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  1. jazzitall

    Hi, I've got 2 questions. 1.I'm allergic to nuts, dairy, eggs and I don't tolerate oat very well, so it's only salmon and brown rice for me? What else could I include in my top 5? 2. I'm on bulk diet for 3 months at the moment but I gain incredibly a lot of fat (I eat really clean but my family is obese and genetics might be the issue). Should I stop and do some cutting diet now?

  2. chance kiki

    I started training really hard about a month ago and I was in a calorie Surplus and the end of the month I gained 7 pounds and when I started my waist was 33 inches and now it's 32

  3. diasspeed

    Man I really dont understand this thing about oats. EVERYBODY eats them but in the supermarket, I was comparing the macros between oats and other similar foods and I found many better choices. Specifically, I found these cheap all-bran sticks, the brand of the super market I was in and they had much better macros than oats. 100gr had 35gr fiber (!), 40carbs, 310 calories, also a bit more prot. This is actually the best macros I have found in such type of products. I buy these instead of oats to mix in yogurt, with fruits, etc or even plain which tasted nice, instead of oats that by its self does not taste any good. Why why why everybody still buy oats, instead of bran sticks or flakes or something else????

  4. shailesh jha

    I read loads of good reviews on the internet about how exactly Fenoboci Diet Plan (search on google) can assist you lost crazy amounts of weight. Has any one tried using this popular diet plan?

  5. Nozz

    so I've just finished my diet, lost 2 stone (28lb), and I'm now looking to go to the gym to put muscle mass on – now I have to be eating more than I burn to build muscle? won't I run the risk of putting fat back on? I thought I would only need to increase my protein intake.

  6. Voksur Blade

    I Like this guide!
    Now my guide:Main meal:Pasta With Beef or Pork Mince make sure u add Olive oil and Butter to maximize gains:Snack or Desert:Apples with peanut butter to maximize gains!Breakfast:Some boiled Eggs some Bread,a Green salad and make sure u add olive oil to maximize gains!Main Drinks:Water,Full Fat MILK Sometimes Replace the Pasta with Rice or Patatoes and The Eggs from the breakfast with Tuna.The Essentials are Olive oil,Butter,Peanut Butter,Milk and Water make sure u get alot of those.And if u train hard u will become a beast!

  7. Censtudios

    The information in this video is great, but as a video editor and motion gfx designer the graphics in this video are annoying the hell out of me.

  8. carl perkins

    i am not a body building but , i went for emergency gallbladder surgery last year ,i was in the hospital 5 day till went home, my diet was wheat bread ,tea, jell-o, Brown rice- lunch,and supper, steam chicken and meat , then i noticed i was gaining muscle without lifting weight. only carrying shopping bags now after 7 months i began my training with weights . i believe in brown rice

  9. Byron Baker

    i just lift at home, but i love almonds and almond butter, if i eat a lb of almonds (because i love the taste) is this too much for building muscle?

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