Tasty Vegetable Fried Oats Weight loss receipe

Tasty yummy Vegetable Fried oats In a large bowl, Add 200 gms of oats and sprinkle water on the oats (Be careful in mixing water) not runny. Now its ready to steam it, to prepare steam cake Steam it for 5 to 10 minutes Cover the mould with lid. Dearss! Here I am making the masala for two days if you not required for two days you can put the ingredients half of them Yes, now its ready, now we can make masala. Heat the kadai or pan. chopped onion, chopped capsicum, grated carrot, here i didn’t cut the carrot grated carrot gives more color, carrot is good for improvement of eye vision Ginger paste, Coriander leaves, half boiled corn,green peas you can more peas also, Flax seed is good for weigh tloss but for one person should not consume 2 table spoon per day. Here i am using half bowl. In my family we have 4 members and this is for 2 days masala, today i will mix half of the masala. Green chilly is optional, because we are using Kashmiri chilly powder also. Now the pan gets ready add some olive oil. Here I am using olive oil instead of this you can use coconut oil also Please be careful Olive oil won’t get too hot. add chopped onion, saute it, Grated carrot again saute it Add capsicum and again saute Add half boiled corn and saute Add 3 pinches of Ginger Paste I am adding half small bowl of flaxseed. for 4 persons (2 days) Add green chilly Add required amount of salt. Saute and close the lid the until vegetables get cook I am adding one by one masal powders (ie) Kashmiri chilly powder 1/2 teaspoon Generally Kashmiri chilly powder color rather than normal chilly powder. you can use as your wish required amount. I added 2 pinches of garam masala 2 pinches of turmeric powder. half of the masala I removed and separate in another container I will show you the end of the video. . Now its time to add Steamed cake oats make sure stove is low flame and mix well steamed oats with masala until the color and texture change. Add coriander leaves. this is half of the masala what i separated before. Enjoy your meal Thanks for watching & please subscribe my channel.

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