Taking Pruvit Keto//OS and I cannot lose any weight before and after low carb fat loss

I’m taking Keto OS for about 4 months now
and I’ve hit a brick wall, I can’t lose any weight. Have you heard that? Have you heard somebody like that? Well, it kind of happened to me and I wanted
to make a quick video and kind of give you some perspective. Again, I have been taking Keto OS for more
than 4 months now, lost weight consistently every week up until a few weeks ago when I
started traveling again and I was traveling extensively. I travelled for about 4 weeks back to back
to back to back and I thought I was doing pretty good on the road. I was eating relatively healthy, still wasn’t
eating carbs, I wasn’t bread, wasn’t eating pasta, wasn’t eating fried breaded stuff,
was eating what I thought was healthy. And I got back each week and I hadn’t lost
any weight. Now, I hadn’t gained any weight, so that
was at least a positive. And I kind of got down on myself a little
bit, here’s another week went by, you haven’t done anything, you haven’t lost any weight. And rather than blaming the product or blaming
whoever, I decided to sit down and really look at the situation and look at myself and
say, okay, it was working before, what’s changed? What am I doing differently? Be honest, what are you not doing? And so, as I started kind of writing down
this little checklist of what have I been doing, what have I been doing right, what
have I been doing wrong, I noticed that and I didn’t really realize this until I really
sat down to start writing it down like day by day, did I take my Keto OS two times a
day? What did I eat? When did I eat? How much did I eat? What kind of foods did I eat? And not so much did I eat too much, but did
I eat the right kind of food? Did I eat a high fat food? Did I eat moderate protein? Did I eat too many carbs? Did I eat too much sugar? And as I started going down the list and looking
at possible reasons why I wasn’t losing any weight, it was very evident, I had not
been taking my Keto OS every day. I’d been taking it once a day, there was
even days I skipped it altogether, because I was on the road and I’d get busy and I’d
forget to take the packets with me and I would take any in the morning and then I’d take
on in the afternoon and then I’d forget because I’d have a customer dinner. I stopped doing my Keto coffee or bulletproof
coffee. I think I maybe did that once or twice a week. And I also stopped doing any kind of exercise. Now, I’ve not really been exercising, I’ve
been walking a few days a week. I’ve been using this Fitbit and I keep telling
people that I’m doing that, but I’ve noticed that my steps have went down. I had been averaging about 6,000-7,000 steps
and working towards getting to 10,000 and I noticed that in that time period, yes, I
had some days where I had 8,000 or 10,000 or 11,000 steps in a day, especially during
conferences where I walked around a lot, but then there were days were I had 2,000 steps
or 3,000 steps. I also realized that I had not been doing
any kind of exercise whatsoever. I had not been walking, I had not been going
to the gym or doing anything. I had started going to the gym a couple of
days a week. So, for that time during my travel, I really
hadn’t done of that. So, I decided to kind of reboot the system
and see if I could get back on track. So, I went back to doing 2 Ketos OS’s a
day, I went back to having my bulletproof coffee, and I’m alternating between my Keto
cream and my full-fledged bulletproof coffee with the Kerrygold butter and the coconut
oil and having that. And that seems to work for me, to bounce between
the two. I like the Keto cream when I’m traveling
because it’s easy. I don’t travel with butter or coconut oil,
but when I’m at home, I actually like the butter and the coconut oil in my coffee. And I’m not a super big coffee drinker,
so I actually have to remind myself to drink my coffee and to drink it within a short period
of time, otherwise I end up reheating it. And I don’t know if that has anything to
do with the contents, but I just don’t want to be drinking one cup of coffee or two cups
of coffee or a cup and a half, whatever it mixes up to be, over a whole day. So, I did, I really buttoned down. I started taking my Keto OS twice a day. I started taking my Keto coffee or bulletproof
coffee every day. I started, I walked a little bit a couple
times, not jumped on and started doing anything crazy, but just started trying to get my steps
up and get it back up to 5 or 6 thousand steps a day and then I walked on the treadmill I
think 2 or 3 times in the last week or so for like a half an hour to 45 minutes. And that’s really been good because what’s
happened is, boom, I got right back into it. So, I got down to 253 pounds from 286.6. Good jump right in the beginning, lost a bunch
of weight the first 9 days and then I was consistently losing about 2.2 pounds a week
and then I had about a 3-week, 3 and a half week stretch where I didn’t lose any weight
and it was 253, I might be 253.2, I might be 252.8, but it was right there at 253 constantly. And then I rebooted, and when I rebooted very
quickly within a couple days, I started going down again. I got down to 250, I got under the magic mark
of 250 and I got down to where I am today, 248.4. The lowest I’ve been in, gosh, I don’t
know, probably at least 8 years. So, I just want to make this quick video to
say if you think you’ve hit a brick wall, really evaluate what’s going on, really
evaluate what you’re doing, because more than likely there’s a whole bunch of small
things going on. I was eating relatively healthy, but I was
eating out, I was eating at restaurants, who knows what they put in their food, even in
their vegetables. You get sautéed vegetables, but you don’t
know what kind of salt they’re putting in there, what kind of other preservatives they’re
putting in there, in their meat, you don’t know the quality of their meat, you don’t
know where they get their produce from. You know, the quality of the seasonings they’re
using. I’m convinced that if you ate the same meal
at home and the same meal out on the road, that the meal at home would be healthier for
you because you know what you put into it. So, I just want to make that quick video. I’m back on track. Will I stay on track? Will I fall off and have another week or two
weeks or a period of time where I’m not losing weight? Probably. My body’s changing, things are changing,
some things I’m doing now that help me lose weight I’m going to have to change later. In the very beginning, I didn’t have to
do any exercise at all. Now I do need to get my calorie count, get
my exercise count up so that my calorie count can stay where it’s at. I don’t want to eat less; I don’t want
to eat… I don’t want to count calories and do all
that. So, as I start getting leaner and leaner,
I’m going to have to add back more exercise. That just helps your whole body work and helps
things work better. So hopefully somebody gets something out of
this. I just thought it was pretty amazing that
within a couple days of just getting right back on track, I was back to losing weight
again. So, if you’ve stalled, if you’ve hit a
brick wall and you can’t lose any weight, really look at what’s going on. Be honest with yourself, that’s the toughest
part is to say, alright, what did I really do? Did I really do the things I’m supposed
to do? And if you think you are and it’s not working
for you, try tweaking it. Maybe you do need to walk some more, maybe
you do need to cut back your calories some more. Maybe you do need to increase your fat some
more. Definitely look at what works for you. What worked for me was staying on this regimen,
2 Keto OS’s a day, bulletproof coffee every morning. I’d eat 2 meals a day, high in fat, moderate
protein, low carb, no sugar, as much as I possibly can and make everything God’s food,
as fresh as I possibly can make it. Nothing in a box, nothing in a bag, as fresh
as I possibly can. I hope this helped, take care.

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Reader Comments

  1. John Faiola

    Hi This is John, good video. First of all I'm no expert. This what I learned , The 1st thing that has to be done is to figure out what your BMR — Basal Metabolic Rate is. Thats the bare min that your body need to stay alive. Lying in bed and not moving and your heart beats, your eyes blink, your blood flows etc. Once you figure that out you have a starting point maybe 2100 cal a day. it depends once you figure that out. From there you can then see what your eating. How much fat, proteins, cards etc. I use fitness pal to track my intake of food. I found out that I wasn't eating enough cals. Therefore my body was slowing down, my metabolic rate. I then ate more and starting losing again. I also found out I was eating to many proteins which can also turn into carbs. So I adjusted. Make sense? Here is how to figure out BMR . For a man. take 66 + 6.23 x body weight + 12.7 x height in inches – 6.8 x age. Thats your # Now you can figure out everything. I usually eat 65-70% fat, not enough 15-25% proteins and the rest in carbs. 10-20% carbs. This should keep you on track. AND Keep drinking Keto ! Hope thats helps!

  2. wackoguywatch

    Eating out and healthy is almost impossible…a simple sauce will destroy all your hard work,,,eat clean,,,eat veggies….and stay focused…and maybe use ice cream and cookies and soda in a one meal and snack reboot…and the next day hit the gym….Watch your thyroids,,,watch for stones…do blood work…jump rope is amazing…

  3. Debbie L

    I started Keto Diet June 23 and have not weighed myself yet. For the first few days I felt light on my feet and less bloated. However, I started feeling lethargic and tired. I am pretty sure at this point that I am doing something wrong. Is there any publication you can recommend that has clear instructions on how to go Keto? I am relying solely on You Tube and I'm finding a lot of conflicting information. Thanx

  4. sara mcleod

    Anthony Flatt any new progress? I started the program almost two months ago. At first I felt energized and lost 4lbs. I drank full fat coffee, two scoops a day and exercised lightly for 30 mins. Because my older kids decided to try my kan I went through the product faster than expected. When I ran out I didn't have $ to repurchase for about two weeks. I tried to stay in ketosis by eating the fats and limiting the protein to 40 grams a day (too many proteins turn to glucose), fat 100g, & carbs 15g anyway it's been so hard for me! I hear others eating so many more calories but I had a health/dietitian tell me to take my calories down to 1100 a day….I have no idea why….Maybe I misunderstood her? Anyway, I think I should be eating more calories.

  5. Jefferdaughter

    In case you have not heard… stress can/will reportedly raise blood glucose levels independently of diet. In other words, stress can potentially block or stop ketosis. (Speaking here of nutritional ketosis where the body has switched to burning fat instead of carbs, regardless of the presence or absence of exogenous ketones.)
    Appreciate you sharing your experience, challenges and all.

  6. Jefferdaughter

    NOTE: Recent research from Canada (if I remembr correctly) shows that those taking less than 4-6 grams of salt per day had higher rates of death by all causes than those taking that amount (roughly 1 to 1 1/2 teaspoon of salt per day). ALSO: Those in ketosis need a bit more salt, as the kidneys excrete salt more when in this state than when the body is burning carbs for fuel instead of fat. AND: Commercially available table salt is highly processed and super heated to about 1,200 degrees F – which changes the salt in ways that impair the normal functions of salt in the human body. (see Mercola.com for in depth info) Not only do natural salts like Himalayan or Redmond Natural Trace Mineral salt contain beneficial trace minerals missing from commercial salt – they taste better, too!

  7. Anthony Flatt

    To help you decide if Keto OS and Ketosis (being in the fat burning state) are right for you I am including this link to a video that explains both very well. If you do decide to give Keto OS a try then follow the steps below the video and I will work with you personally to answer any questions you have and let you know what has worked for me.

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