SUB) Glass noodles stir-fried with vegetables ::08

200g Glass noodles 100g of pork Vegetables(bell pepper, onion, carrot) 8Tbs soy sauce 1 spoon of sugar Minced garlic litte bit of pepper onion cut it in half and shred next, carrot Slice it Cut into strips bell pepper cut top and bottom. a little Then, cut it in half Remove seeds yes. shred Ah, that feels good. It’s almost done. put water in a pot When the water boils, Add the glass noodles and boil for 8 minutes Done! put in a bowl Add some cooking oil to the pan add bell peppers a bit of salt Stir-fry lightly Transfer to bowl Add the carrots Stir-fry onions Don’t forget a bit of salt Stir-fry until slightly transparent Done! Add some cooking oil to the pan stir-fry pork and little bit of soy sauce Transfer to bowl Finally, put the sauce in the pan add glass noodles boil down over medium heat That’s it! add stir-fried vegetables little bit of pepper I’m ready! This is it! All the ingredients are in harmony I’m full see you in the next meal Bye bye ~ ~

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