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This is Anwesha, welcome to my channel we are talking about summer diet plan This diet can be followed by anyone who wants to maintain overall fitness Pls subscribe & hit the bell button Pls click on CC for non hindi weight loss,weight maintainance, weight gain is a simple body science If calorie intake is lesser than out, u will loose weight calorie in=calorie out will keep ur weight maintained. Calorie in is greater than cal out=weight gain search it on google to find yours with your weight & height & other details to know how many calories u need to consume in a day to stay fit. U have to adjust ur system accordingly. If u follow me for sometime then u know how I lost my weight successfully over time. My diet is still simple & staple a balanced wholesome Indian meal but a LOW CARB- HIGH PROTEIN/HIGH FAT diet My body benefitted massively with this diet But over time, in fitness journey,I have realised that not every BODY reaps benefit of this diet Majority benefits but some bodies might not with such simple diet. They need more complex diet if their weight is stuck or they suffer from some diseases. U can follow keto or IF diet I have link in description box below WHat I eat in a day if u can religiously follow this along with a exercise routine, u can easily see a difference of 5-10 kgs In a month, u can spot atleast 5 kgs. I keep experimenting nowadays in morning breakfast after 20 mins Poha, almonds, OZIVA protein drink Usually I consume eggs in morning for protein but today, its over at home, so having my protein powder in water One scoop in water I have been taking Oziva over 1.5 years now A lot of u ask me if u can consume this I consume coz I workout a lot at gym everyday Even if u dont workout at gym, u are normally active in life, u do exercise/yoga so u should consume protein bcoz a lot of times, our diet lacks that nutrition & protein. I prefer it post workout or in breakfast Now, tea time Mid morning snack is any fruit Lunch is rice, fish & dal Usually I also have some veggies with it but today didnt make it Afternoon is gym time 45 min – 1 hour before workout u should eat Since I had a late lunch, so I am having 2 table spoons of peanut butter U need energy to life heavy weights Workout done at gym I purchased eggs on the way back Post workout, eggs are great source of protein. Gonna have 3 full boiled eggs. & bread with paneer bhurji Ur post workout food needs to be fulfilling & best to help in muscle building Pls dont skip seating easonal fruits in summer during day. I also consume other supplements along with my whey protein Dinner is a big bowl of dal & prawns. Very little rice

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  1. SimpleTips Anwesha

    Good morning loved ones, the most awaited video is here . Instagram for daily updates –


    Dii ur videos are just awsm , because u solve aur day to day life problems very shortly and simly thx u so much . Lv u, grow up😍


    anwesha amar 3 mnths pregnancy cholchhe… ami detox drink ki nebo…age toh acv nitam… bt u know due to morning sickness ota aykhon nitey parina.. so which thing should I take to detox my body on empty stomach?

  4. Aayasha Agarwal

    Dii..maine mera BMR check kiya jo 1650 calories tha..agr me in 1650 calories me hi ice-cream add kru to kya isse mera weight gain hoga. Plz rply

  5. DEV Bhatt

    Hi. I show ur video n i m inspire to loose my weight . I m vegetarian so kindly send some new tips or send me ur mobile no for special tips for weight loss .

  6. Bushra Najeeb

    Mostly sab Bolte h weight loss k liye rice avoid karna chahiye Mai ye diet plan kar skti huu weight loss k liye plz reply 😊

  7. Pearl Dsouza

    You inspire me all the time Anwesha. You’re very hardworking. Keep up the good work. I also want to be dedicated and committed just like you. God bless !

  8. Hansa Pandey

    Hello mam 😊

    Mam mein protein ke liye breakfast mein powder ki jgha aur Kya le skti hoo ku ki mein intense workout nahi krti hoo

  9. Payel Ghosh

    I love your.. Videos so much…. I am from kolkata… I do follow your tips… Thank you so much…you are truly beautiful lady from inside and out..loads of love😍

  10. Habibur Mullick

    Rinkal soni diet drink, improve you diet plans, Zumba for loss belly fat exercise this channel tips helps you a fast result in diet…

  11. papia dasmondal

    Hi anwesha. Amr weight 87 kg. Amke plz bolo ki vabe ato weight lose korbo. ami work out to krchi but kichui hochhe na

  12. stefano nutini

    I became so enthusiastic to take the eating plan “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it). I didn`t change my very own eating habits and didn`t improve my exercise level. Over a period of 30 days, I shed about 6 lbs. The strategy has allow me to ate less and becoming full is quicker. .

  13. Prity Mukherjee

    Apko shivani goyal ne kitne acha se beta beta bolke kuch pucha apne koi ans nai diya…are bangali madam anda murgi chorke kuch or vi kuch bata diya karo

  14. aanchal verma

    just a suggestion to the people having thyroid and following her diet.. peanut butter is not good to people having thyroid..its kind of harmful their normal reports of thyroid.. so don't add it in your diet.. as i am also having thyroid…rest its upto you. 🙂

  15. Leepika Das

    U discuss practical yet simple stuffs. That’s nice. I do lot of reading n research on health science bcoz me n my husband belong such medical careers…
    one thing I’d like to tell u dear that water intake has to be under a limit else it might wash away valuable electrolytes n also causes u few ailments. As per RD guidelines per kg of ur body weight it requires 0.033lt so calculate accordingly.
    Also each individual body type is different n bodies react differently to different food depending on their blood groups. If ur B+ve rice helps u if O+ve wheat in ur fat loss journey n likewise. So consult with a dietician before any suggestion to anyone coz if something works for u it might not on someone else.

  16. Niharika william

    Hi di I am neha mene apki pcod vali diet follow kre thi or bina medicine mere pcod thk ho gya nd mere shadi ho gyi h 9 month ho gy h shadi ko nd I am pregnent for 6 month

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