TOP 5 Intermittent Fasting Tips for Women (AMAZING RESULTS) | NEW!

hi this is Elle with body love today I’m
gonna go over 5 intermittent fasting tips for women here are the pros and cons of
intermittent fasting for women sustainable weight loss an increase in
lean muscle mass more energy an increase in cell stress response a reduction in
oxidative stress and inflammation improvement around insulin sensitivity
in overweight women increase production of neurotropic growth factor which could
boost cognitive function tip one do not fast for longer than 24
hours at a time tip two ideally fast for 12 to 16 hours tip three do not fast on consecutive
days during your first two to three weeks of fasting tip four only do light exercise on
fasting days such as yoga walking jogging and gentle stretching tip five drink plenty of fluids bone
broth herbal tea water during your fast hey this is Elle thanks for stopping by
and checking out our channel body love will repost videos about wellness
fitness transformations motivations and inspiration we’re all about that body
love stay tuned for more videos don’t forget to hit that notification bell you

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