The Scary Truth About Carnivore & Paleo Diets! Dr Klaper

The carnivore diet is a diet that contains
zero carbs and where you can only eat animal products. It excludes grains, legumes, starches, vegetables,
fruit, and nuts and seeds. It has evolved from the keto and paleo diets. The paleo diet is a less extreme version of
this kind of diet as it consists of meat, fish eggs, vegetables and fruits. Carnivore diet promoters believe this diet
can improve digestion and mood, increase energy levels and even help to reduce inflammation
and reverse autoimmune disease. However none of these claims have been proven
or shown through studies or research. Many paleo and carnivore diet enthusiasts
believe that grains, legumes, and seeds contain “antinutrients” and that fruit and carbohydrates
are toxic. However there’s no science to support those
claims and in fact, in the case of antinutrients, the science shows that they’re not harmful,
so all the “evidence” that the diet works comes from personal anecdotes. Many medical professionals are raising concerns
with the amount of meat fish and eggs that are consumed and the long term health effects
of being on this type of diet. So let’s hear as the highly respected medical
doctor Dr Michael Klaper explains more….And as a physician I have grave reservations about
the reality of what this kind of meat based diet does to the human body. We are not carnivorous apes and from the medical
point of view, pick an organ system, if someone asks me “Doc I want to cause a colon cancer
how should I do that?” Well simple pack your colon full of meat 3
times a day and let all those carcinogens caused by the cooking of the meat and the
bacterial degradation of the protein, let that rub on your colon wall for 10-15 years
and watch what you set off in there. Flesh eating unto that level is hard on the
kidneys I think these folks are writing themselves a ticket to the dialysis machine. I invite your viewers to go to Dr. Greger’s
excellent website and click on his videos on protein and kidney health you’ll see
what high protean diets do to the kidneys. The food we eat determines the bacteria that
live in our gut, the microbiome . Well you drop animal flesh down your gullet 2-3 times
a day you’re going to summon up bacteria that eat a major constituent muscle molecule
called carnitine you’re going to summon up carnitine eating bacteria. Their names like clostridia and peptostreptococci
-these are not friendly guys they don’t care about you. They can’t wait for that next piece of beef
or chicken or salmon to come down because they will turn the carnitine in that muscle
tissue into a molecule called trimethylamine which your liver turns into trimethylamine
oxide, (TMAO) this is a molecule from hell, this will drive cholesterol into the artery
walls. These folks may look all fit and buff, but
they’re the guy that drop dead on the treadmill at aged 49 “oh he looks so healthy”. But when they look into his arteries he was
an old old man from the TMAO which was generated from the bacteria that a flesh based diet
will spawn. All animal flesh comes from the slaughterhouse
and consequently the slaughterhouse bacteria which are basically from the animals’ guts,
are on the surface of every piece of chicken and beef that you buy and eat. Well when these bacteria break apart, their
cells walls release this molecule called endotoxin, it is heat stable and is not destroyed when
you cook the meat and this is a nasty molecule it sets of inflammatory reactions throughout
the body, we’ve seen that it makes the gut leaky it injures the intestinal membrane and
molecules that have no business leaking out into your bloodstream, undigested food protein
and the cell walls from these bacteria, start leaking out into your bloodstream, they flow
through joint membranes, set off arthritis, go up into the immune tissues and set off
autoimmune diseases, the list goes on and on. The high fat diet will clog insulin receptors
that lead to type 2 diabetes. These folks are setting themselves up for
an epidemic of clogged arteries, heart attacks, strokes, autoimmune diseases, colon cancer
and diabetes, this is a diet of death! When I see the folks pushing the paleo diets,
it’s going to fall on its own way, that pendulum is going to swing back hard! I’ve already seen my second patient on a
paleo diet with colon cancer, I’ve seen one with a stroke already. You’re going to start seeing it in the medical
journals “paleo diets associated with kidney failure, paleo diets associated with higher
heart attack rates!”

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Reader Comments

  1. Dr Steven Lome Lifestyle Medicine - Plant Based

    I just can’t believe ANYONE would think a carnivore diet makes sense! We can’t make our own vitamin C, cholesterol/saturated fat, growth hormones, antibiotics, no fiber, no phytonutrients, HUGE environmental impact! As a cardiologist I would go bonkers if one of my patients followed this! Paleo almost as bad. Plant based rules! Now formally in ACC/AHA guidelines for prevention of heart disease!

  2. David Mcgregor

    A vegan whole plants foods diet is the best diet that is recommended and based on scientific evidence & and research is the healthiest diet and that's what I eat.

  3. Debbie Bemister

    As a registered nurse, I am seeing increasing numbers of fit-looking young people in their early thirties suffering from heart attacks, colon cancer and unexplained kidney failure. The trend is disturbing and horrifying, and the only common denominator is a high-meat paleo/keto-type diet. My own brother had followed a strict Atkins/Paleo-type diet for 30 years and he ended up having a big heart attack (anterior MI) at the age of 49. He’s now a cardiac cripple living with the onset of Type 2 diabetes – and he hasn’t even consumed a carbohydrate (from any grain, legume, fruit or processed sugar) in over 30 years! He really believed that his all-meat diet with a small bit of green vegetables would keep him healthy and well into old age, but unfortunately he’s now facing an early death.

  4. Martin Wright

    I can’t believe the carnivore diet is even a thing. I have a theory it has something to do with the meat is manly mantra in our society and the practitioners trying to make up for something else in their lives.

  5. Jason T

    Fear not vegans! We've caught the cows eating all your food and have slaughtered them for you. We'll happily dispose of the carcasses for you as well. You're welcome!

  6. William Calhoun

    Carnivore diets have little to do with health. It’s mostly a bunch of alt-right, bro-science, over-testosteroned guys who use it as part of their need to present as “super masculine”.

  7. Lovelylaya

    So , I’ve followed both diets . Vegetarian for 12 years . Vegan for 1 year and then Atkins diet to lose weight . All of them were bad . The vegan diet depleted all of my b12 , iron etc . I ended up in the hospital . The Atkins diet , messed up my pancreas , ended up in the hospital . Now a healthy balance of organic veggies , no beef and organic chicken is what I do . Two members of my church (sda who are vegans ) who have been vegan for 30+ years – the woman just had a quadruple bypass . The guy, had a triple bypass . All I kept thinking was the irony . Smh 🤦🏻‍♀️ again , I balance now , if I had to choose , vegetarianism would be right in the middle , better longevity . Who knows though we are all different with different needs , to each his own 🥰

  8. Scott Gabelman

    The body utilizes organic animal protein and breaks it down much faster than cellulose!
    I know I was Vegetarian/vegan for 20 years until I got in a car wreck and the drugs caused IBS!
    Had the go on a biological drug and take TPN which was an IV for 6 months to build-up from a 112 lbs.
    I had to go on elemental diet(absorbeplusshakes) and drink bone broth and eat organic Chicken/Turkey meat for several years on a paleo/keto diet. Eating any type of cellulose caused extreme pain! Now I'm back to eating vegan 3/4 of my diet and I'm better than ever.
    Untill you get sick you never know what you have to eat!

  9. Chris C

    I am saddened by the large amount of people who eat and exercise based on fake news, pseudo science and marketing. What ever happened to ACUTAL awareness and empirical knowledge? What a bunch of sheeple. I feel sorry for them, and the dis-ease they always get.

  10. Layla Layla

    How utterly disgusting. This is nothing more than a foolish psychological reaction to the perfection of the vegan diet and the inability of immature people – often men – to grow up. They think that eating meat makes them tough, it actually makes them weak.

  11. Andrew Ward

    They sure are. Then it's going to go quiet for a year or two before someone brings it back with a new name and a minor twist. And it begins again.

  12. Российский бот

    Studies on Eskimos were fine, and there ARE no recent studies.
    We don't THINK plants are full of anti-nutrients; they ARE. Fact.
    How exactly are oxalates helpful? How are phytates helpful?
    More vegan fake news.

  13. BeakerTheVegan

    Looks like the carnivore trolls have crawled out of their caves. The little snowflakes must have got triggered by the title of the video.

  14. Shining Star

    Imagine if you had been diagnosed with some kind serious illness like heart disease, or liver, or kidney disease and went to the doctor and said "I've started doing the carnivore diet" No doctor would support it.

  15. george mejia

    Carnivore vs Veganism.. let’s just let natural selection do what it does. The most vital people will survive at the end. Btw Hong Kong is the place where people live the longest and their meat consumption is like 10x more that of the Western recommended consumption. It’s gonna be interesting to see how vegans manage also given that many are choosing to not even have kids due to climate change. Haha

  16. Jeffrey Phillips

    I wish the reaction videos would stop and that quality studies would be done that are controlled and randomized that balance out the epidemiological studies that have been done BUT are simply dismissed because they do not show causation (and often poorly done). Having a wealth of evidence from a variety of sources is best. Work on ketosis is being done and there are researchers investigating carnivore diets … these echo chambers spouting the same stuff isn't helpful or winning people over to veganism or a WFPB eating style. I appreciate all of the vegan/WFPB YouTubers doing their part, but the approach needs to change.

  17. Leo Licht Cows 🐮 get butchered to death, for a 🍔, that’s Evil 😈, murdered the innocent, you get to pay someone else to do it ! That’s a coward !!!! Watch it if you want, 🙈🤥🔴🍔🌭🥓🍳🧀🍗. Karma makes the world go round ✅❤️🌍 Joel Kahn . 4 separate studies, 🥩😮😵Clogs your arteries !!! Five minutes. . Holocaust Survivor, 🛤🏯⛓😵🐮🐷🐣…✅ . .The China Study. Actual photos, meat and cheese, and vegan ✅😬👏❤️. 1990|2014 !!! Get the book 📖 👏❤️✅ . You are a murderer 🧟‍♂️🍖, are you a ✅? Dr. N.B . Science rules. That’s the science 🧬. B12 bacteria. Science rules.
    Black female Olympics, ✅egan since birth. ⛷🥇
    Enough said

    Eating 2 1/2% eggs a week increases risk of Prostate Cancer by 81%.(👈😱☠️☠️☠️) (Source: Harvard School of Public Health Study 1994-2008)🐣🐣

    Meat is cancer☠️🥓🌭🍖🍔🍕 Plutonium ☢️, Asbestos ☠️. Number 1 killer☠️. Early grave ⚰️. Number 2 😵🥩🍗🧀🍳🍣🍟🥥🥫🥛🥤😩😵, 51% death rate 💀💀💀…. WHO, NHS.
    Vegans 4% ✅😬🦷👏👏👏….

    You’re a vegan ✅or are you are murderer 🧟‍♂️🐷🍖??. That’s that. Which do you want to be ?? Murder, or ✅? Go vegan, please, The Earth 🌍 is dying because of us. Scientific fact. Thousands of studies show this. ✅. Vegan curry 🍛, vegan 🥓🌭🥪🍔🍣🧀🍕🍳🥮🍦🍮🧁🍫🎂🍧🍨🍤…. No guilt. Win-win situation. One person in one year will save 330 animals !!!!! That’s something proud 😊☺️🥳✅👏

    You want to do your dog 🐶, or your cat 🐈, or a hamster 🐹, or a horse🐴 !! Monkeys 🐒, and orangutans, and bonobos 🐵,and Gorilla 🦍, are plant-based, NO meat and cheese and fish ❌, they are strong as 💪😬, flat teeth 🦷, like us 😬🦷! Meat eaters think, like death 🧟‍♂️🍖🤢🤮🤮. Deodorant mask your symptoms. Plant-based Vegans don’t stink, they are clean and fresh, boots as well, clean and fresh 🤗🥾🧦👕✅👏🌎. Change as a person. Murder is murder. Holocaust is Holocaust, no matter what. You’re a vegan ✅, are you a murderer 🧟‍♂️🍖??

    ‘DOMINION’ on YouTube. Please watch it, thank you 😊

  18. Swiss Lady Driver

    But why are you acting like anyone is bucking to eat "grains, legumes and seeds"? I hardly eat those things and I don't miss them.
    All that meat you were showing looked good, though. Just saying.

  19. Lori Lee

    The doctor's two annectodes don't mean anything. I know 2 long time vegans who's heart stopped. And most studies just prove correlation, not causation. Now what am I to believe?

  20. craggle

    If it's true that 'many' medical experts are expressing such concerns, why do we always see the same few so called 'experts' ? Maybe because most actual experts aren't biased enough to make such baseless claims, just a thought

  21. Ike Does Stuff

    I just lost 43 lbs on a keto diet. It's been about 2 months, I feel more energetic and focused. I eat meat, cheese, nuts, and non-root veggies. Didn't change my level of activity either. Only legumes I consume is coffee.

  22. Adrian At And T

    Read plant paradox, he is a great cardiologist that knows legumes, nightshade vegetables are harmful to y gut, and everything else, and the worst ate beans.

  23. Roman Hernz

    Need to let the whole world know…..but first start with the person next to you…..if willing to listen….before is too late…..great video

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