The Diet of a Champion Female Bodybuilder

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  1. Your Name

    In all probability a physical wreck with IRREVERSIBLE male characteristics at ~50yo from all the hormones and (too) heavy lifting, just for some 'positive' attention… 99,999% of people fail to understand what matters in life, and constantly admire the wrong individuals.

  2. Coleman Harris

    When she said she was awarded her “pro status,” I really thought she said she was awarded her “prostate.” Seemed about right.

  3. Simone Nencini

  4. Jay Ohlrogge

    Absolutely not my thing femalewise, but it's doesn't matter, she loves it and is doing her thing. Good for her and you have to respect that dedication and effort!

  5. Anthony Sturm

    There is no way she will get to 2% body fat, that’s borderline death for a male, 6% body fat is the LEAST that she’ll get to maybe

  6. Faith Factory

    The judge should also look for human quality of the competitor as well rather than focus on the fat percentage and how thin her skin is. I mean the whole point is to looks good and beautiful but should also has natural looks of being a women.

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