Stroke 2015 Program Highlights

– Hi, I’m Kyra Becker, I’m chair of the International Stroke
Conference program committee. – I’m Bruce Ovbiagele, I’m vice chair of the International Stroke
Conference program committee. – And we’re here in Nashville for the 2015 International Stroke Conference. It’s going to be a very exciting
Stroke Conference this year. There are going to be
a lot of data presented from the randomized control trials of endovascular therapy for stroke. We’ll hear more about the MR CLEAN study that’s already been published. We’ll hear the results of SWIFT PRIME, IA EXTEND, REVASCAT, as well as ESCAPE. These studies are very important because endovascular therapy
has not yet been proven to be effective for the
treatment of stroke. Two years ago we were very disappointed at the conference in Honolulu when we saw the results of
several negative studies, which I think actually decreased the amount of endovascular
therapy that was being done for strokes.
– [Bruce] True, true. – So these studies could potentially be a game-changer for stroke care. – Absolutely, absolutely. – So I think everybody’s waiting with baited breath to see the results of these.
– [Bruce] Well you can actually see there’s a
cautious sense of excitement around in the, throughout the symposium. So that’s great. – Exactly, I think I’ve not
seen this much excitement for the stroke meeting in many years. – Absolutely, absolutely. So that’s great. I think that the way the field has evolved has just made us all the more anxious as to what these results might be. So it’s going to be
very exciting tomorrow. What are the studies are
you looking out for, Kyra? – Well I’m very excited to see the results of the CATIS study, which looks at the relative benefit of anticoagulation vesus
antiplatelet therapy to prevent stroke in patients with cervical artery dissection. I think this has been a
long unanswered question, and finally we’ll have some
randomized, controlled data. – That’s terrific, it’s
great to see that as well. The other study I’m
looking out to look at, The other study I’d like to see is the issue of lifestyle
impact on stroke prevention. Particularly looking at
the Mediterranean Diet. It’s been a very promising diet, especially when it’s been looked at in cardiovascular disease patients, but there are not lots of data looking at stroke patients. So, looking at this study, which looks at the
California teachers cohort, it will be very interesting to see what the results actually are. – Indeed, I think that the other trial that really is worth mentioning is the ICARE study, that’s looking at rehabilitation for upper extremity movement after stroke. Rehab is a tough area to study, and it’s really difficult
to do a good trial, and here we’re going to see the results of a very well done trial. – The other thing that
I’m also excited to see, after all, this is the
International Stroke Conference, is the session on Thursday afternoon looking at global strategies
for fighting stroke. That also promises to be a
very exciting session as well. – Speaking of international, we’ll see the results of the JSTAR study, which is a primary prevention study looking at the utility of
statins for stroke prevention. I think we should also mention the session that was
introduced two years ago , Stroke at Lightening Speed. This a really fun session with a bit of a game show atmosphere, where 10 top stroke researchers have five minutes to present their view on the future of stroke. This session is a really fun session with kind of a game show atmosphere where 10 top stroke researchers present their view of the future of stroke in five minutes, and no more. So that will be a very exciting session, that will help close out
the conference on Friday. – It’s always a favorite session, I’m looking forward to it on Friday. – Well thanks, again I
think this is going to be a stroke conference to remember. – I think so. – And we thank everybody for attending. – Thank you.

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