Thukpa Soup | The Soup Diaries By Chef Varun Inamdar | Healthy Soup Recipes

Well today, I’m going to show you a
Tibetan Thukpa. Well for the uninitiated it is possibly one of the most famous
soups with the locals and the travellers all along the Himalayan Belt. Well to cut
the long story short it’s nothing but a classic noodle soup but from India.
Moreover from the Tibetan belt. Hey guys this is Varun Inamdar and welcome to the Soup
Diaries exclusively on Indian Food Central. Let’s begin. First things first,
I’m going to slice this into thin rounds. The next vegetable is a cabbage. Well
because like I said it’s home style I’m going to use a green cabbage, let’s cut
these into dices well as rough as it could get. With this I’m also using in
some French beans or some garden beans. With this the next step is to of course
light a flame, and to this I’m adding in a stock while this is vegetable stock
the recipe of which is in the description box below. Let’s move on with
this recipe and with this we’ll add in some hard vegetables or the root
vegetables, of course, the carrots, second in line would be the French beans
because of course that’s also gonna take a little while to cook, and once these
vegetables are kind of 3/4 done we’ll move on with the rest of the ingredients.
Let’s move on, the next vegetable that goes in is the cabbage after which let’s
start adding in the other ingredients. To begin with fried red chillies. Well you
notice the major difference between a Thukpa and a noodle soup is actually
their Indianizing or the Indian version of noodle soup. Well a lot of ingredients
go in as such, wherein you suddenly start feeling that you are in India.
To this I’m adding in the spring greens. Moving on to fried onions, some boiled
noodles and freshly chopped coriander leaves. One quick stir and finally let’s
bring all the flavors out with of course the seasonings. To begin with salt,
freshly cracked black pepper and finally dark soy sauce. A quick stir and your
Thukpa is ready to go straight on the table. Like I said with this, your Thukpa is
absolutely done and ready and trust me this is possibly one of the healthiest
soups on the planet because if you see the ingredients they’re -1. all there in
the homes and, 2. We love them, don’t you? On that note do not forget to Like, Share
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