in the Mustang District of Nepal. This place has absolutely baffled archaeologists
and researchers since their discovery in the mid 90s, when local explorers began venturing
inside the stacked caves and found several dozen partially mummified human bodies – all
at least between 2000 and 3000 years old. Further exploration of these caves had led
to discoveries of valuable Buddhist paintings, sculptures, manuscripts and numerous ancient
artifacts that is thought to belong to the 12th and 14th century – but the fact that
the Sky Caves seem to predate them by over – at the least – 2000 years – has offered
no answer to the burning question. Who built these caves? And why? Since 1996, the Sky Caves of Nepal have been
listed as a UNESCO tentative site – and the Mustang Region was formerly known as the Kingdom
of Lo – until its annexation by Nepal at the end of the 18th century. This in turn made it a restricted demilitarized
area until 1992 – making it one of the most preserved and isolated regions on the Planet. Seemingly, whoever was making these caves
have been around for at least three thousand years – burying their dead in elaborate, ritualistic,
ceremonial sky tombs – and no one has any idea why. Swinging in at Number 3 – The Ridgeway Hill
Viking Burial Pit And this one – is so heavy metal – that I
have no idea. It could literally make up the plot of a Clive
Barker film. In September 2008, archaeologists from Oxford
Archaeology began excavating along the route of the A354 – when they discovered a burial
pit on nearby Ridgeway Hill – containing the bodies of what appeared to be 54 viking mercenaries. And all of them were decapitated. Not only were they all decapitated though,
but when their remains were discovered, it was found that they were all in relatively
neat little piles. Their heads in one pile. Their torso’s in another – like some kind
of ancient hunting grounds visitor attraction. Researchers are stumped about The Ridgeway
Hill Pit – there are no leading theories, and the vast majority of it just doesn’t
make sense. Carbon dating found that their remains dated
back to between 970 and 1025 AD – and they were all of Scandinavian origin, and carried
the physiques of warriors. One leading theory is that the group were
somehow ambushed by nearby villagers and ceremoniously slaughtered – but that makes zero sense, and
has no ties to the known ritualistic practices of the Native Britons. Also, markings on the vikings bones showed
that the method of execution was a bizarre mix of crude and incredibly precise blows
– and there was a total of 188 wounds visible on the skeletones – an average of 4 per viking. One of which, had the top of his skull sliced
off – exposing his brain. Vampiric blood ritual? Ancient Cult Sacrifice? I have no idea – but the Ridgeway Hill Pit
doesn’t make any sense. Next up at Number 2 – Gobekli Tepe And to be honest, I could talk about Gobekli
Tepe all day – because what the hell is going down at that place, we’ll maybe never know. Gobekli Tepe – which is Turkish for Potbelly
Hill – is an ancient megalithic site that was evidently used for social ritualistic
practices. Oh, and also – it dates back to the 10TH MILLENNIUM
BC. At the least! Just look at this place, and you’ll understand
exactly why this is so insanely baffling – during a time which, most anthropologists agree – we
as humans were primitive hunter gatherers. But nah, Gobekli Tepe seems to say otherwise
– with the structure itself making up patterns of absolutely massive T-shaped stone pillars
– more than 200 of them, which form around 20 seperate circles – and are currently the
world’s oldest known megaliths. Older than stonehenge. So – during a time when mankind were seemingly
roaming the plains hunting mammoths – we were actually building incomprehensibly vast structures. Klaus Schmidt, who was a leading German archaeologist
– held the belief that Gobekli Tepe was a vastly important pilgrimage destination, and
a somewhat cathedral for a primitive cult of the dead. Though no tombs or graves have ever been found
at the site, Schmidt believed that they remained to be discovered, hidden in niches located
behind the temple walls. It’s important to note that the vast majority
of Gobekli Tepe is yet to be unearthed, and mainstream archeology has primarily ignored
this site. For all intents and purposes, it may be one
of the most important ancient structures of our species. As Ian Hodder of Stanford University said
– Gobekli Tepe changes everything. And finally – at our Number 1 spot – The Sphinx And bare with me – because there is one ancient
structure that is beyond baffling. The Sphinx, and the perpetual mystery that
surrounds it. Now, I’m a stickler for science – but there
is something about the Great Sphinx of Giza that just doesn’t add up. Now hear me out, because the vast majority
of Egyptologists claim that The Sphinx is 4512 years old – which would have meant it
was built in the year 2494 BC. BUT – that completely ignores the fact that
there are certain, very clear weathering patterns on the Sphinx that do not occur in any other
ancient structures in the area – the Great Pyramids included. Author John Anthony West, alongside geologist
Robert M. Schoch, found very clear evidence of water erosion on the structure – which
is not consistent of the environmental climate patterns of the given time. These patterns, and the effect of water erosion
– would be consistent in a time when Egypt was a wet and rainy landscape – meaning that
the Sphinx would have to be between 7 thousand and 10 thousand years old. On another note, between 1991 and 1993 when
West’s team were examining the Sphinx, they found evidence of hollow, regularly shaped
spaces and chambers between the paws and at either side of the Sphinx. Egyptologists put an end to their examination
– and forbid any other work. The mysteries of the Sphinx are countless,
and one thing is for certain – they’re not being fully explored by modern research. Well, what do you guys think about the Mystery
of the Sphinx? Let us know in the comment box down below. Unfortunately, that’s all we’ve got time
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