[ENG DIET VLOG]#43. 연말에 다이어트는 힘들어/일반식 먹고 관리하기/자연식물식/간헐적 단식

Height: 165cm, Starting weight: 68.1kg I ordered persimmons and I’m waiting for them to get soft and sweet When they get softer, I plan to store them in my fridge I’m going to be eating…Continue Reading

[ENG DIET VLOG]#41.자연식물식 41주차/망원시장 장보러 갔다가../김밥 꿀조화/자연식물식/간헐적 단식

Height: 165cm, starting weight: 68.1kg Today I have soft persimmons with 2 types of mandarins and green kiwi Hello everyone This is Oh Gong Sam 🙂 Did you all have a nice week? I posted…Continue Reading