The Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting

hey guys so today I’m gonna talk about
the benefits of intermittent fasting people hear about me talking about it’s
been fasting how it’s great but um some people requested a video specifically on
some of the proven evidence-based benefits of insulin fasting so very
quickly for those of you who don’t know if you’re new to the channel and Samin
fasting is just not eating for a certain period of the day let’s say you eat
between 12 and 8 rather than eating every two hours so that’s basically what
fasting is and people do it to different extents sometimes it’s 20 hours a day
sometimes it’s 22 hours a day and so on so the first benefit of intimate fasting
is going to be weight loss and weight loss is probably the most common reason
why people actually go about doing intermittent fasting but it’s not the
best benefit and that’s something I’m going to explain soon um but yea weight
loss is an inevitable outcome of doing intimate fasting because for most people
eating in a closed window right and eating in a restricted period of time is
going to lead to less calories being brought in into your body overall and
when that’s added up consistently it accumulates to a larger clarks deficit
over the weeks and months and therefore people tend to use intermittent fasting
as a tool for weight loss and it’s quite effective for a number of reasons one
reason is because insulin is able to be lowered your insulin sensitivity
increases which means you respond better to carbohydrates and this may allow you
to mobilize and get rid of fat especially visceral fat around belly fat
much easier um although one myth is that intimate fasting is gonna be some sort
of magical cure for weight loss whether you eat your food in 8 hours or 10 hours
if you’re eating the same amount of food the same type of food generally you’re
going to entail the same results long-term but intimate and fasting just
works very well because it suits people logistically you know you don’t have to
think about food during the day you’re able to kind of prevent that mindless
eating that you would experience throughout the day when you’re snacking
on frequent meals and it just allows people to live a more convenient life
not overthink food all the time and and therefore eat less calories overall so
weight loss is one of the first benefits another
is going to be for your cognitive abilities now intimate fasting is not
going to make you some genius right you’re basically although the brain is
plastic you know neuroplasticity you can change your brain you’re not going to be
able to increase your IQ by 20 points simply by forgoing food for a certain
amount of time but what intermittent fasting does do in a similar way to
cardiovascular exercise is increase something called brain derived
neurotrophic factor this is a protein encoded by the BDNF gene and what this
does is help increase neurogenesis which basically means the growth of new brain
cells so intimate fasting actually helps with this and the longer you fast to a
certain point the more pronounced this this effect is so that’s one way you can
improve your cognitive health by simply abstaining from food and if you think
about it from an evolutionary perspective you know if you have run out
of food which is basically what fasting mimics and and and tribal cavemen times
you’re going to have to think Clara to be able to find and strategize ways to
find and hunt for food I mean it does not make sense that if you go without
food for ten hours your brain is gonna become sluggish and otherwise you would
just starve you know and in nature we don’t have an abundance of food to eat
frequent meals as we do at home with a refrigerator right and this may partly
also be due to the increased production of ketone bodies so once your liver
glycogen runs out which really comes mostly from carbohydrates
I’m your liver starts to produce ketone bodies like acetone and beta hydroxy
butyrate and beta hydroxy butyrate in particular seems to be advantageous for
the brain your brain is able to be supplied with more oxygen and in rats
studies there’s been shown to be some potential benefits we know that
ketogenic diets which mimic fasting uh used as a way to alleviate symptoms for
people with seizures and there’s also some potential research going on with
ketone bodies being linked with a way to ameliorate symptoms from debilitating
cognitive disorders like Alzheimer’s and dementia and these sorts of things so
there’s a direct link there between ketone body production and cognitive
health potentially and that’s something fasting helps with and you don’t even
have to file for an extended period of time for
ketone bodies to increase slightly everybody in the morning essentially is
in a fasted state from sleep and ketone bodies increased because of that lack of
liver glycogen so extending your fast and producing more of these ketone
bodies by metabolizing endogenous fat stores as a way to increase ketone body
levels and they may have some benefits along with increased BDNF for the brain
now a third benefit for intimate fasting is going to be increased or tougher G so
Auto Fuji is basically a self eating auto five-year five-year and Greek is
like eating right so yourself eating yourself and there’s been some
remarkable recent research for the Sinovel prize was awarded for this and
there are many things that kind of kick-start an increase the rate of auto
Fuji in the body consuming certain things ginseng caffeine seems to have a
positive effect the ketogenic diet because it mimics fasting but fasting
itself seems to have one of the most profound impacts on Auto Fujii so
autophagy is basically the self recycling of cells and it helps to get
rid of old cells and it helps to produce more new cells and this can have some
really great benefits for the brain as well I can have some incredible benefits
for aging and longevity and I can have some really good effects on our ability
to actually grow new muscles because you get rid of that old tissue and you’re
able to regenerate new and stronger tissue so this is maybe one reason why
or tofu G triggered by fasting may help people to increase muscle hypertrophy
paradoxically when you start to abstain from food by doing intermittent fasting
so something really promising about fasting is that it may be a potential
cure I don’t want to use that word but and it may really help with cancer right
because cancer cells really predominantly feed off of glucose um so
this is also why ketogenic diets are being explored as a way to help cancer
because both fasting and a ketogenic diet which basically mimics the fasting
state deplete glucose and essentially stops off cancer cells so there’s been
some potential and some really promising research and animal based studies on
fasting having some good effects on cancer which is great because as we know
it’s one of the most difficult and one of the most horrible
diseases that human a human and a family can go through so that’s really
promising in it’s something which is quite simple to do right and if it can
have a profound effect simply abstaining from food then that’s gonna be so much
better than going through things like chemotherapy and all these things so
there’s some great potential research there and I can’t wait to see what the
future brings for that so in the u.s. at least now three-quarters of people are
overweight 1/3 of people I think more than that now 40% are classified as
obese using the BMI body mass index scale although the body mass index scale
isn’t that accurate because you know muscular people could be said to be
overweight the number has gone up from 30% in the last few years and clearly
people are getting that much more muscular and proportion to the people
who are getting much much fatter so we have a problem with obesity it’s it’s
horrible and and a third of people have pre-diabetes or have type 2 diabetes
which isn’t necessarily genetic and as abroad and brought on by dietary
decisions so it’s been fasting is a great solution to type-2 diabetes it
helps to control your blood glucose levels it really helps to increase
insulin sensitivity and one of the main problems people with diabetes have in
metabolic syndrome in general is insulin resistance meaning and your body isn’t
sensitive enough to carbohydrates your your body isn’t able to shuttle sugar
throughout the body and the tissue and therefore your sugar levels get way too
high in the blood and you’re left with high blood sugar and that causes a lot
of problems it’s associated with obesity with increased rates of heart disease
and even calling it of impairment so it’s horrible and intimate fasting seems
to be one of the most rapid ways to help get rid of type-2 diabetes because
type-2 diabetes unlike type 1 diabetes with which is
genetically inherited is able to be treated through dietary and lifestyle
interventions such as exercise but fasting as well as ketogenic diet seems
to really help with this so that’s awesome so the last benefit is
productivity you’re just gonna be so much more product
when you’re fasting like all my work during the day 90% of it is done when
I’m either fasted or just haven’t eaten much in my stomach you know when you eat
a lot especially a lot of carbohydrates you get that Cobb coma all you want to
do is lie down and digest like a sloth um so maybe that’s not the same for
everyone but I know that’s it’s like that for a lot of people so fasting it
frees up your time you don’t have to think about what you’re gonna have for
lunch you can just fuel your body of ketone bodies you have so much more
energy and you can just be more productive right you can replace hunting
as you want in the wild with your work that you have to do with the office or
on your laptop or whatever so those are some of the cool and fascinating
benefits of intermittent fasting the best one overall like I mentioned before
it’s not weight loss that’s oto Fuji or toffee G is amazing there are so many
called benefits to it and it’s it’s incredibly important it’s incredibly
important to get that balance between being fed and fasted we’ve been told so
much that frequent meals is the key to a increased metabolism but it’s not true
and some in fasting actually increases your metabolism by about 3.6 to 14
percent based on some studies so it’s the complete opposite get that balance
between being fed and fasted and experiment around and I’m sure you’re
gonna find it works great for you I’ve made a lot of other videos and intamin
fasting whether it’s good for women which schedules you choose from some
other benefits from it even prolonged fasts which are fasting full or more
than 24 hours up to three or four days so be sure to check those out and until
next time I guess I’ll see you guys later
be sure to leave a comment down below just letting me know what you think
about fasting helps change your life what kind of videos you want to see from
me in the future until next time guys catch you later

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Reader Comments

  1. J Marie Maher

    Hi! I know that I should only be drinking water, however, I don't function well without at least one small cup of coffee. Will stevia in black coffee break the fast / cause an insulin increase?

  2. S O N J A

    I used to get sleepy after eating processed carbs & animal products together, or processed carbs & high processed fat.

    Since I switched to unprocessed carbs/no animal foods & very minimal processed fats, that doesn't happen anymore.

  3. Mikeyc8791

    I’ve lost over 35 pounds in nine weeks while doing I.F. , over the last several weeks it was with OMAD , after starting with 16:8 and increasing my fasting window while lowering the feeding window, I love the success I’ve had with it and NEVER plan on going back to the six meals a day crap. I also have just completed a five day water fast that I will be doing once ever three months, lost nine pounds in five days,so I was happy with the results to say the least, I love all the other benefits I’m learning about I.F. and extended fasting, autopaghy is icing on the cake !!

  4. phaedrusalt

    I've been fasting for the last 6 months. I started slowly with a 16/8 schedule, but in the last three months I've been doing OMAD with a 21 -> 22 hour fasting window 5 days per week. (On weekends I do a 16/8, and two meals because I like to eat breakfast.) Overall I've taken off about 30 lbs, but the best part is that I've gone from a BMI of 34 to a BMI of 27! No six-pack yet, but there's some real definition to my ribs and chest now… On the down side, I've had to discover things that will help me to keep my body temp regulated, otherwise my hands and feet would get icy in the mid-afternoon. On the good side I'm needing to sleep much less, which is a real plus since I'm in my mid-50's.

  5. Emily Chokri

    I’m a week in.. I have been battling depression for 3 years and already can tell a difference in my mood and mental clarity. I deal with a lot of personal stress and find that this helps me manage my stress. Take care of yourself and everything else follows 💗

    I do 16:8 fasting 😊

  6. Mehdi

    Hey Philip, what's your take on injecting Testosterone? I read people get a lot of good "symptoms" like making things done, assertiveness, horniness, etc.

  7. xCurrentSelf

    hey, could you share what eating regime/diet you are on? do you do 16:8 IF, do you do warrior mode fasting and also are you on a keto diet or a normal/slow carb one? thanks a bunch

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