The Diet

On this season of The Diet. I’m Michelle
I’m a mom too it’s time to get my pre mom body back. Okay today’s the day to
meet all the diets. Ready? I can eat this right now well let’s go ahead and
measure show us the type of woman who knows machines without me happy to
finally meet you oh my gosh you have shown us exactly what just fantastic
Network friends you know the show would be great for both of our downline part
if the blessing of this job you’re never job to leave your kids again ever
no dairy no gluten no sugar we are gonna do a healthy cooking class
Cheers white wine four points these other diets
can’t offer what I can I’m creeped package this media and the Splenda and
no nutrasweet know that yeah yeah mind if I borrow for a second please
Thanks you know most people don’t understand that egg frittatas have a
spirit a spirits you just ate this is what I call a chicken seed sunshine even
be happy there is such a thing as the healthy amount of carbs you know what I
do when I want to carve at you more avocado okay but have you guys even
tried and B shapes yeah okay $5,000 a month from home in there yoga pants yoga
pants I didn’t come here to make friends okay I came here to recruit new
distributors hold Mommy’s blender tell them how good it is
she’s not good for you so she’s here for self but I’m nervous because Michelle
seems to really like it it’s not a pyramid scheme direct sales why would
you deny it’s one that I’m ready to fight cuz you still get that you like
the good food spinach or will go off it’s not like starving yourself starve
yourself I don’t know I’m just glad to be here
keto and Michelle gonna have babies and call them keto junior and keto there’s a
difference I have a really good feeling that my diet Mediterranean diet will you
accept this gold bikini fisica and say what means of course in
Mediterranean I got a gold machine there’s only one goal bikini left good
luck maybe I shouldn’t even be here keep your little got a meat lovers favor yeah I hear you
the murderer well just have bad carbs and cheese if you’re ever babe my heart
is truly torn but I’m ready to give away my final goal bikini did you expect to
have such strong feelings for more than one diet
I have strong feelings for more than just one diet but a kale quinoa salad
and a glass of merlot see the dramatic conclusion this season
on the diet you

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