The Ketogenic spectrum (Keto, LCHF, Aitkins and Paleo)

Hi guys Caleb Ford, Managing
Director of Keto Source New Zealand and today I want to talk to you about four
diets or four different lifestyles now these four lifestyle is all form what I
call the ketogenic spectrum now there’s four are LCHF which is low
carb healthy fat or low carb high fat, paleo, ketogenic (of course)and Aitkens now I’m going to talk about the differences between these diets but first let’s talk
about the similarities. Now thes e four and why I say they will fall into the
ketogenic spectrum is because at some point throughout any of these lifestyles
you will be relying on ketones as a preferred source of fuel for the brain
the difference being between these four really just the amount of time you spend
within nutritional ketosis and that’s driven of course by what we eat. So lets
firstly look at LCHF or low carb healthy fat (or high fat) so simply the
difference there between the other three and this diet is that your carb
tolerance throughout the day is set at between or around 100 grams of net carbs per day and that compares let’s go straight into the keto lifestyle to
around 30 grams of net carbs or less per day so those that’s the main
difference between those two but ultimately we’re looking at low
carbohydrate moderate protein and healthy fat and both of those diets or
lifestyles secondly or thirdly rather let’s move into paleo now paleo is very
similar to those two and does rely heavily on ketones for fuel as well and
lots of healthy nutritious fat moderate protein the only difference being is
that it’s slightly higher than the carbohydrate tolerance the reason for
that is that a paleo lifestyle allows for much more fruit now fruit is high in
fructose and fructose that’s ultimately sugar so paleo often talks about
replacement recipes relying on things like dates now dates for example
fantastic fruit but it’s very very high on the glycemic index which means it
actually sits or responds in the body very similar if not in a worse way and
then white sugar so that’s something to bear in mind now paleo if done correctly
is actually ketogenic in my mind because the difference being is that
paleo has been prescribed and done as prescribed by the experts talks about
using seasonal fruits and vegetables now the problem is these days that the
seasons are basically continuous because everything’s available to us in the
supermarket’s 24/7 so those fruits and vegetables that we eat in abundance like
Paleo diet back in our ancestors days would have only been available for two
to three weeks of the year when they’re in season so look at fruit for
example typically ripened and available for two to three weeks of the year and
its gone unfortunately winter never comes now so
eating this first 24/7 if we’re following a modern paleo lifestyle so
that’s the main difference between those three the fourth one is Atkins now Atkins was made famous obviously by Dr. Atkins back in the day and the thing
that differs between Atkins and the rest of these diets is it was very very high
in meat now I’m not saying that meat is bad but the difference really was that
they talked very much about processed meat so they used a lot and a lot of
processed meat there was no differentiation between processed and raw or whole real meat so that’s the big difference there the protein tolerance
on a on an Atkins diet was not tolerance rather but the expectation was that you
would consume massive amounts of protein now that had adverse effects on the
kidneys or at least that’s what they believed at the time but my point of
view as it was very high protein moderate fat and low carbohydrate so
without the high amount of fat there really wasn’t enough energy within this
diet so that’s something that I think that the Atkins diet could have improved
on but also making a clear definition between processed and non processed
meats so hopefully that clears up these four diets for you in lifestyle so if
you’ve got any questions about this then feel free to reach out I’d be glad to
help but really I think to sum any of this up is that diet is a word that I
really don’t like using you would have seen me correcting myself and using the
word lifestyle instead the reason for that is diet implies that it is something
we’re going to do for a short period of time and then we’re going to revert to
how things were. We are really looking for a lifestyle change something
that’s a long term sustainable for you and that’s where you’re going to get the
most health benefits so it’s about getting healthy and weight loss is
hopefully that’s what you’re looking for a positive side effect of getting
healthy and consuming nutritious food don’t aim for weight loss first anyway
thanks for listening to this video guys and we’ll talk again soon see you later

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