The Real Skinny on Fat – BONE BROTH with KellyAnn Petrucci

Welcome Dr. Kellyanne. Dr. Kellyanne
Petrucci it is an incredible honor to have you here.
You taught me several years ago that I could transform my fine lines and
wrinkles through drinking broth. -And you know the amazing thing is you really can.
So you know it all started for me, Naomi, when I turned 40 and I wasn’t getting
results with anything I was doing and this was really frustrating to me
because I thought you know here I am providing information on the clinic
floor every day. Why isn’t…why is nothing working for me and that’s where bone
broth came in. It changed my life, it changed my patients’ life and I said I
have to get this out therem I have to get this on a broader scale because I can’t
believe something so simple. -Can you give us a little bit of background around
bone broth and why and how did you get interested in it originally. -Yeah so I
always say I just brought bone broth onto everyone’s table. I didn’t invent it.
Actually it’s been around since the hunter-gatherer times. They used to
actually carve out the stomach of an animal and they would make this broth in
the intestines of the animal. That’s how long it’s been around, you know, it’s been
sitting there on the fireplace steaming away and cooking away for all these
families for years and years. It’s very sustainable because you use all parts of
the animal. But the real beauty is there’s so much nutrition there’s low
calories, high nutrition and that’s how we get well and that’s how we stay well.
You’ve got beautiful protein in there. You’ve got the building blocks of
collagen in there. You want those amino acids, you want those minerals, it doesn’t
get any better than this. So immediately your body comes to life
because the whole trick here is that we need to really push out the toxins, pull
in the nutrition and when we can do that simply and we can do that easily, BAM! The
magic happens. -So, so you’re telling us that you, you took the bone broth -Yes-
Really from this hunter-gatherer life that it’s…it’s been part of creating
health for for that long and you brought it onto the
American table and what are the kind of results that your patients have been
seeing. -So this is what was amazing to me and I learned so many principles and
practices by actually watching this. What we saw was that people got slimmer,
younger, faster so my original premise was I’m going to use this to get so
healthy I want to be Bionic. I want to be so healthy and the side effects were
just incredible and then I started documenting and when we started
documenting and we really saw the results my gosh we evaluated hundreds
and thousands of people at this time and people were losing weight after 21 days.
We were seeing incredible differences they were losing 14, 15 pounds four
inches around their waist and this was typical. So as a practitioner when you
start to see results that are typical that gets your attention and that’s why
I really decided, you know, I have to make this a system. A system that’s easy for
people to follow because there’s something really magical and
foundational that’s going on with this. So that’s really how the whole…the whole
revolution started. -For those individuals that are on camera all the time
faster, better, more, beauty, youth is what it’s all about, right. -Well it’s about
getting two first. Nobody wants to do one thing at a slow methodical time. We are
in an era now where it’s got to be quick. It’s got to be quick,
instantaneous results and everything we’re doing that’s just how we’ve
revolutionized medicine really in general. So stars when they’ve got an
engagement coming up and oftentimes they find out about a lot of other projects
and it’s go time and that’s when I get the call, ‘What do I do?’ And the thing
about bone broth is it gets you super charged up because it does a couple of
things that are really interesting. The amino acids in there like the glycine it
helps you sleep better. Now I mean how does that sound? How many people do you
know out there that are saying I can’t sleep anymore? The glycine really helps
you to sleep and the protein in the bone broth is such a good form of protein
that it really helps people stabilize their insulin and we know that insulin
lays down fats so we really want to watch that insulin and reduce that
insulin and have it reduced and stay at that level. And so taking all of this
into account the system that I came up with is what really changed things and
that’s, now get this, using bone broth to fast and so fasting with bone broth
that’s where the real magic in bone broth can happen and that’s where you’ll
really see the results that so many people are looking for so many people
say oh my gosh I’m dealing with this crisis, heart
disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, all these inflammatory based diseases
because a lot of these modern-day diseases that we’re seeing today there’s
a common underpinning and that common underpinning is inflammation. All of my
patients over 24 years of practice if you were to put them in a football field
and you were to say what got everybody better? It’s this. It’s when they reduced
inflammation, it’s when they healed the gut, and it’s when they training the body
to become a natural fat burner. When those three things happen the magic
happen and their lives change and bone broth was the one thing, the one
simple, inexpensive, easy to get, easy to make thing that made the difference. Dr.
Kelleyanne, your energy, your your mentality of getting two for one, it is
it is so welcoming to hear that as a woman because we need these competitive
advantages. We need to understand the massive information that’s out there.
-Thank you, it’s my pleasure.

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  1. Naomi Whittel

    Thanks for watching! This is an edited highlight clip of a much longer interview with the amazing KellyAnn Petrucci, I hope you enjoy it and if you want to see the full interview and 80 additional interviews with the most fascinating individuals, click on the following link to watch the full docuseries…

  2. Little Voice

    Please can you do a video on vegetarian alternatives to bone broth. I am keen to learn more about anti aging for skin and brain health

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