Swiss Ball Core & Back Strengthening Exercises (Basic) – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo. Today we’re
going to talk about some back strengthening exercises. So we talked a little about stretching
exercises, so once you get them stretched out and you work on it a little bit, the Swiss
Ball here, that’s what this big bouncy ball is, is great for working out your core, your
trunk stability muscles. All those muscles around here help out your back. So you want
to keep them nice and strong, nice and straight. As you’re working, you want to hold those
ab muscles in the whole time. You want to keep them nice and tight, but you want to
be able to talk. Mine are contracted right now, but I’m talking to you. And that’s what
I want you to be able to do. So the big thing with the Swiss Ball, is it gives you a surface
that’s an unstable surface. So, if you’re not squeezing those ab muscles tight, you’re
gonna kind of be rolling around everywhere. So even just sitting on a Swiss Ball, if you’re
reading a book, watching TV, at your computer, this is going to help strengthen those muscles.
The first exercise I’m gonna have you do is called a pelvic tilt. Now we talked about
the pelvic tilts a little bit for stretching when you were lying down. Now this one’s actually
gonna be some strengthening. The key when you’re on the Swiss Ball is you want your
back to stay nice and straight. You don’t want you upper body swinging around. You want
those muscles to stay tight to keep you from falling off the ball. So I usually have everybody
just kind of have you feet about shoulder width apart so that gives you some good balance.
Now the first time you get on a Swiss Ball, you might roll right off, so be very careful
if you’re starting for the first time. Get a friend to hold on to it for you. If you
don’t have anybody with you, lean it up against the wall so you have something holding on
to it. You can even start off holding on to it yourself and that will give you a little
more stability. So you can start doing your exercises like this, and once you feel like
you’ve got the balance a little bit, then you can let go, put them in your lap and that
will be a little bit harder for you. When you get a Swiss Ball, you want it to be high
enough where your knee angle is about a 90 degree angle. This one might be a little bit
low for me, but that’s just because it needs a little more air. But really close to 90
is what you want. So the first thing we’re going to do, we’re gonna do those pelvic tilts.
So what I want you to do is I don’t want you rolling back and forth like this, remember
we want our upper body to stay nice and straight, and you’re just rolling at your pelvis. So,
it’s a little provocative, but this is really getting those lower muscles working, moving,
getting them a little stronger. Remember, you wanna keep those ab muscles nice and tight
while you’re doing it. Now, when you’re on the Swiss Ball, you don’t wanna go all out
because you’ll be sore later. So start off with just about 10 in each direction. Where
you’re really trying to go to the back, go to the front. Nice and controlled. The ball’s
not rolling around. You’re not rolling around. Your upper body staying nice and straight.
The next one you’re gonna do, is then a side to side tilt. We call this a lateral tilt.
Same kind of thing, you want to keep your upper body straight, but you’re just tipping
your hips up and down. Just back and forth, get about 10 times. Then what you can do,
we call hula hoop or some circles. You’re just rotating that around. Now remember, you
don’t wanna be doing this. You want that upper body to be straight, but you want those hips
to be moving. Rolling them around. Then go back the other way. Rolling them around. Alright,
good. Now that those are nice and loose, you can start adding some combination moves to
get those muscles really working. So the first thing I’m gonna have you do, remember you
can hold on if you need to cause this is gonna be really hard the first time you do it. What
you’re gonna do is your gonna just take your foot, and lift it about that much off the
ground. You don’t have to lift it high, but you’re just gonna lift it off the ground.
And then you’re gonna slowly come back down. Now remember the key is control, so you’re
not doing this, cause then that’s not working those muscles. You’re gonna bring it up, a
little pause, slowly bring it down. And then alternate feet. At the same time you’re keeping
those abs nice and tight. Try not to move the ball around a lot. It’s gonna move a little
bit, but you wanna stay stable. You don’t wanna end up falling off. Good. So you’re
just gonna do that about 10 times the first time you do it. If you’re not super sore afterwards,
then you can the repetitions until you’re sore and then do 2 more after that. The next
step is now what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna kick your leg out. So you’re just kicking
straight out. Come back in. Remember you’re trying to keep everything nice and still.
Alternating legs back and forth. Kicking out. Good. Going back in. Alright. SO now if you
wanna bump it up a little bit, if you’re feeling pretty good, feeling pretty confident. What
you’re gonna do now is you’re gonna get your arms involved a little bit. So what I’m gonna
do is I’m gonna go back to lifting a leg, but this time I’m gonna lift my upper arm
up. And alternate back and forth. Keeping everything nice and tight. Keeping those abs
tight. Trying not to slide the ball around too much. Not falling off the ball, getting
hurt. About 10 times with that. If you’re feeling really confident and you’re like “Oh
that was really easy” try doing it on the same side. So now you’re gonna lift both of
them on your left side, both of them on your right side. Same thing, remember you don’t
want to be wobbling around, if you’re wobbling around, that’s what’s gonna get your hurt.
That’s what’s gonna make you sore. So keep those abs tight. Lifting back and forth. Good.
I’m gonna show you one more progression. There’s a lot of progressions, but I just want you
to start out with some simple stuff, see how it feels. Then you can check out our progression
videos for some harder exercises. The next one, if you felt like those were pretty simple,
what you can do then, you can lie down on your back and now lift your legs. Now see,
the ball’s moving a lot more. So you really need to hold those abs tight. Nice and slow.
If you feel like you’re having to bring your leg down too quickly, then you’re not quite
ready for the exercise yet. Just going up. Going up. Good. And then rolling back up.
Alright, so there you have it. Those were your Swiss Ball exercises for back strengthening
and core strengthening. Now remember these are really high level exercises, you’re gonna
probably feel it, so build yourself up. Don’t go all out at one time. If you like these
exercises, please click the like button, leave us a comment. And if you’d like to see more
educational videos or exercise videos, please check out my website at And
remember, be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.

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