The BEST Healthy Donut Recipe | low carb, keto, paleo

hey everyone and welcome back to my
channel and welcome into another delicious healthy recipe and today we
are making low-carb keto Donuts they’re also paleo friendly and they tastes
delish so this is everything you are going to need I’m starting off with some
almond milk and we’re adding in a little bit of apple cider vinegar and what that
does is it helps to culture the milk I’m using almond flour as well as some
baking powder baking soda and a little bit of coconut flour and I find this
blend works really well some Himalayan salt and then some cinnamon for flavor
and you’re just gonna mix that all together now almond flour is the choice
of flour in this recipe you can’t substitute it for only coconut because
coconut is very different I’m gonna be adding it a couple eggs and I like to
use free-run pass your eggs that that’s why the yolks are so yellow a little bit
of vanilla for flavor as well as this guy blend so you can use either ghee
coconut oil or a blend of the two like I am using this works really well in the
recipe I’m using a monk fruit as a sweetener because it’s keto friendly if
you guys haven’t heard for the bunch of March I am testing out the keto diet
just to see how I feel and how it works so monk fruit is a good keto friendly
sweetener stirring that together and adding in our milk the husband culturing
it to the side and then stirring that together until it’s nice and smooth then
I’m gonna be adding in the wet to the dry and you want to fold it just until
it is mixed you definitely don’t want to over mix this recipe if you over mix it
it’s not gonna rise as much and you’re not gonna get as light and fluffy
doughnuts as you could so mix it just until all of the dry is combined as you
see here until there’s no more of it left then I’m taking my donut pan if you
don’t have a donut pan you can definitely use a muffin pan it turns up
about the same fuse like a regular sized muffin pan and a donut pan in terms of
minutes in the oven donuts are just a grid shape so I bake those off and I’m
gonna leave the minutes and the temperature down below and then once
they’re fully cooled I am doing a little bit of ghee on the top and then dusting
it with a cinnamon I find that this is just really tasty
and easier than a glaze and I just makes a little bit of monk fruit along with
some cinnamon not super precise but I will leave the measurements below in
case you want them you could definitely also do a paleo chocolate just with some
cacao and some coconut oil that would also be keto friendly but I’m we’re so
happy with how these turned out there’s only four net carb for the whole
doughnut they’re moist delicious not too sweet but a slightly sweet the cinnamon
is good and they’re just so yummy I would keep them in the freezer if you’re
not consuming all of them within a couple days and then you can just reheat
them whenever you want one but they’re so delicious so I hope you guys enjoyed
this video and you’re looking forward to more healthy delicious recipes make sure
to subscribe and have a great day bye guys

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Reader Comments

  1. Treasure Van Laeken

    They look so delicious😋can't wait to try them😆 thank you for your amazing ideas 😊 keep up the good work💖

  2. Aimee Rivera

    Thank you for the recipe Liv! I might just try keto myself! Always been against it because I LOVE CARBS but then again that's why I cannot lose weight because I love carbs and sugar su much 😓 . Thank you for the recipe! I will definitely try it out soon once I purchase the Monkfruit, that's the only ingredient I don't have 😁

  3. Adam Daniels

    This channel just showed up in my recommended a couple days ago and I have been binge watching since. These recipes are great and I'm especially fond of the breakfast and dessert ones as those are definitely areas I can improve on health wise. Officially subbed

  4. Kailah Renee

    they just look like crusty bread.. lmao.. I’m all for health but don’t know how this could be yummy. just eat some fruit

  5. Peace out, Shadia!

    I just want to thank you for all the beautiful recipes you have filmed because you show that healthy eating can be fun and delicious. Many viewers including myself are overweight and are trying to change our lifestyle to lose weight and then maintain BMI. Your work is much appreciated by many viewers, and we wish you many years ahead of success and happiness.

    Can you talk about portion control, or how much of these donuts are recommended if someone wants to lose, maintain or gain weight?

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