Tools for Cooking, Mobility, Paleo Eating, and More – Inside Biohack Box #3

Got another biohack box in so, let’s see
what’s inside. A letter, some coupons. Got a stackable spice rack, spice shaker. I bought this when I hiked Mount Rainier last
year. So, already got one of these, but they are
very handy. Therapy Balls Plus. I thought these were attached. These aren’t attached. These are different and these are cool and
actually feel quite nice and I’ve been wanting to roll my back out on a ball all day today
because it’s been very stiff. Beef jerky. Always love beef jerky. It’s probably like some good brand or something. Oh, I didn’t know they did this. Artisana,
which I’m familiar with mostly because of their nut butters. They actually have pretty good almond butter,
some cashew butter, but I didn’t know they had this. So, this is raw coconut butter and raw coconut
oil. So, that’s good to know. Something you can take with you.
fatCoffee. fatCoffee, pasture to cup. Add one packet of fatCoffee and eight ounces
of hot coffee or tea and mix in a blender. It’s like this is an easy way to make bulletproof
coffee. It is not coffee in itself. It is an addition to coffee, but sounds pretty
good and sounds pretty tasty. Vital Proteins, collagen peptides, 20 grams
collagen, 18 grams of protein per serving. Two scoops. Kind of curious what the benefits are of this. Collagen in a powder. This is actually a pretty sweet box. Beef bone broth. This looks awesome. Always a fan of bone broth. Kettle & Fire. Beef bone broth. Aerolatte. I think is a latte little thing you stick
in your lattes to aerate the milk. Don’t know if we use it. Dude, this looks good. Primal bar dark chocolate almond bar. Looks like a solid snack. Pretty good. I’m guessing… Oh, yeah, from Mark Sisson. Sasson, Sisson. Ventresca. I’ll be honest, I don’t know what ventresca
is. Ventresca in organic olive oil. I’m guessing it’s a fish. Ingredients: Pacific Albacore tuna bellies. Can of tuna. Why is called Ventresca? Ventresca. Don’t know why. Weird. Hmm, that’s interesting. Fatworks Grass-Fed Tallow. It’s for cooking. This is really interesting. It’s pretty cool. Folding spork. I like sporks. They are great for hiking and I have that
other spork whatever. The cork. I have a review on here somewhere, but this
looks way handier. It feels really light and folds in half. This looks pretty awesome. Folds in half, open it up. This looks pretty cool. Ability to stay together is dubious, but I
guess if you’re eating like this, doesn’t really matter if it does that. I think that’s it. So, initial impressions. This box seems pretty cool. Actually, there was a lot of interesting things. The main reason I get these is because I want
to discover new things that I don’t know about and there’s a good amount of stuff in here
that I do not know about. So, pretty excited about this. I’ll dig into it a little more. Had a chance to do some research, check out
some stuff of the stuff in this biohack box from Abel James. I did a price breakdown. I’ll go through the prices in a second, but
first, some things that I researched. fatCoffee. It’s kind of what I suspected. It’s basically bulletproof coffee in a pack. So, you just mix this in with your cup of
coffee. What I want to do, that I just bought this
separately and I’m going to try it out, is I got this instant mushroom coffee mix. It’s coffee and chaga mushroom together so,
I really want to see what I could do if I mix this with this and see what happens. The latte frother that I was kind of like,
“It’s a latte frother. How often am I going to make lattes,” so, he actually uses this
to mix the coffee so, I can use this to mix the fake bulletproof coffee thing. This actually seems pretty cool because I’ve
done bulletproof coffee before and one of the reasons I stopped is it’s a pain in the
ass to have to clean my blender when I’m just mixing up some drinks. I’m not actually blending anything and to
go through the whole hassle of using my blender and cleaning it was a pain. So, to just be able to do it with this is
pretty cool. So, the collagen peptides. I was kind of like, “What the hell am I supposed
to do with this?” So, it’s a protein powder. Instead of using whey protein, you can use
this as another source of protein powder. So, I did a comparison a little bit. This is the protein I normally use. Bluebonnet plain protein. So, I’m going to breakdown. One serving of this is 30 grams. It has 26 grams of protein and it has 3 carbohydrates. 1.5 grams of that is sugar. So, this is already pretty low on carbs. It’s a pretty solid protein. I like it a lot. 20 grams of this, you are getting 18 grams
of protein, 0 carbohydrates. So, this is definitely the lowest you can
get in carbohydrates because there’s none in it. Okay, so if I were to break this down to 10
grams, 10 grams of this you’re getting 8.6 grams of protein. 10 grams of this you’re getting 9 grams of
protein. And also it says you can mix with cold and
hot liquids. Some protein powders, I’ve had terrible experiences
mixing with hot liquids. A potential super drink would be some of this
collagen protein powder, the chaga mushroom coffee, and the fatCoffee. Oh, this one I’ve never heard of. Ventresca. It is tuna. It’s tuna in olive oil. Supposed to be very sustainably sourced and
caught. I would hope so because the crazy thing is
this can is $9, but that works. The grass-fed tallow. So, it is mainly used for cooking. It is similar to lard so, it’s rendered fat. The difference with tallow is tallow stays
solid at room temperature. The interesting thing is it has a high temperature
smoke point. Alright, price breakdown. Three packets of coconut butter and coconut
oil, $2 each so 6 bucks total. Canned Ventresca, the canned tuna, $9 for
that one can. Pack of jerky, if you buy it online, it comes
4 packs for $29 so, that is $7.25 for one pack. Primal Kitchen Protein Bar, 3 bucks. The collagen peptides, $24. $10 to the bone broth. $10 for the 4-pack of fatCoffee. $3 for this one ounce jar of grass-fed tallow. I think it’s $10 for like an 8 ounce jar. $10 for the spice missile. The fold up titanium spork, 11 bucks for that
spork. $15 for those massage balls. $18.60 for the hand frother. For a grand total of $126.85. So, this is definitely the best value biohacker
box I have received since it was $100. This box is definitely the best value and
also probably the best one in exposing me to stuff that I did not know existed and I’m
very excited to try out. So, this box is awesome. This box is really cool. Thanks for watching. Subscribe for more things like this and I
will see you around. If you want to test out this Fatworks stuff
there’s a coupon. 25% off. Good until October 30, 2016. Use the code quarterlyfat. Shh, didn’t hear it from me.

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