Strawberry Banana Smoothie | Strawberry Banana Juice in Tamil | Healthy Juice

Subscribe to Amudhas Kitchen. Hit bell button to get instant notifications on my new videos. Greetings. Welcome to Amudhas Kitchen. Today in our kitchen we are going to see how to make strawberry banana juice Just by adding vanilla ice cream we can make this juice into a yummy milkshake Required ingredients are listed here I have taken 1 chopped banana Adding it into a blender Now adding 4 strawberries which are chopped into smaller pieces to blend esaily Strawberry and banana blended with milk will be very tasty. Also children would love this taste. You can add honey or sugar as per your taste Now I am adding honey Pour milk as required Now we will blend it Finished blending.Now we will pour it in a glass Even people who don’t like banana also will like this taste They doesn’t even know that we added banana in this juice Yummy strawberry Banana juice is ready. If you like this video like it, share it and subscribe to amudhas kitchen

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