Stress Relief from Intermittent Fasting – RejuvenaTea Recipe

We want to really help our
body to adapt to that kind of stress and instead take that stress that could be
positive or negative and use it for energy. So, this tea is all about that. We’re
gonna start with holy basil. I love holy basil, it’s over 3,000 years
old and when I spent time in northern India and in central India this was a
tea that I drank all the time. So, holy basil helps our body adapt to stress
which is why it’s called an adaptogenic herb, right. So what I’m gonna do is add
the holy basil tea, you can find it anywhere, and then I want to add a
teaspoon of oil. So this oil is tea seed oil but, of course, you can use avocado oil,
you can use any kind of oil that you like that’s ketogenic and that helps
your body adapt to stress. The reason I love the tea seed oil and the reason
it’s so popular throughout Asia is because it’s filled with so many
antioxidants and it works well in hot temperatures. So, we then add half of a
teaspoon of zest so this is an orange zest, you can use lemon. I just love how
it helps our bodies also adapt to the stress that we’re dealing with. When you
incorporate holy basil into this tea you’re getting all sorts of stress
benefits, right, so it’s helping your body adapt to adrenal fatigue, it’s
helping your body adapt to the load of stress that we get in our average day. It
helps our body even reduce acne in our skin which is an interesting benefit of
it. But, overall, because we live in such a stress society I want you to be able to
adapt your body to that stress and really fight it off. So, even if you’re
beginning an intermittent fast or you’re beginning your fast and
you feel that stress response in your body, this can help you with that it can
help to even that out. So, the last ingredient that I like to add just a
pinch of is Ceylon cinnamon. You’re gonna let this whole tea brew for about
10 minutes. You can drink it every single morning it’s going to help with anxiety,
it’s gonna help your body go from that place of fight-or-flight which is a
sympathetic state into a parasympathetic state which is a place of rest and
relaxation but, also, can help support your alertness. So this is a wellbeing
tea that I love to drink every single day. I hope you do too
because it can make such a big change, such a big difference in your life. So
now that it’s brewed for 10 minutes you have an adaptogenic ketogenic tea right
here that’s gonna help you to feel your very best throughout the day. So I want
just to remind you that you’re getting something that’s over 3,000 years old a
plant or herb from central and northern India
that’s called holy basil and this ingredient helps your body to really
adapt to all of the stresses that you can have in your life so this is your
shield and I love to start with it in the morning. So, to your health to your

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  1. Paul Gommans

    great beautiful movies make you. Just a pity that your volume should be 2x as high as with other YouTube videos to understand

  2. Luke Schneider

    Your holy basil was 3000 years old? It had to have been bad by now… you should never drink tea that old… make sure to check expiration dates! 😜

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