The Perfect Paleo Powder… Explained! – Collagen Peptides and Whole Foods Supplement

– [Instructor] We’ve all heard of The Paleo Diet, right?! Simply put, we only eat whole foods. Things that exist in nature. But who doesn’t love the
convenience of protein powders? The supplement industry has been flooded with countless Paleo
Protein Powders that are, sadly, missing the entire point. We want to consume foods as close to their natural state as possible. Why should supplements be any different? when would you ever find 10 grams of nothing but protein and Stevia in nature?! Never… Duh! Protein in nature will
always be surrounded by other macronutrients. Healthy fats, in the
case of animal proteins. Complex carbohydrates and
healthy fats in the case of plant proteins. So, why would you pay
outrageous money for nothing but a little protein and sweetener? The Perfect Paleo Powder
is the first of its kind. A 100% Paleo-friendly, meal
in a convenient powder. Packed with over a dozen
whole food ingredients! It’s the closest thing to nature you’ll ever find in a powder. Protein from beef collagen peptides, complex carbohydrates from ingredients like vegetables, sweet potatoes, and fruit and healthy fats from ingredients like coconut oil and flax seeds. Our bodies are designed
to digest whole foods, not single ingredient extracts. Switch to The Perfect Paleo Powder, and start supplementing the way Mother Nature intended!

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