Thanksgiving Keto Gravy! | Low Carb Gravy | Another video with my mom!

So we’re back with another video — a
little quickie video about keto-friendly gravy, which we will start right after
this. Hey, guys! Welcome to A.D. Keto. This is the channel where you can watch a weird
dad work his way through the ketogenic diet. I do some eating vlogs, I do some keto product reviews… product reviews, and I do some keto recipes every now and then. If this
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you’re on Notification Squad by clicking the bell. So I’m back with my
mom. We’re doing a quick video about gravy, and how you can make a keto-friendly gravy. So let’s get into it. What we’re doing is we’re just heating up
some oil and some butter. That’s butter. I know. I put a little olive oil in there, too. You want to do all of these? Yeah, if we can fit them all. So we’re making these chicken thighs. We’re gonna use the
drippings from these, plus some xanthan gum, plus some bone broth. Right. And we’ll make some keto-friendly gravy. And I hope it comes out. I’ve never used xanthan gum as a thickener in gravy before, so we will see. Should be good, though. And this
is the good stuff, right here on the bottom. That has all the chicken flavor that
we’re gonna use. Love that. So how are we gonna thicken this up? I’m gonna put some xanthan gum in it, and add a little more liquid in the form of bone broth to the
juices that are already in there. We’ll let that broth heat up till it’s
simmering again, and then take the chicken out. With this wooden spoon, I’m just going to stir some of the chicken… the flavor sticks to the bottom of the pan, so I want to make sure
that I get that up. And you’ll see it kind of changes the color a little
darker. So let’s just add a tablespoon of xanthan gum, and see where that gets us. Let’s stir that puppy up. Yeah… yeah that’s something… Smoothing out, yeah. You know what? We can put a little more liquid in. I’m gonna pour a little. It’s cooking down, now. Look how nice that is. It’s actually a little bit too thick
with one tablespoon, so we’re gonna put some more liquid… it depends how you like your gravy I guess. Maybe a whisk would be better in there, Mom? Yeah. There’s one
right there in the Lego thing. It’s thickening up again. So I think we probably have like,
three-quarters of a cup of broth in there, in addition to the drippings — the
pan drippings that were there — so that looks pretty good, right now. Do you think
the… as far as thickness? Yeah, that’s… that looks like gravy. To make it
thinner, if you did want thinner gravy, just put in a little more broth. Mm-hmm.
So that’s it. Nice! Well, that’s pretty easy. Yeah, pretty good. So we think this
needs a little salt? I just taste-tested it. Needs a little salt. WHOA!
I thought it was a shaker! I think that’ll be fine. It should be plenty salty now, and I think it’s gonna be good. Same thing — this has…look. I know. Do NOT shake this into there. There we go. Yeah, that’s pretty thick, huh? I like it…I like it thick. I kind of like it thick. You like it thick, right, Sare?
This is scoop-able, not pour-able. We’re going to test this gravy on the dish
that we made last week. It’s this stuffing, so that’s nice and thick. You’re
taller than me, you’ve got it my face! It goes up here when you eat. It goes up
here. Don’t hog it all. That’s good. Oh, yeah. I mean, this… this stuffing is
delicious, but this gravy makes it… Perfect. It is astoundingly good. So yeah,
the thing with the gravy — it seems to be a little bit of a dance.. Like you…you
know, you do your chicken thighs or whatever, add the xanthan gum – if it’s looking too thick. add a little bit more broth, if it’s a little thin, maybe a touch
more xanthan gum. So that’ll wrap it up, guys. I hope you
have a fantastic Thanksgiving. It’s coming up next week. We just did a couple little videos about things you could do for Thanksgiving — stuffing, gravy. Classics. But I hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful, and I hope you have a fantastic day. Mom, thanks so much for helping out again. It was fun! And we’ll see you next time. Enjoy! Sare, what do you think? That’s delicious. It’s a reasonable facsimile of stuffing and gravy, but Aaron likes
the gravy too thick, so much so that you need to slice it. I like a slice of gravy
on my stuffing.

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Reader Comments

  1. Kenneth Halloran

    WAAAAY to much Thickener. Xanthum gum goes a long way. Hint. use a small amount of heavy whipping cream along with just a pinch of xanthum gum. gravy will be very smooth and creamy. Wisk, don't stir.

  2. coryreview

    new keto product! "pocket gravy slices" like sliced bread, sliced cheese, sliced pizza, sliced ham….sliced gravy! available soon by mail or at your local deli counter!

  3. watchautumnketo

    Not gonna lie, I was multitasking at my other computer while watching this video. When I heard you say "tablespoon of xanthan gum", I froze mid-typing, my eyes darted over to this video, and I screamed "NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"!!!!! I can imagine how much it continued to congeal… lol. Great stuff, A.

  4. TimetoShrink

    When you said a tbsp I like screamed NOOOOOO in slow motion! Oh my goodness GRAVY!!!! Start with 1/8 or max 1/4 tsp next time!!!!! I really can't wait to make that stuffing recipe!

  5. Lorri Johns

    🤣🤣🤣… I needed this laugh this morning! Looks yummy! Thanks for sharing! Peace and Love Always💜🧡💛💚💙❤
    Happy Thanksgiving 🍗🥧

  6. Vicki Xiong

    I recently google to find out more about a diet plan “fetching tuti space” I heard about from a friend who just lost a whopping fourteen pounds! I`ve tried other weight loss diet plans without any enduring outcomes. Nonetheless, this program made wonders on my weight..

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