improvement pill here welcome to lesson
7 of the tamed course in the previous lesson we started learning about
willpower what it is and how it works prior to that we covered a ton of very
important stuff about habits so if you haven’t watched all of those videos yet
pause this video right now and click on the link in the description below it
will bring you to a playlist of all of the lessons of the tain course in
chronological order in today’s lesson we’re gonna speak about what decreases
our levels of willpower throughout the day how can we avoid losing too much
willpower and how can we become more efficient with the way we spend our
willpower so that we can avoid entering and staying in a state of ego depletion
for those of you that don’t remember ego depletion is a state we enter when our
levels of willpower drop below a certain threshold when we’re in a state of ego
depletion our brain literally fires slower and this causes a wide variety of
problems most importantly we become more impulsive more emotional and we have a
harder time sticking to our good habits so what causes our levels of willpower
to drop well it turns out there’s actually a couple of things so today
we’re gonna speak about the three most common ways this happens the first is
mental processes if I were to tell you to solve the following math problem five
times five it wouldn’t take any willpower this is because the answer 25
almost automatically appears in your head but if I told you to solve
something like a hundred 34 times 54 using a pen and paper that would consume
some willpower and this is because you would actually have to sit down and
figure it out when you have to think hard about how to do something that
drains your willpower that’s why even if you’re working an office job that
doesn’t require any physical work it’s possible to become completely exhausted
by the time you get home because you’ve been using up your willpower throughout
the day on mental processes to complete your work so what can we do to reduce
the amount of mental processes we do throughout the day well the best thing
to do is to find more efficient ways to get our work done for example nowadays
we have calculators so you don’t have to rely on solving complicated math
problems by hand or let’s say you’re working in an office and your job
involves data entry you can figure out a way to automate this process figure out
a way to create a program that automatically enters in the data
for you the second way we consume willpower is when we resist urges if you
recall we spoke about a famous study in our previous lesson the subjects who are
told to resist their urges to eat the cookies in front of them had lower
levels of willpower than their counterparts who are allowed to eat
whatever they wanted when we actively fight our urges this consumes willpower
I’m sure many of you have found yourself in the following situation you’re
craving a cigarette or some junk food but you tell yourself no no I told
myself I was going to quit but the urge remains and after about thirty minutes
or an hour of actively fighting this urge you give in to your temptations the
reason this happens is because you’re depleting your willpower while resisting
these urges and remember if your levels of willpower drop too low you enter a
state of ego depletion your impulse has become stronger and you eventually give
in so what can we do about this well there’s two things you can do to avoid
losing too much willpower while resisting your urges the first is to
change your environment if you’re feeling the urges to watch pornography
when you’re laying in bed you need to get out of your room and do something
else it’s very likely that being in your bed or your room combined with a certain
time of day is the cue for this bad habit if you do not change your
environment that cue will continue to prompt your bad habit your brain is
gonna say hey it’s time to watch some porn over and over again this is where
the urge comes from you don’t feel urges for habits unless a cue is present so
instead of staying in it’s better to step out the house and go to the gym
this does two things it removes the cue so you don’t have to deal with the urges
and it also allows you to start building a good habit that can eventually replace
it you could also leave your door open if you’re someone who likes to watch
pornography with your door closed a sense of privacy may be your cue by
leaving the doors open you no longer have to deal with the cue when it comes
to changing your environment it requires a lot of trial and error to see what
works and what doesn’t the second way to avoid losing too much willpower when
resisting your urges is to become extremely mindful of the urge itself
this may sound kind of woowoo but this is actually one of the most effective
techniques out there when it comes to preventing relapses in fact a study
found that subjects who used the following technique had more than two
times the chance of overcoming their addiction than those
who did not so here’s the technique the next time you feel an urge sit down and
focus all of your attention on this urge how does it feel
where in your body do you feel it then think to yourself huh I am feeling an
urge to smoke a cigarette right now then think to yourself huh I am currently
thinking about feeling in urge right now this is a form of meditation that’s
called mindfulness now you’re probably wondering why is this simple technique
so effective well think of it this way when you get bit by a mosquito it itches
a little bit kind of like an urge if you decide to scratch it or if you actively
think to yourself oh my god I hate mosquitoes my bite is so much guess what
happens the itch gets worse but if you choose to ignore it and you don’t
scratch the itch it disappears and the same thing applies for your urges if you
just become mindful that you have an urge and you don’t associate it with
anything negative simply observe that it’s there then it too will naturally
disappear the third and final way that our levels of willpower drop throughout
the day is through something called decision fatigue by simply making a
choice deciding which option to go with deciding whether or not to do something
you consume some willpower marketers actually use this to their advantage all
of the time its present in places like your local supermarket almost all
supermarkets have their candies and small snacks up front right next to the
register why is that well it’s actually because when you’re shopping you’re
making a bunch of small decisions which brand the cereal should I get what
veggies am I gonna eat this week which cut of steak is better by the time you
get to a register you’ve already used up a decent sum of your willpower on dozens
and dozens of small decisions all of a sudden you’re on a slow moving line with
a bunch of tasty treats in front of you you know you shouldn’t buy that candy
bar but you feel impulsive because of your lower levels of willpower and you
grab it so how can we combat this well a great way to prevent yourself from
getting hit by too much decision fatigue especially when it comes to shopping is
by making a list something like a list of groceries that you want to buy so
when you arrive at the supermarket all you have to do is find the items and put
it in your basket and voila no decision fatigue which means enough willpower to
say no to those snacks near the register decision fatigue is also present when
you make a decision to do something I’ve mentioned in previous videos that it
actually takes more willpower to put on your shoes and leave your house to go to
the gym than the actual workout itself and this is because when you put on your
shoes and you leave the house you’ve made the decision to go to the gym this
seemingly small decision actually takes a tremendous amount of willpower so what
can we do about this the first thing to do is to implement a trick called
implementation intention this is when you write down the time and place that
you’re gonna do something what this does is it removes the act of deciding if you
decide that you’re going to the gym at 9:00 p.m. Wednesday but you write out
your implementation intention on Monday night then your levels of willpower will
not be affected come Wednesday the next thing to do is to simply stick to your
habit it takes a tremendous amount of willpower to force yourself to go to the
gym the first time but this gradually decreases over time as you continue to
go to the gym and that’s basically the philosophy of this course to get you to
stick to a habit enough times for it to hit that line of automaticity where it
doesn’t require much willpower the final way that we can avoid the sort of
decision fatigue is by learning how to enjoy the task there’s a reason why the
siding to do tasks that we enjoy doesn’t really drain our willpower and it’s
because the decision has already been made our brain doesn’t really have to
decide whether or not it wants to eat a candy bar it’s almost always going to
say yes you can accomplish this same effect by convincing yourself that the
habit you try to build is the best thing ever let’s say for example that you want
to hit the gym if that’s the case then you should start watching videos of
people talking about the benefits of hitting the gym surround yourself with
proof that hitting the gym is the best thing ever
subscribe to youtube channels reddit forms about fitness talk to people about
fitness put up posters in your room about fitness and over time you start to
believe that hitting the gym will make your life better in every way that it’s
the best thing ever and when this happens going to the gym no longer
becomes a hard decision to make our levels of willpower are consumed by
mental processes which you can avoid by finding more efficient ways to get
things done resisting urges which you can avoid by changing your environment
or becoming mindful of the urge itself and decision fatigue which you can avoid
by planning ahead with lists and implementation intention sticking to
your routines until they become habits which means you don’t even have to make
a decision anymore and convincing yourself that the habit
you’re trying to build is the best thing ever by implementing these tips you’ll
find yourself in a state of ego depletion significantly less this will
drastically decrease the amount of relapses you have while you’re building
your habit but it’s impossible to completely avoid the state of Eagle
depletion so the question remains how do we recharge our levels of willpower so
that even if we’re in a state of ego depletion we can get out of it and
that’s the topic of our next lesson the ten course was brought to you for
absolutely free with the help of the patrons of this channel each and every
single dollar helps me continue to create this sort of content for free all
of my patrons receive perks and benefits which you can find out by checking out
my patreon page right here besides that guys stay tuned

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Reader Comments

  1. Marcus Hart

    It seems that eliminating distractions are not as easy if you aren't replacing the urges with brand new pleasures and passions. Most people need the sense of control, pleasure, and escape from pain and truth thus why these unsusal and harmful desires form.

    Implementation intention aka "Daily Planner" lol.

    If all else fails then let's call in the aid of a higher source.

  2. Dohendra Dubey

    I liked your concept of automation of actions. It's actually in our Indian value system also. We can assume that our action is function of two types of variable 1. external stimulus ( like sticky notes , alarms ) 2. our conscious decision-making process . 1st brings automation and 2nd causes loss of will power.

  3. Aqdas Shaikh

    These videos are amazing but i find them boring maybe due to more knowledge they conduct or maybe due to if i cant find any humour or the effect of that cool deep voice or that animation. btw really do like your work keep it up✌

  4. Dipayan Chowdhury

    Greetings Improvement Pill!
    Help me out. Question for episode 5 of the tamed course.

    I have been trying to improve my life and so I have been doing stuff like exercising for 10 minutes daily and meditating for 5. I also have a morning ritual. Watching this video and the rest, I believe that I should make reading into a keystone habit first because I am most comfortable with it among the three.

    Do you think I should atop exercising and meditating? Or should I rather try to make one of them into a keystone habit?

    I love what this channel and the people behind it are doing. Please reply 🙂

  5. Due Grandia

    Hey Improvement Pill, I was wondering what your thoughts were on some recent meta analyses calling the ego depletion model into question. I've gone over this in a first year psychology course, and my professor similarly dismissed older findings in favor of the more recent meta analyses.

  6. Lord Tachanka

    I'm sticking with if I want to do something bad I will question myself and say why which helps me a lot and I'm also going to start many activities with friends and family. Thank you!

  7. Jippin' Slimmy

    I love you to death man, but you got to start checking your sources a bit more carefully. The ego depletion results from the cookie-radish study can't be replicated. On some cases, the replications even gave the opposite results. Because the cookie-radish experiment was so fundamental to our knowledge about willpower, the whole field took a big hit in result and made people question the validity of other fundamental researches in other fields.

  8. Justin Brule

    I've followed your steps, I meditate everyday, I exercise for 30-45 min a day, I'm doing nofap, I take cold showers, I eat bacon and eggs (high protein + fats) every morning etc. I feel more motivated than ever. However, since I've started all this, I've been having a very hard time falling asleep. Every time I hit the sack, it feels as if my energy levels are sky high. It almost feels physically impossible sometimes to fall asleep and this has started to really ruin my routine. Any tips?

  9. Courtney

    This is a great video as well as a great course but seriously dude can you use another example besides watching porn? I can't watch this video in the presence of others because of the pervasive mention of it. Even if I have headphones in its sprawled in big red letters across the screen for too much of the video.

  10. Mohammad Teimori Pabandi

    From Iran and unfortunately because of sanctions, unable to become a Patreon.
    I really appreciate your nice work and really use them. Thank you so much from deepest levels of my heart and wish you luck in your life :).

  11. gyaane abe

    Hi, I was wondering if you could do a video on major depression, the clinical kind. I have major depression and its hard to know how much control I'm able to have over my life with it, I am seeking medical help for it but I would like to know if there is anything else that can be done.

    To someone without depression it might seem like a simple problem of "willpower", however I believe that the problem may lie somewhere else.

  12. fitMIND fitBOD

    man dude your channel has crazy value , i have always been fascinated about habits and will power and your tame course is truly worth A LOT you making it free was the best choice because now many of us are patreons! You helped so much looking forward for more of your videos

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    You have such a beautiful voice I really enjoy listening to it 🙂 also I find your topics really interesting and wonderful! But your voice makes it soooo pleasent to listen to them

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    Man, I have hit a massive wall in my momentum for the past year and a half, after watching this you've given me clarity on how to get a lot of it back. I will definitely get back on track soon with this advice, I cannot thank you enough man!

  16. Orions Fallen Angel

    the thing is, the video talks about how we will think about it over & over and give in. who says we will give in? there comes a point where you decide you want a life change & nothing would make you go eat the donut, so to tell people they will certainly give in , & that they are just denying the inevitable is just a ridiculous concept and pigeon holes us. these youtube life coaches come across so well taught but to some extent they are mostly just nice to listen to. the practices arent exactly written in stone

  17. just sauce

    U realy helped me cuz i did no know i had ego depletion.
    Plus, now u change my life for real im a 17 yo guy🇬🇷 who was lost and now i know what to do for make my future better. Thank you so much about those episodes i hope u will help more people if that makes you happy!!!! Peace

  18. siddharth rajan

    come on man, how do i learn calculus without "solving tough math problems"???? please dont encourage less mental processes….your brain will be trained only if you solve different tough problems and that applies to maths as well as daily life.

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    I dont understand the analogy about mosquito bites, in the analogy, i would assume not thinking about the bite itself helps me to eventually overcome scratching the mosquito bite but now you are telling us to think about our urges when we have them… can u explain this to me?

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    Improvement Pill, does depression has its own cues?

    You spoke about a bad habit having cues, so does this apply for depression, emotional impulses, and even insanity?

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    The videos are making every issue that I found so overwhelming to become actually manageable ! Would you please add the final tips summary in the description of the video ? It would make rememebering the tips , noting them down and copying them to a notebook easier . Thank you anyway !

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    Imagine that in an exam season when you just dont want to study that ridiculosly boring stuff but must… Now i know why i am energyless even BEFORE i start to do anything

  23. Aziz Qaissi

    Charles Duhigg addresses ego depletion and the question of willpower though without mentioning the two terms, ❝Habits, scientists say, emerge because the brain is constantly looking for ways to save effort. Left to its own devices, the brain will try to make almost any routine into a habit, because habits allow our minds to ramp down more often. This effort-saving instinct is a huge advantage.❞ (pp. 17-18). The Effort to be saved is willpower and the hard time of decision-making.

  24. L

    134*54 complicated math problem


  25. Sheldon Cooper

    Running out of paper and not enough willpower to get new out of my room. So directly in the comment: 54*100=5400 54*30=1620 54*4=216 5400+1620+216=7236

  26. Silver

    Your video has taken me out of the dark depths of my own self. I can't thank you enough. With these I have felt the reignition of the passion within me. I no longer feel bored or numb and look forward to everyday. Thank you.

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    I am computer addicted. I’m watching this series from my iPhone … .
    I already watched it one month before but I forgot everything and now I noticed it took over again.
    I hope this will finally bring me away from computer addiction

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    The cookie study was recrated and proven false! Look it up. Will power is not something that can be used up. Love the channel and all, just wanted to let you know 🙂

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