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how do you get your vegetables in eat
delicious raw and quick well I’m gonna show you stay tuned hey I’m Dr. Ekberg
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you will learn everything that you need to know to master true health today I’m
going to show you how to make tabbouleh it’s a classic middle-eastern recipe and
we’re gonna change it a little bit normally it contains bulgur wheat and
we’re going to take the wheat out and put pecan and nuts in instead I’m just
doing that to keep it more paleo to get away from grains and because good grains
are so difficult to find we have 50 grams of parsley we’re going to use 50
grams of lemon 50 grams of pecans 50 grams of chopped onions and about a
quarter cup of extra virgin organic olive oil so we’re gonna start by
chopping up the onion we have a half an onion we make little marks little cuts
this way and then we cut this way and now the onion is already finely chopped
don’t have to do much else to it so I usually cut right down till I got
in just about a quarter inch or less and I just toss that because that’s the hard
part that’s hard to chop and then we put that in a good mixing bowl then we have
the parsley you can use Italian or curly parsley it doesn’t matter this is
Italian parsley and this is gonna take a little while it’s slower in the
beginning and it’s hard to get it to stay on the board at first and you want
a long long bladed big sharp knife to make it easier and it smells wonderful I
just love the fragrant smell of fresh parsley and parsley is an
herb but it’s also a leafy green vegetable so it’s loaded with fiber and
vitamins minerals and antioxidants and there we have it pretty well chopped put
it in the bowl and for the lemon you could use lemon juice sometimes I do if
I’m lazy but it tastes better if you get some of the meat with a lemon in there
as well and so you cut away the center the little center strip you take the
seeds out and then you peel away the meat and you can use as much lemon as
you like you can play around with the proportions some people might like a
little bit less I cut the lemon in six sections and I will use five out of
those and then we are gonna chop that just like everything else and you want
to chop it fine but you don’t want to pulverize it you want very small pieces
but you don’t want to turn it into juice either and then the pecans and if you’re not
sensitive to wheat and you find a really good source of organic bulgur wheat you
can do that with the wheat instead of the nuts that would be the the
traditional way of doing it and then we add in olive oil put on a little bit of
Himalayan salt or a good sea salt and then we stir it and it is oh so fresh
and delicious we typically serve this with something
like steak or lamb chops or chicken wings and you could also make a little
guacamole or you can make some saucy key and serve as a side dish as well that
way you kind of get to vegetable side dishes there are both very very rich and
satisfying so there you are delicious enjoy

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Reader Comments

  1. Rebecca L

    The only authentic ingredients used are parsley, lemon and olive oil. Real tabbouleh also needs mint, green onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, and bulgar. I use cauliflower as a bulgar substitute. Tastes like the real thing.

  2. Jimvesterstallone

    I love tabbouleh. I used to make it with quinoa; then I got away from grains and tried making it with other vegetables, but nothing seemed to make up for that grain-like softness. Pecans sounds like such a good idea! I look forward to trying it.

  3. Kay Marl

    I’ve been Keto for 7 months, the most amazing thing is that I no longer have food cravings, high is so freeing. Thanks for all that you share.

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