Sugar-Free Amazonian Jungle Peanut Butter Ice Cream Recipe (Keto, Paleo & Vegan) with Nootropics!

– Hi, I’m Sage. Welcome back to the
Addictive Wellness channel. Today, we’re gonna delve into one of my favorite
ice cream creations. We all have our favorite food memories from when we were kids, and often we associate these
as things that were amazing, but now that we’ve embarked
upon this health journey, maybe we’re never gonna have again or maybe we’ll indulge on a cheat day or on a birthday or something. But it’s never something we could have as our regular food, but it is possible. If you’re gonna be clever and creative, you can have anything in a
way that’s incredibly healthy and just as good, if not better, than what you may have
had when you were younger. So, today we’re gonna go down the road of peanut butter ice cream. And of course we’re gonna put
some chocolate in afterwards to bring back memories of
your favorite candy bar. So the way we’re gonna do
this is starting out with ice. We’ve got our purified ice cubes. And instead of using conventional peanuts, we are gonna use Amazonian jungle peanuts. Conventional peanuts have a
big problem with aflotoxins. This is a kind of mold that
has a serious negative effect on your mitochondria, on your gut health, on your brain health, it’s
just bad news all around. But Amazonian jungle peanuts, not only do they have these
amazing tiger stripes on them, this is an heirloom peanut grown in the jungle of the Amazon
by indigenous people. But they are between zero
to one part per billion, of aflotoxin, so much much lower to potentially no aflotoxins at all compared to what you would
get with normal peanuts. So you’re gonna put about
three or four ounces in there and that’s gonna give us
this delicious peanut flavor. But there’s a trick. If you, for whatever reason,
don’t like having any legumes or nuts in what we’re making here, there’s an alternative
and we’re gonna add that in just a few minutes. So next is gonna be hemp seeds. This is also gonna contribute to the really delicious
nutty flavor we’re creating, and it’s gonna help to cream it up and start to give it a
nice texture and hemp seeds are a complete protein
and have a good amount of plant based omega-3, 6, and 9 in them. And they have a globular
protein called edestin, which is great for the immune system. Next we’re adding in lucuma. This is kind of a superfood sidekick. It’s not as crazy in terms
of the vitamins and minerals and beneficial properties like something like cacao would be, but
it’s pretty impressive. It’s a good source of trace
minerals and B vitamins and adds a nice caramel sweet flavor without really having
a lot of carbohydrates and sugar in it. So in that goes. Next is sunflower lecithin, and this isn’t just
any sunflower lecithin. Now of course going back a few years, we didn’t have sunflower lecithin, it was all soy lecithin which had some beneficial
nutritional properties but it’s coming from soy which is almost all genetically modified so it was never really
easy to get a clean source. Now we have it from sunflower lecithin, but there’s still some problems often because most sunflower
lecithin is still processed using hexane as a solvent, so that is something that
they try to clear it out and evaporate it off and remove it, but there’s still gonna be
some hexane residues left in most sunflower lecithin products, so this is a special kind
that’s organic and cold pressed, and that means it’s not
processed with solvents so it’s gonna be hexane-free,
which is really great. Now lecithin is high in choline, which is an essential
nutrient that is really vital for brain health and brain health is something we’re gonna
focus on a lot here because if you lose
your cognitive function, if that starts to go downhill, your entire life experience
starts to go downhill so we really wanna guard against anything that could be damaging your brains and always be consuming the best nutrients to support healthy cognitive function. Now we’re gonna get into our tonic herbs. So to continue on that same message of the compounds that are
really great for the brain, we’re putting in lion’s mane mushroom. This is a mushroom that grows on trees and it is great at promoting production of NGF, which is a kind of a growth factor that helps you regrow and
health your neural net. So it’s making you smarter
and it’s also helping you prevent long-term problems
that we can run into like Alzheimer’s and dementia. Next up, cordyceps,
another medicinal mushroom and it’s essentially a
synergistic family of fungi that are able to improve
your oxygen utilization. So from the air you’re breathing in, more is actually making
it, more of that oxygen is actually gonna make it to
your blood and to your brain. And cordyceps in the
traditional Chinese system is a Jing herb, it’s supporting that core kidney adrenal and reserve
energy and it’s a Qi herb. It’s supporting the
moment to moment energy. So I love cordyceps
because it’s a great herb to get people excited
about it and turn them on to this amazing world
of Chinese tonic herbs because they’re gonna get excited about it ’cause it’s gonna give them
a really great energy boost and improve their endurance. It’s like it’s putting more money in their energy checking account
for them to use right away but at the same time it’s
also working on a deeper level and putting more money into
their energy savings account and helping to build their core deep vitality and life force. So cordyceps is an amazing herb that you can get just
about anybody excited about and get them excited to
feel the immediate benefits but then sneakily it’s also working on really transforming their life force. Next is astragalus, another
Qi tonic that is gonna improve the moment to moment
cognitive function, vitality, immune system function,
moment to moment energy and it’s also really good
for the immune system. A lot of these herbs have
these long chain sugars called long chain
polysaccharides or beta-glucans that attach to your white blood cells and essentially give them
an operating system upgrade. They’re teaching them how
to do their job better. Now all that’s left is to add our oil and we’re gonna use pumpkin seed oil, Styrian pumpkin seed oil
and I told you there’s a way that you can make this taste
like a peanut ice cream without even using any kind of peanuts, not even the jungle peanuts. So you could have eliminated those and just put in an ounce of
this Styrian pumpkin seed oil and it has such an amazing flavor that it’s gonna give you
the perfect peanut butter ice cream flavor without even
putting any nuts in here, it’s really incredible. And so the Styrian pumpkin
seed is grown in Austria and they grow it not even for its husk, the kind of meat of the
pumpkin is not really edible. That part is just used for other purposes but the seeds are amazing. They’re incredibly nutritious, they’re like the elite pumpkin seed. They’re like the SEAL
Team Six of pumpkin seeds and when they make it into a oil you’ll see in a second
when we pour it out, it’s so dark green it’s
actually one of the highest antioxidant oils, more
antioxidants than you would get with just about any other
oil you’re gonna use. And really high in zinc and
great for prostate health. Okay, now the last step
here is we’re gonna add our sweetener, it’s gonna
be stevia sweetened. So this is gonna have great sweet flavor without any kind of
impact on our blood sugar and we’re not gonna have anything in there that’s gonna be feeding
opportunistic organisms, bacteria, parasites,
and these kinda things that thrive on sugar, so we’re
not gonna feed those guys. Okay, time to blend it up. Okay, now that’s all
ready to go and of course we’re gonna add some
fun toppings into here. We’re gonna get our Addictive
Wellness Focus Chocolate going in there with some of
the best brain herbs, too. And we’re gonna have some bee pollen and a couple more of these
Amazonian jungle peanuts, and this is just gonna be a real treat, I hope you guys enjoyed it.

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