The TRUTH about Intermittent Fasting Workouts

today’s video is going to totally upgrade your life it’s going to step you up to the next level because in this video I’m going to help you decide if you should be doing fasted cardio or fasted exercises in general there are three things I’m going to touch on in this video that you need to know regardless of the type of exercise you prefer to do so even if you prefer to do more weight based training more body weight training more plyometric training just running laying in bed rolling around whatever type of training you like to do you need to know this information so let’s answer this question once and for all and this is not one of those videos where I just give you a vague answer this is going to be so clear when you finish watching this video you are going to know exactly what types of exercises if any you should personally be doing in a fasted State some of the things you’re going to get out of this video are number one finding out if you should be working out on an empty stomach already mentioned that the second thing is figuring out if you should be exercising while you’re doing intermittent fasting I feel like a lot of you are doing intermittent fasting but you’re not really sure if you should still be training because intermittent fasting is a commitment so we’re gonna touch on that in this video the third thing is actually the reason I decided to sit down and make this video for you and that is the issue of how to actually maximize your fat burn if you choose to exercise in a fasted state also known as exercising on an empty stomach but when I say fasted state that’s what I mean and exercising on an empty stomach sometimes you’re not sure how do you know if your stomach is empty like can you see inside no you can’t so we’re gonna touch on all these points and of course I’m also going to share my personal experience because let’s be honest like I love when people share their personal experience and I’m really shy to share my experience because I don’t want you guys to think that my experience should be your experience because that’s just not the case please subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven’t done so already totally free for you and it just means the world to me and if you’re looking for a really good structured program to help you hit your goals such as losing belly fat growing your booty be more consistent with your workout schedule or just exercising in a way that feels good to your body make sure you check out my website I have the most amazing workouts the most amazing programs and you can try everything out for free for ten days and see if it’s right for you so do that as soon as you’re done watching this video so let’s take this from the top what exactly is fasted cardio what is fasted training Fasted training is any type of exercise you do when there is no food in your stomach for your stomach to process so if you ate breakfast at around 6 a.m. and you trained at say 6 p.m. and you didn’t eat anything between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. your workout at 6 p.m. is technically a fasted workout even though you had breakfast in fact if you didn’t do your training until 3 p.m. and you had breakfast at 6 a.m. technically that workout you did fasted because the food you ate that morning is gone your body has metabolized it it’s not in your stomach anymore it’s in your bloodstream it’s on its way out to your morning TMI session in the toilet. Another example of faster training is if you’re the kind of person that likes to work out first thing in the morning like you wake up work out if your team 5 a.m. I’ve been seeing those 5 a.m. morning routines where people wait wake up and work out right away that’s not me right now but if that’s you your training is fasted because you’re probably not eating breakfast before you do that exercise routine another group of people that typically train fasted are people that love intermittent fasting so if you fasted till like maybe 3 p.m. 4 5 6 p.m. and you work out before your training session of course that’s fasted training so I think now we’re all on the same page we all get it we know what fast training is the question you probably have at this point or at least should have is ok so what is the difference between exercising with food in your stomach versus exercising without food in your stomach when you train in a fasted state your body doesn’t have access to energy that it would normally have access to in your bloodstream the glucose level in your blood is low when you haven’t eaten and you know that because you just feel slower you feel like you have less energy you don’t feel as vibrant you don’t really want to jump around that’s how most people feel that is the physical manifestation of low glucose levels in your blood and that is what happens when you haven’t eaten I don’t know what I’m doing here Oh God that was so dope and when your body can’t get energy simply from the glucose in your bloodstream it’s gonna get that energy from somewhere else and typically that’s somewhere else will be glycogen stored in your liver and your muscle tissue or fat in your adipose tissue which is stored usually underneath your skin or around the internal organs and this is what gets people excited about fasted training basically does it work? That’s the point of this video the second benefit that a lot of people seem to experience is that they just feel lighter and they’re able to move more easily when they’re not weighed down by food I’m sure everybody has experienced itis itis is when you eat lunch or dinner or you just eat food and immediately after you want to take a nap it happens to me it happens to everybody I know if it doesn’t happen to you comment below tell us your secret but a lot of people don’t like that feeling of after eating they just feel sluggish tired you still want to take a nap and so to avoid that they prefer to Train on an empty stomach now of course for every pro there has to be gone so there are two quick cons to fasted cardio is that you need to know this information is going to help you decide with me so you can understand where I’m coming from with the recommendation I’m going to make to you on this topic the cons number one some people are literally the opposite of what I just said instead of feeling light and energized and able to move around more because there’s no food in their stomach some people feel like crap when they don’t eat before they work out and they just cannot do the workout literally cannot cannot do the push-ups cannot do the planks not here for the burpees cannot do the squats just cannot get the head in the game when there is no food in the stomach and what happens for these people is that the whole workout session is just a waste of time because they’re not able to do the work the other con is that a lot of people when they train fasted after their workout session they tend to overeat because they’re starving before the workout they force themselves to do the workout they somehow make it to the end and then after the workout came on they will eat everything and I’m not saying that to be Shady I’m just saying that to say girl boy I feel you I get it one thing I definitely want to clarify though in this video is that at all times regardless of what you do whether you train fasted or you don’t train fasted your body is getting energy from multiple sources your body is always getting energy from fat glycogen stores and blood glucose it’s just where it’s getting most of the energy from based on what you’ve eaten that is the point I’m making here so when you have just had a meal most of the energy your body is using it’s coming from your bloodstream the glucose in your bloodstream when you haven’t eaten then there’s no glucose in the bloodstream to get energy from so your body starts to get that energy from your glycogen stores in your liver and from the fatty tissue so just want to clear that up because I know some of you are like you’re really into this stuff and I don’t want to confuse you so I hope that clear things up just a little bit just to guess you’re wondering so so far in this video just to quickly recap we’ve talked about what is fasted training we’ve talked about the difference between training on an empty stomach versus training after you’ve had something to eat we’ve talked about two pros of training on an empty stomach and we’ve talked about two cons of training on an empty stomach and I’ve clarified for you that don’t be confused about how your body gets energy to do its work why am i breathing I’m breathing because our next point is about breathing at the beginning of this video I promised you that I would tell you the number one secret to making sure your body is optimally preferentially burning fat if you choose to train in a fasted state and all you have to do is make sure you are breathing why if you find yourself totally out of breath panting struggling to breathe whenever you’re trying to Train fasted. Fasted training may not be right for you because your body needs oxygen in order to get energy from your fat cells in the absence of oxygen because you’re not able to breathe correctly your body is not going to be able to preferentially take energy from your fat cells instead it’s going to take that energy from your glycogen stores because your body does not need oxygen to take energy out of your glycogen stores which is not a bad thing however if your goal is to burn fat through exercise to preferentially burn fat during your workout then that kind of defeats the whole purpose so you got to breathe because of this there certain exercises that are just designed to help you burn fat preferentially because their exercises that are more low-impact and slower paced so things like walking briskly hiking cycling at a steady pace rowing swimming using the elliptical at the gym at a steady or moderate pace these are all exercises that lend themselves very well to preferentially burning fat on your body are they better than other types of exercises no they’re not I’m just saying that these are the kinds of exercises that when you’re doing them your body is probably preferentially taking energy from fat cells which is the number one benefit of doing fasted training for most people if you’re doing something that’s way more high-intensity if you’re doing high-intensity interval training your body doesn’t have that time it needs to go into your fat cells and take the energy does that mean high-intensity interval training is bad and you shouldn’t do it no that’s not what that means at all when you are doing something like high-intensity interval training in a fasted state your body is taking energy typically from the glucose whatever is left of it in your bloodstream and from your glycogen stores in your liver and your muscle tissue I don’t know why I said that that way I really don’t know I’m just so happy to be making this video for you guys because I love this topic I love talking about stuff like this and I hope you guys love watching about stuff like this and sharing with your friends hint what are my recommendations we said so many things I only have two things left to share with you my recommendations and my personal experience so what are my recommendations my number one recommendation is to avoid eating huge meals within an hour of your workout if you know you’re gonna be working out in less than an hour don’t that’s not the time to sit down and eat the whole plate of rice and chicken you know it’s not the time I love rice and chicken it’s just not the time if you’re really hungry before your workout and you just know you cannot do the workout eat a piece of fruit a banana and a cup of tea is plenty as a pre-workout snack any piece of fruit really is plenty as a pre-workout snack if you are allergic to fruit I know some of you are a slice of bread whatever bread you like just one slice is enough as a pre-workout snack and then after your workout you’re gonna have your meal which is actually perfect because if you do your meals right if you’re eating a healthy balanced diet eating right after your workout is just the best idea ever and speaking of eating after your meals for me personally it’s extremely motivating to think about what I’m going to eat after my workout if you ever see me doing squats and I’m smiling extra it’s probably because I’m thinking about what I’m going to eat after my workout and it’s probably rice and chicken just just so you know now should you do fasted training should you do fasted cardio should you eat before your workouts if you’re doing exercises like the ones I mentioned previously walking hiking swimming moderate pace on the elliptical things like that low-impact moderate level activity or if you’re doing a lot of my 10-minute workouts not all of them some of them are pretty intense and most of my five-minute workouts a lot of people feel totally fine doing those exercises fasted of course talk to your doctor before you try this make sure you’re in good health you’re in good shape you don’t have any pre-existing medical conditions but for most healthy adults most people feel totally okay doing those types of exercises a fasted state is it better to do them in a fasted State no it is not better to do them in a fasted State the most important thing you need to know is that you’re eating the right quantity of food for your goals and you’re eating good quality healthy food options that is the most important thing so it’s not better it can be done with no adverse effects it’s not intrinsically better unless you just feel better when you do it that way so to recap general rules of thumb if you are doing low intensity exercises or my five-minute workouts and some of my 10-minute workouts that are a bit easier to do most healthy adults can do those workouts fasted and be totally fine for higher intensity workouts like my harder 10 minute workout high-intensity interval training my longer tournament workouts on my website and in my app I recommend for most people have a snack a piece of fruit is plenty and a cup of tea or a slice of bread before you do it but if you feel better training those doing those workouts in a fasted state then go ahead and do it however before you make any changes to what you’re currently doing talk to your doctor make sure it’s right for you before you try it out the bottom line is training fasted or not training fasted it’s just one tactic in a sea of a gazillion tactics of things you can do to make your health and fitness journey more complicated you don’t really need to worry about that the main thing you need to worry about is making sure you’re eating the right quantity of food you’re eating good quality food you’re sleeping enough go watch my video on how to make sure you’re getting your stress levels under control and you’re taking care of yourself once you do those things you will get to where you’re going and then all these extra things like should you train fasted it or not should you do plyometrics or not should you I don’t even know like there’s just so many things so many tactics and things that we are exposed to because of the internet all these things are just extra they’re just cherry on top I got real passionate there I just I care so let me talk about my personal experience what I do is the recommendation I gave to you I currently do not train fasted unless I’m doing super duper low intensity stuff so if I’m just walking on my treadmill in my office then I’m not going to eat before I do that because for me personally that is a very low intensity exercise so I don’t feel the need to eat before I do that in fact I feel sluggish if I if I want to walk like a mile or something on my treadmill I feel very sluggish if I eat before I do it so I will walk my mile on my treadmill and then I will go eat and when I eat I really eat I love to eat good food Oh Mike it’s can you see how my energy just changed I’m doing something more high-intensity like my 30-minute workouts or if I’m doing one of my harder 10 minute workouts I eat I eat I will typically eat a banana and drink some tea or I will eat a full meal about hour and a half before the workout so that’s another way of doing it so it’s not fasted training but at the same time I’m not eating that huge meal right before my workout I make sure that I have time to like get through my itis get through my feeling sluggish after eating and then I will do my workout so that’s my current experience I have tried fasted training in the past but what I found was that a really affected my performance normally I can bust out like I can do 30 push-ups in a row no problem no preparation you know and yeah I’m just like flexing as you can do push-ups whatever but it’s something I’m proud of because when I first started training I couldn’t do one pushup on my knees like I could not do it so I’ve noticed though that when I train without eating truly Train fasted I struggle by xx pushup I am dying like my face is like oh I can’t I find it very difficult but if I have just a small snack or I eat an hour and a half or two hours before my workout it’s like no problem I bust out my push-ups and I’m good so I just train harder when there’s something in my stomach for me that’s what works and so that’s what I do I’m trying to think back to when I had a lot of weight to lose because that’s me now right I don’t really have a lot of aesthetic goals anymore I have more performance goals and even those I’m not really like it’s not do or die for me right now but when I had a lot of weight to lose at that point even then I wasn’t able to train fasted it I would still have my cup of tea with a full spoon of honey and a banana or a slice of bread sometimes I will take breaks in the middle of my workout and go have a snap because I was just like I can’t do this I need need the energy need the energy but the most important thing was making sure that the quantity of food I was eating throughout the day was correct for my goals when I was working on my booty and I wanted my booty to be bigger rounder and more perky more in line with what you will expect from a chocolate skin girl when I was working on that I also definitely did not train fasted it because I was in a slight calorie surplus I talked about this in my booty program if you have the food guy that goes with that I talked about that and that guy who you prefer to work out after eating or do you prefer to work out on an empty stomach I really wanted to know so leave me comments let me know so guys why did you haven’t done so already it’s totally free for you Anna means so much to me also check out my website vocal fitness comm I have awesome the best workouts you will ever do in your life check them out they are really good and you can try everything out for free for 10 days easy peasy I’ll see you in my next video you

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  1. Rayan Ahmed

    The body natural shape can change? If a woman had an apple body shape it could be change to appear shape??

    And thank alot you are realy motivite me😍

  2. O corley

    FYI, that's one of the main reasons the military does PT(physical training)1st thing in the morning. It's fasted training, you're burning fat reserves, not energy from food!

  3. loving the natural me

    I can do both but my energy is more so affected by hormonal changes rather than whether I have eaten or not. Within ten or so days of my menses I need that extra energy so I have to eat or I can't make it to the end of the workout.

  4. LHAK

    i love training right in the morning before breakfast, i only drink my water and do a quick warm up and a 10 min abs workout, but when i can’t do it in the morning i like to train 2/3 hours, at least, after lunch (usually at 3pm). Also, to do HIIT or high intensity workouts i would recommend to do it in the afternoon (as i said, around 3 or 4pm)

  5. Karen Davis

    I’ve done IF for 18 months and have done fasted workouts since day one (12-13 hours fasted and I eat 5-6 hours after workout). I’ve lost 90 pounds and have kept it off. I’ve also lost fat and gained muscle and strength. I can’t imagine working out with food in my stomach.

  6. Ria Xhigne

    I always started my day with bread and coffee😊 at lunch I grab my oats with any dish available. Dinner at 4pm with anything I like 😊my fav is my oat bread I personally made. I was on my fasting before but I gave up bec I got headache everyday now I am fasting 13-14hrs😊

  7. GYMVIRTUAL_CALENDARIO ma_perdiendo_peso

    ehy ✋.. greetings from beautiful chile I will put your tips in practice on my channel very soon I wait for you there.↖️

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