The Paleo Diet as told by a Real-Life Caveman – Ugg Foods Natural Treats

hi I’m George Anderson health and
fitness director about foods I want to talk to you about loincloths
why because inside every tired pale stressed wobbly bloated 21st century body fun is the thoroughbred
heart of a Paleolithic forager And back then they were walking around the
world rockin these bad boys and loving it. Feeling not just Paleolithic but paleo-terrific. Eating what their bodies
needed Not what a cartoon squirrel told them to
eat. What their bodies were programmed to eat. Vegetables, fruits, nuts, berries fish, and yes, meat. The right kinda meets What they didn’t it was all the other stuff
that’s turning us into wheezing sneezing humanoid marshmallows today. Potatoes, grains sugar, processed foods. Healthy living that’s what I’m talking about. Exercise eat the right things, and bingo your life
is better, But george, I’m a gourmet. Don’t worry Escoffier No one’s taking away your taste buds. Ugg Foods are all national healthy delicious treats in a kit bag. Tear it open mix in a few kitchen staples and you’re few minutes away from muffin heaven Tuck in kid. But before you do find me the sugar gluten, wheat and soya in those muffins. You can’t because there isn’t any. Ugg Foods are 100 percent guilt-free high-fiber low carb low GI and as diabetic friendly a new
pancreas. They’re the bedrock of the paleo diet. and they’re a treat that even you can
tolerate, my allergy afflicted friend. Are you ready to fall in love with
natural healthy eating It’s time to give yourself an Ugg. Start the
pack shop party!

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  1. Sara Parkinson-Altman

    Thank you to everyone for your support! Ugg Foods is not just about selling packs of mixes, we really are about trying to forge a better, healthier future for everyone. We offer free information to everyone about healthy eating and discounts for the poorly and those in need. We are dedicated to making the world's attitude about food change for the better and we need everyone's help to make this happen. We are not about ruthless profit, we are about spreading (h)uggs, healthiness and helpful information for everyone. You can use our website for free information on how to change you life for the better. If our work even encourages a handful of people change their lives for the better then all our effort is worth it.

  2. Gareth Wooster

    Flatteringly large pixelated area George,…..loving the dance moves. Perhaps incorporate them into the next kickstart or i training program….. No really DO IT.

  3. gus bisbal

    George, I want you to be honest with us. I have seen many of your videos and your a good bloke but you can admit it. You have had pec implants. I know what implants look like and you look EXACTLY like what pec implants look like.

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