The Right Way to Do Intermittent Fasting For Maximum Benefits – Sadhguru

One important aspect is people are eating
much more than what they should eat. Between one meal and the next meal
there must be an eight-hour space. Whatever you have health problems,
minimum 50% will go in six weeks time. Speaker: Namaskaram Sadhguru. Fasting on auspicious days has
existed in India since time immemorial. But many Indians believe that
it’s unscientific and illogical, until the work on autophagy induced during
fasting has been awarded the Nobel Prize. Even I started doing intermittent
fasting this year. (Laughter) So, why are such beneficial ancient
practices being labeled orthodox, and then immediately implemented
once there is a Western approval? Sadhguru: That’s because you don’t have the
right color of the skin. (Laughter/Applause) In… I’ve been talking about this for forty years. All right! And I have seen hundreds and thousands of
people who just become healthy and well, simply because they’re not fueling up
all the time when the tank is spilling. In the yoga center everybody eats at ten o’clock
in the morning and at seven o’clock in the evening. Our lives are very physically active. There are no automobiles inside the ashram it’s
a large place, everybody either walks or cycles. Even if you have to go to the dining hall it’s a kilometer. If you want to go to your workplace it’s
half a kilometer, one kilometer like this. All the time people are physically active. So everybody is very hungry by the time it’s 3:30,
4 o’clock in the evening. They are extremely hungry. But we learn to live with that because hunger… Empty stomach and hunger are two different things. Hunger means your energy levels start
dropping, but empty stomach is a good thing. In the yogic sciences – today modern
science also is coming in line with this… But what we know by our experience, you
will spend a billion dollars to come there. Because research is all about how
many million dollars, that’s how it is. – your body and your brain works at its
best only when your stomach is empty. So we always make sure, we eat in
such a way how much ever we eat, our stomach must be always empty within
two to two-and-a-half hours time maximum. So we go to bed hungry always. People think they cannot sleep, they can sleep. On an average, for 25 years, on an average
I slept only two and a half to three hours. These days I’m getting little lazy and sleeping anywhere
between three and a half to four and a half hours, in spite of the level of travel that I have. When I say level of travel, if I say my level of travel
in the next few days, you will fall off your chair. Yes! Should I tell you? No, not necessary. (Laughter) Because in the next ten days I’m
in five different countries, doing… I don’t know how many events… all kinds of events. So you are able to keep this up simply because
you don’t overeat it’s very very important. Everybody eats two meals I generally eat only one meal. 4:35 in the evening because I
don’t like to sit in front of the plate and worry about how much to eat, I like to eat well. So 4:35 in the evening, if I eat a meal, it’s only next day. Is this enough… which… Am I looking ok? Hello?
Audience: Yes! Sadhguru: I’m not looking like your patient,
isn’t it? I am not going to come to you. (Laughter) Because any correction and purification
that needs to happen in the body, your stomach needs to be
empty it’s very very important. Otherwise the purification on
the cellular level will not happen. You pile up things and then you have all kinds
of problems. The first thing is inertia in the body. Inertia means – there are many levels
of inertia, if you don’t notice all that… The amount of sleep that you have is inertia. All of you, you have come here to live or…? Hello?
Audience: To live. Sadhguru: To live, right! Not here here, I am saying
into this life, you want to live or…? (Laughter) The intention of life is to live, isn’t it? But… Because you talked about American
doctors, this is all being picked up here also. All American doctors say, ”Minimum
seven to eight hours, you must sleep”. So that means one third of your life you must sleep. Another two, three hours, four hours goes in
bath, toilet, eating, this… this… this… you know! So literally fifty percent of your life is just maintenance. Suppose you have a vehicle,
you have a motorcycle or a car… If it goes to service one day
in a month, all right to keep it. If it goes to service fifteen days in a
month this is a nuisance, isn’t it so? Most people have made their systems into a nuisance
because their own body is a big impediment in their life. Anything they want to do, their
body will not allow them to do. So in this there are many aspects. One important aspect is, people are eating
much more than what they should eat. Simply because they have been told, ”You must eat
more otherwise you will become weak, this, that…” No there is a way you keep your body. A fuel… Today everybody is trying to work towards
a fuel-efficient car or motorcycle everything. This means what? If the machine runs smoothly it
will consume less fuel, isn’t it? So if you sit here and you are very much
at ease, now it will consume less fuel. If you’re (Gestures) like this all the time, then it will consume more fuel, it will want you to eat. Compulsiveness will come about this. So this new name ‘intermittent eating’… You should see, in United States
people come to our programs. Our programs will run ten hours, twelve hours so… But they will come with some
biscuit and something else. They say, ”I have sugar intolerance. I have to eat.” I tell them, ”You just be here,
you’re not going to die, I’ll ensure!” Because I don’t want anybody dead
on my hands, alright? (Laughter) I’ll make sure! In the first day, ”No, no, no I have to eat.” By third day, they gave up all that. Twelve hours
without food, they sat there, they’re perfectly fine. See… Health is not something you can do from outside. Health is something you have to do from within. From outside when something goes
wrong, you can seek some help. But all the time something is wrong with you,
this means what? You’re a faulty machine. Yes, all the time something is wrong with
you why? That’s not how this is designed. This is designed for health. Every cell in your body is designed to create health, isn’t
it? They’re all working hard to create health, except you. So… Minimum eight hours gap is
what is recommended in yoga. Between one meal and the next meal
there must be an eight-hour space. If you do this, you will see half your problems
of health – whatever you have health problems, – minimum fifty percent will go away in six weeks’ time. If you do certain other things which may
right now seem little extreme to you. If you have a little yogic practice,
something meditative within you, then you will see, ninety percent
of your problem will go off. Ten percent if it still persists we can treat it. Now it’s become like this, the health care systems,
especially where there is heavy insurance policies, people are eating and drinking all kinds of
rubbish go to the doctor and say, ”Fix me”. This is not how it works.

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Reader Comments

  1. Rekha Kalyankar

    According to Ayurveda your body knows hunger .. don’t suppress your hunger that means
    If you are hungry at 4 pm , you should hv light snacks like rajgira or rice pops which are called lahaya

  2. Sheetal verma

    Intermittent fasting is just a new word we Indians hvnt been following this for centuries…….. These westerners are such copy cats!

  3. S Iyer

    Every healthy way of living is built into Yogic way/ or simply innate wisdom steeped into normal Indian way. But stays neglected and branded regressive by the ultra-leftists and West. But now West finds the same way, gives it a new name, and voila, we want to lap it up without giving appropriate credit to the Indian way the West appropriated In the first place.

  4. Samartha Shori

    I have been eating two vegetarian meals everyday for almost a decade now. But I suffer from all kind of nutritional deficiencies.

  5. Stephanie Smith

    Thank you Sadhguru.
    Unfortunately, diabetics suffer and must take some form of glucose when the blood sugar drops and they feel that symptom coming on. There is no diabetic coma as a symptom of low blood sugar; if it continues without glucose the quick symptoms convulsion and death come! Please pay attention to a diabetic when saying, " Help me I need sugar, I'm having a low!". That person will die without help.

  6. Krishna Murthy

    The reason is when MOST Indians say they are fasting… They actually aren't!!

    Actual benefits of fasting can be observed by totally refraining from eating anything

  7. aman bhal

    How come these बु धू लोग गुरु जी से हिंदी बोलने को क्यों नहीं कहते।or India ke bare mein question puchte ho..and he doesn't even speak his national language…Save Kaweri and speak Hindi…gora people make fun of you guys… what kind of guru don't speak their national language… Speak national language instead of save Kaweri

  8. ma kan

    This body is at age 58 , last 32 months I eat once in 48 hours and sleep for 3 hours and gets up at 2.30 am and 200% only into spirituality , & I don’t take any medicine though have undergone angioplasty 36 months before

  9. Mikael Åmark

    I usually eat two meals 4 hours apart and fast for the other 20 hours. Have done this for a few weeks, but I am still hungry during my fasting. Anyone with similar experience who solved it?

  10. Loki whispers

    I fast nearly every Monday and Tuesday and eat on Wednesday. I have been doing this for one year and my healing has been miraculous. I say now that my internal doctor is better than any doctor on the planet and I pay for this doctor by not eating.

  11. patrick mccartney

    Around 8:00 he says that according to yoga one should eat after 8 hr break. Is this mentioned in any text? What is the source of authority?

  12. HafizŻ R

    Look at the way he is dress to impress. Very image concerned & materialistic is this guy even though he says & pretends otherwise. Proper fraudster Yogi !! 😄🤑

  13. Larry Stead

    Right color of skin?
    I'm white and OK with being white. I've met people with all colors of skin in authority In the US, and abroad that could influence my life and way of thinking if I choose. I was born into this body and judge no one because of the right color of skin, whatever that means. If they act noble then I judge them that way. If they act arrogant in their authority, I have no time for their beliefs. Great beliefs come from India along with horrible beliefs, like the caste system. If you Sadhguru, want your people of india to become enlightened, then don't be lazy in your speech and say the right color of skin. Enlighten your people and the people of the world without prejudice. White people have done horrible things and continue to do horrible things, along with Brown people, black people and asians. If a culture has influence over another, then their is an appeal because a ridge standard of belief was imposed without an adequate argument towards the opposition.

  14. Sam Ford

    It's all good info apart from the sleep part. Rigorous testing has found that anything below 6 hrs on average is detrimental to health.

  15. abhinav upadhyay

    I tried the gap of 8 hour in between meal time , but it didn’t suit me , when I used to eat after 8 hour or maintain the gap of 8 hour in every meal and when I break my fast with food , I got low bp and hike in heart rate . Why is it so ?

  16. smokypoo

    Sooo true unfortunately. You'll have to work twice as much as a white person just to get the same recognition and if on top of that you are a woman, well let's say work 5 times more and maybe…😑

  17. Helen Perala

    This is a lovely reminder for me of all I am learning about, thank you Sadhguru. I hope to pull my physical body back in to shape by Fasting more. 🙂

  18. MansionDabbing Cloud Chaser

    There is a seller on eBay "rainmansez" who is selling Sadgurus book, the ONLY hardcover book of his in the world!! I wish!

  19. amrita sharma

    I don't crave food , like literally , but I don't deny when I'm offered something , usually I take 3 meals , with a gap of around 6-7 hours , works fine .

  20. Yulia M.

    If I become hungry and don't take food, I will get an extremely bloated stomach and severe migraine right away(with nausea)..Sadhguru is an Yogi mystic, with advancing and mastering yoga, an Yogi concurs sleep! That's the reason why Sadhguru ji doesn't need normal amount of hours to sleep, food is secondary.

  21. Radhika JUSTICE

    "After the 4 day the hunger pains go away."In that's why I had 4 bowel movements a day until they tapped my coccyx.🙏 fluid meals puri food is good.

  22. Sky Warp

    What i do is drink water with the juice of half a lemon first thing in the morning usually 7am. Around 9am fruits and low fat cottage cheeze or yogurt. Then its a regular meal around 2pm. At 8pm a banana and dark chocolate(70%cacao). Before bed a small bowl of cereal with milk(special K, cherrios, raisin bran) followed by a spoon of xtra virgin olive oil. Been doing this diet for 3 months. Never felt better. I sleep 5h a day with a 20-40min nap

  23. Anonymous User

    What purification of cells will do sadhguru? One poisonous woman is enough to end this world. Wars are fought over her. Most of problems in this world are due to woman. Love is just a fad. Color of skin & looks decide love. Is this fair? Who will purify this mind? Girls falling for good looks & then getting killed by the same. What happens to avg looking men? Who will purify this mindset?

  24. P vsNP

    Dangerous advice to people having medical conditions to just stop their medication! Better to wean off, while you're trying to fast. Maybe leave it after a few months, if you or your doctor see any health improvements.

  25. Anthony Novak

    I absolutely believe it. It’s amazing how much better I feel and the increased energy I have with less eating. Quality not quantity.

  26. chrisoher

    So just out of curiosity, I wonder how he feels about people who work out to build mass and having to eat a lot. I've always been a skinny type of guy but only recently I started working out and eating a lot.

  27. Zetetic Eye

    Too many overeat the wrong foods. Who gains weight or gets sick eating the right foods? No one. Our bodies need many nutrients, not possible to get all in one meal in one day. Small, healthful meals, combined with fasting = way to go. ✔️

  28. koteswar009

    I was in love in Autophagy research topic since 2008 in my early college days and went to Italy in 2009 to work on it in human cell lines. Autophagy is cell self death and its contents are fuel and uptaken by other cells for survival. I even wrote to the Japanese scientist in 2010 to do my PhD but he said he is retiring and recently he got Nobel prize.

  29. Tia Procelius

    "That's because you do not have the right color of skin"
    I know this was a joke but I don't think it is prejudice against the Eastern Culture that the westerns have to confirm through the Western Medicine/Research. Science is not built on common knowledge. And common knowledge exists everywhere, not only in the East, not only among whatever-colored people. Sometimes common knowledge is accurate and other times it is not. And science is skeptical, just that.
    I just don't think this is racism because in my country people have a lot of beliefs (myths!)too:
    -that if you walk barefoot that you get bladder problems
    -that you cannot take a bath after a meal
    – My grandma always told me not to eat peaches with water because I would poison myself
    and the list goes on….
    SO Western Science simply gets the facts (as far as it can go of course, being also a limit to itself)

  30. Denise Duquette

    I slept very little most of my life. When I was a teenager we were not allowed to eat before mass and I would faint. I had low blood sugar.

  31. xiaguan whisky

    Basically people are just snowflakes these days.. if they feel a bit hungry they will stuff themselves with high caloric food.
    Drink sugar drinks between meals and if something hurts just a tiny little bit its time for painkillers.

  32. Trevor Hendy

    This is beautiful and simple advice and amazing that it is not only, not passed down naturally to us, but also it is actually argued against and ridiculed by large chunks of the west. I love looking into the eyes of people that are giving me advice. If they are shining and deep and life is staring back at me, I listen intently. It is amazing how loud and noisy some are in protest, yet their eyes tell us that they are not to be followed. I guess, I would say, look for the spirit, it is always there, but follow those that the spirit is on the surface not hidden back behind a fog. Loving Sadhguru’s messages. 🦄

  33. 1pwNz0mb13Z

    Total bullshit… I used to like Sadguru but now he can say whatever somewhat sensible thing and people will take it as fact. No wonder the western world is at the cutting edge of technology in all fields, we actually use the scientific method.

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