Raw Food Detox Recipe, Kale Banana Smoothie Bowl 가벼운 로푸드 한끼, 케일 바나나 스무디 볼 | Dalcook 달쿡

Cut a banana into appropriate sizes and place in blender Roll out 2 kale and cut into appropriate sizes Peel and cut 1 kiwi Finally, put 200ml of coconut milk in blender and grind well…Continue Reading

Как приготовить Чёрный рис с овощами по-итальянски / Nerone rice with vegetables ♡ English subtitles

NERONE RICE WITH VEGETABLES I will cook today a side dish of exotic black rice Nerone and vegetables. For this recipe we will need: 1 cup rice, 2 eggplant, 2 sweet peppers, 3-4 tomatoes and…Continue Reading