This Plant Based Diet Study Could Change Everything! Dr T Colin Campbell

When it comes to heart disease and type 2
diabetes a whole food plant based diet’s ability to reverse these diseases is unquestionable. We’ve even had the scientific evidence on
heart disease and a plant based diet since 1990. However when it comes to cancer other than
Dr Ornish’s amazing study on prostate cancer, we haven’t got the overwhelming evidence
yet that we need. We do though have tons of anecdotal evidence
in the form of countless cancer recovery stories on plant based diets. However Dr T Colin Campbell recently shared
some extremely exciting news so let’s hear what he had to say…We don’t know for sure
what the answer to cancer is compared to heart disease and some others, we’ve got a lot
of evidence still anecdotal stuff. My youngest son who is now a physician, he’s
a physician at the university of Rochester medical center carrying on some of this research,
now has the funding to in fact do some of this research on cancer patients, we’re
very excited about it. It’s on metastatic breast cancer patients,
where he’s going to be taking those patients- giving them the whole food plant based diet
letting them use the other treatments too we have to do that because of certain rules
but start that and compare others not taking a whole food plant based diet. We are very excited about this and we should
have some early results in another year or so. I just happen to believe and we’ve obviously
been sold the idea on this concept we have the experimental data that says this should
work. Cancer is a nutritional disease why don’t
therefore treat it as a nutritional disease that’s what we’re trying to do, so wish
us luck. If this works like I think it will, of all
the things that I can think of, to turn this whole field of whole food plant based diet
on it’s head -that would be it. If we could find that a whole food plant based
diet could treat cancer patients with or without some drugs along with it, hopefully without,
that will really have a major major effect going forward I’m sure. The pilot project will be a first-of-its-kind
study that looks at the effects of plant-based nutrition in patients with advanced breast
cancer, who are also receiving conventional therapy. This research will examine the feasibility
of conducting a strict whole-food, plant-based dietary intervention in women with stable
metastatic breast cancer currently undergoing conventional treatments. In addition, this research will provide preliminary
data on dietary intakes and the effect of plant-based nutrition on numerous outcomes
reflecting cancer prognosis and overall health using advanced imaging, various blood biomarkers
linked to cancer progression, and numerous symptom questionnaires. It will be a Randomized Interventional Clinical
Trial with 36 participants. The Estimated Primary Completion Date is October
1, 2019. As Dr Campbell says This study could truly
turn the field of whole food plant based eating on it’s head so watch this space!

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Reader Comments

  1. Cammi Eklund

    I've heard that keto also can produce a metabolic state that can stop or cure cancer but I don't know much about that. I wonder what plantbased keto could do?

  2. Love,Peace, Happy

    My english is not the best. Is it right, that give a study which next years show the results, can help Plantedbased to reverse the cancer in Breast?

  3. VC Smart

    Burning Question: How do you avoid indigestion problems on a Vegan diet? Especially, any "acidic" or "burning" indigestion. Thanks! 🙂

    Please Note: The Campbell's are NOT promoting being Vegan! They are against banning the use of animals for Medical Research. I am in complete agreement with this belief, though it MIGHT be possible to stop using animals for medical research at some point in the longer-term future. NOT in the next 50-100 years, imo.

    Also, I think some people do better both physically and mentally still eating small amounts of seafood or animal products. There is NOT enough proven research that being Vegan is best for everyone! Though I've been mostly Vegan by eating vegan meals for more than a year now, it has caused problems with chronic fatigue [not enough protein] AND some painful indigestion problems that are too "acidic" or "burning" in sensation. This NEVER happens if I just eat Seafood or Animal meat in a portion size of up to 8oz. I do NOT enjoy eating it in this large amount, but it causes no indigestion, and, instead, eating 1-2 ounce servings per meal 2-4 meals per week seems safe to me. [This is WHY I think some Vegans "jump ship" and adopt other more radical solutions on an elimination diet like being carnivore or raw, etc.] I wish I could avoid eating these proteins KNOWING that I'm better off NOT doing that, but there is no proof this is a better option for some people.

    My question to you is: How do you avoid indigestion problems on a Vegan diet? Especially, any "acidic" or "burning" indigestion. Thanks! 🙂

  4. Yowzoe

    :20 Anecdotes are not evidence, they are a dime a dozen and are completely beside the point. As is the anticipation of another study.
    You lower your standards when you don't stick to results from *evidence-based nutrition science*. Anything less degrades your impact and makes people dismiss plant-based nutrition. Dr. Greger would not post this video.

  5. Jill Philips

    “ The Common Sense “That Soil And” fertilizers And “Processing is “More The “True “factors That
    Need Be Honestly Focused and Revealed.

  6. ShellRock

    This had to happen. What's worse than explaining to someone why they should eat a whole food plant based diet as it would improve their health? Telling someone who has some kind of cancer or severe condition the same thing – its like you have slapped them across the face and they look with such utter horror and surprise that you would even think or suggest such a thing!! At least this way we could state some solid facts.

  7. miloradvlaovic

    The sad thing though is, that these type of intervention studies with the plant based diet as a possible treatment, or an adjunct to the conventional one, are not far more common and readily funded. I guess it's simply not profitable enough for certain "industries" to sponsor it, because pretty much anyone can eat healthy, and you can't patent and sell the plant based diet.

  8. rough rough

    Longest living humans are not vegan they eat 90% plant based rest animal based I am vegan myself I do not doubt the power of plant but I hope that this research will give us more information about vegan diet

  9. Sweet Raw Healing

    Cancer is just a fancy but confusing medical term for ACIDS / acidic cellular waste that are destroying the cells from the INSIDE. Degeneration, Atrophy. The only cure is a completely alkaline diet + raw ripe fruits + juice fasting to help the body the eliminate these acids and hydrate and detox the lymphsystem, the organs and get the kidneys to filter.

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