Summer Shredding Series | E01 | NEW DIET PLAN

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  1. Luis Ordaz

    Oh dang man, those shreds are coming in!!!! You’re making really good progress Andonny. You’re totes gonna get those 4 abs to show!

  2. Elinny aesthetics

    Tnx for shout out, i was helping you with all the love i have for you because youre my brother and i know how hard you work for it, and you deserve tot be lean on holliday 😍😍😍
    Love ya

  3. Miracle School

    Hi this is my original channel support two of them.watched in full and pressed like button thanks!interesting channel thanks!

  4. iSpike

    Here from James cox #iamacreator…. G,Day mate, good on you for your healthy channel. Come see my channel Banner mate & you will see me in my younger fitter days. Keep up the good body sculpting mate. Cheers Spike Western Australia

  5. James and Laurent's World Travels

    You don't have Greek feet. You have Egyptian feet!! How is that possible 😱😱😱? Maybe your feet will turn Greek once you get there 🀣🀣🀣.

  6. Mom Still Glamorous

    new friend great video! I am in the process of starting my weightloss journey I am a mommy of 3 kids so I want to get healthy so I can last longer for my kids and to be healthy cant wait to check out ur channel

  7. Serge Beaulieu

    good video great goal but if I`d be you I wouldn`t cut too much my friend stay healthy and thank you for your support on my channel let`s keep on supporting each others yesss!

  8. Willz World Media

    Looking forward to the next 6 weeks. Im staying cut "not like I have a choice" but when I start lifting heavy I eventually hurt something and can't lift anymore. So now just doing lighter reps. Most I ever weighed is 165.

  9. RobinDushi

    M'n reactie is weg, omdat m''n man het las 🀣🀣🀣 nadat jij net een reactie terug stuurde!
    Hij was jaloersπŸ˜‚ omdat hij las dat ik als reactie had neergezet dat je er top uitziet, geen dieet nodig.
    En over hem zeur ik de laatste tijd nogal over zijn buik(je).
    Waarschijnlijk is dit de mafste comment ooit!
    Maar ik kreeg toch toestemming om het te plaatsen van Sjaak!
    De Like heeft ie uiteraard wel laten staan πŸ˜ƒ

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