[ENG DIET VLOG]#43. 연말에 다이어트는 힘들어/일반식 먹고 관리하기/자연식물식/간헐적 단식

Height: 165cm, Starting weight: 68.1kg I ordered persimmons and I’m waiting for them to get soft and sweet When they get softer, I plan to store them in my fridge I’m going to be eating…Continue Reading

정찬성이 매일 먹는 ‘이것’. UFC 선수들이 먹는 고단백 음식 리뷰! [High Protein Food Review, Korean Zombie Chan Sung Jung]

The UFC sends me all of these. I think this has about XXX calories. Same goes to the ones over here, UFC sent me these, too. Hello everyone, my name is Chan Sung Jung AKA…Continue Reading