Sweet Potato Pancakes Paleo

Hey guys! This is Lisa and I’m back with a
new video showing you how to make pancakes using sweet potatoes! What you’ll need is half of a sweet potato
diced into cubes like so. An egg, vanilla extract, protein powder and some coconut oil. Boil water and the amount you only need is
to just cover the surface of the sweet potato. Use a chopstick or fork to poke through the
yam -if if splits without much effort, then it’s ready. Drain the water and mash them
with a fork. Add a tiny bit of coconut oil in medium yea
and place a scoop of the pancake mix. Flip over in 2-3 minutes and you are done! Don’t forget to watch my other videos and
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Reader Comments

  1. lisa: youtube.com/eatFIRMlove

    To make it a Paleo pancake, use Paleo Pro Protein Powder here http://amzn.to/1jipnFs

    Or you can use 1 tablespoon coconut flour instead of protein powder.

  2. Kaela Hay

    It was our turn this month to make breakfast for my department. I was in charge of making pancakes and a lot of people said they're filling. Thanks again for sharing. God bless you

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