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bonjour mes amis and welcome to gourmet cooking… let’s do a little Chinese cooking
tonight we’ve got some interesting dishes we’re going to make first ball some
little baskets up some noodles and chinese noodles we
gonna shape clothes and deep fry lows and then we’re gonna do a shrimp
stir-fry dish to fill the basket really flavorful with
all the aromatic vegetables on the sauce and the beautiful succulent shrimp so
we’re going to do that and then we’re going to do a be incurred October full with watch the sauce very interesting dish has some vegetables to
go with it you Riley the the tofu and it gets nice and
crispy and it has a wonderful flavor noise too
soft a little rice to go with that will have one other very very nice meal to enjoy in little while site lets go with a new
laws we have some done already but let’s talk about those
now I’m gonna tell you about the initial preparation because it just
it’s very routine and it it just takes a little time now
these chinese noodles you’ve seen them they are come in
packages like this and they’re a hard as you can see here
are there often called ramen noodles they make
soup out a bit with flavorings but these are the noodles that we gonna
use and what we do is we follow package
directions it says on the package to simply put this into a pot of boiling
water for three minutes starring their break it up so that they
will all separate we drain that and we wash it a little bit to get some
other starchy out and then we dry and on towels and then
after that we add a little bit a while to it to
keep it from sticking and what we end up with is are nice
little noodles that you can see which we balled on the water we drained we refresh in cold water and dried and then but a little all on the noodles to keep it from sticking
together now this is the ingredient for on little baskets but we need a gadget to
to make the baskets with and we have some oil in a pot that’s
just about it the deep right temperature I’m gonna turn it
up a little more because we’re just about ready to use it
so you need about a good three or four inches evolve in a
pot that’s very hot at the deep right
temperature and what you have is either II device made for this you have
to I guess you would call them strainers a
basket makers you put your product in their and you
put the two together that shapes the basket now if you don’t have these are these do
cost a little money you can use to metal strainers to strainers very inexpensive you put
your product in here and put the other one on top you that must be careful though the
plastic Sarhan they handled rather a plastic and putting them near the year hot all
good do some damage are you get longer handle but you can use an ordinary straight to
do this I’m gonna use the gadget because we have it and all that means is that first we take
it and dip it in the oil so that is lightly coated with oil and
we take on new roles and we draped those around the side and making sure the bottom gets covered
in alright to let some hang out because
will ultimately cut those are alright we’ve got now some noodles we’re all gonna do one because it takes
time to do the is and we already have most of them done and then we take the other half we dip
it in the oil and put that on top of the new rules and press down and we have therefore
made a shape but they’re all saw an will need to be
Chris up and we do that by placing that in some very hot all slowly now there’s a little bit of water
content in these noodles and that’s what’s causing this oil to bubble up like that and as soon as that
water dissipates it the grease will settle down now this
takes about three minutes broadly noodles to cook through and turn a nice
golden brown so let’s see the water is settling down
now we probably can’t put this all the way
down and even let it sit there so %uh that
continues to fry far another two minutes or so let us for past summer the ingredients are
vegetables we will need for at least our pride ish
but not stop here and make a no comment that we’ve got to do it
beginning but those are you that are interested
the recipe but this show are on page 114 and 115 about him 3 up gourmet cooking alright on oodle
basket is going just nicely its almost ready so let’s let it go for a minute or so
longer and we’re gonna need several ingredients
besides a nice trip we have some beautiful broccoli we’ve
already clean and cut into small pieces and we have some green onions that we
need to to cut and we simply want to cut those sought out on an angle and give those that Aria Hall character for that slack cut that is so typical up these now I think %ah baskets about
done let me take a tray with a towel on it
just to yes that looks nice and brown we wanna let that drain so that all stop
dripping and we’re gonna bring that over to the
center now I’m finish with the oil because I’m
only gonna do one on camera so let me move that of the heat put that aside to cool down and will
turn the heat off now back to a basket we’ve got all these
little pieces hanging out you can trim those aw and I have some
just simple kitchen shears to do that where and you wanna take on the bottom your knife and cut and a
little pieces that are coming through because that’s
what holds it in and makes it difficult to on mold so by cutting all those little pieces
it’ll help with and take the top part of by taking
it up and twisting well this one came loose the
opposite way usually the top comes out and the
baskets days in the bottom so that means I probably got a few faces
on the inside here that are holding that so we can scrape
bad and with any luck will have this basket come right off runyon knife around on tale the basket will free it there we are so we have a nice little basket just
like the one we had before we can still trim it if we want
to make it really however those little basis are very
attractive so well put those aside and we have made basket we needed 8 for
this menu today so we already have that was
the eighth one and that’s all ready to go but now it
looks like we need to get started with us star pride ish we have some oil that he didn’t here and
the in the lock it’s about read it but let’s go out with
the other ingredients now we need some ginger we are to have most other
about 2 tablespoons so we kinda nice lysate ginger and we
cut that in small julienne strips we’re also gonna have garlic which we want that to crack and then up cut that into a small strip up so we can take a ginger and I garlic and stock that in the star
fry we can add that to our all and let that come up to heat where that
that should have been a little hotter but it’ll get there any moment now so
I’ll we take the well that cooking we’re going to take some mushrooms and
we want them to cut those in some nice slices and we have the bamboo shoots broccoli green onions and the mushrooms but this requires a sauce and that sauce
is going to be idle chicken stock about a half cup chicken stock we have
about two about a tablespoon and a half or two up so I saw we have a little sherry wine about a half cup just a quarter teaspoon of sugar and some corn starch about two tablespoons of cornstarch so this is gonna make up us sauce so we
wanted to blame that and set that aside until it’s needed now we have I saw Psalm eight let’s put
that aside let’s go back to our dish with the
garlic and the ginger which is cooking just nicely
let’s put in our great onion and let me turn some heat on over here so that that walk I’ll be ready when we
r so we toss a green onions with the ginger family garlic and we take our broccoli and we toss that far I’m another cell now let’s take %uh shrimp we have some nice
shrimp takeoff garnishes for the moment will
use those at the N and %ah lemon slices are no
longer need in we have about a pound and a half up some
nice shrimp that have been Alban de Van so we now
take those when I nice green broccoli garlic and the ginger and let’s toss clothes I will let those cook a little bit until worship turn a nice pain we will
then add three ingredients bamboo shoots the snow peas and the mushrooms now the snow peas we took those some
other more about a large way simply cut those and half on an angle simply so that the he is would distribute throughout this
dish tossing I from Philly all we want those to cook nicely and then we’ll head the other ingredients so at this point
now we can talk about the other dish that we have and that is the tofu dish now the tofu is nothing
more than being kurds soybeans arbol to fall I saw a milk and then it
is treated just like you would treat not for cheese and it comes in a nice solid block like
this it is a very low calorie type of thing and in itself has relatively little
flavor we’re gonna cut off we only need a
little bit more we cut off a slice and that we want to
cut that into cubes and we add that to what we already have Hill and what we
have now is about a pound I love the Topol let’s go back to our
trip ish we can talk to a friend one more
time and add now the mushroom bamboo shoots is of
course work and and the snow pea all these wonderful collars and crunchy textures will come together with
the pink trim to make really a very attractive day so
last of this now and let it have the benefit that oil at which point now we can add are sauce that we put
together shari the con starch the chicken stock and we’ll toss that and let this cook NOP to left that’s awesome second and coat all
these wonderful delicious ingredients the meantime let’s just swap burners
because we need now to my I have a little bit of food dropped
their work but that aside we have a nice hot burning here saw for
our total dish we need some green onions for up and will start does immediately and oslo however we really wanted to take I’ve told both so let’s take our 39 out at the moment well put those back and adding a little bit ago all we now
want to take the hopeful and got that a moment let’s toss
ashram with the saw and the beautiful vegetables that sauce is thickened now I think we can turn off are all
politicized and let set for a moment while we do Oct
opal we have the nice faces I’ll the bean curd we want to toss pillows and they are all and left those brown a little bit now they’ll come up
to browning now we take a green onions take
the rest of the anions add that to those we
are restarted we’re also going to need some nice
gallery and we like to string i sorry so we pay all that and we like to also cut
it on a diagonal to give it again that very nice character and it
also gives the vegetable a lot more surplus we also going to need for this dish some
green pepper which we want to again cut on tango go back to our hopeful and saw it has just about finished needs a little more cooking a little
more brownie and the other ingredient willie this dish is again a few mushrooms and we have those turnout we can take up
to a full which as you can see has begun brown nicely I’ll toss it a little
bit more and it has a nice characteristic as it
cooks it firms up it will get nice and crunchy on the
outside and yet state nice and creamy on the inside week at just a little bit more oil I
have some here now we can start with vegetables again I green onion salary the Belfast and the mushroom and as you
can see in Chinese cooking most of the work it in the preparation other pre cooking are the pre
preparation really the left of our vegetables with the
mushroom and this too is gonna need a sauce
thought we have our little bowl that we use for onions there they want to again very
similar except that this has the chicken stock
so I saw oil don’t need that that’s all and const art and the oyster sauce ice sauce is a product are poised Jersey
that is a flavoring are an awful it has more of a meaty K than it does a fishy K but it is really excellent now we have
four top tourist sorry I’m out here and we’ll add that to
us sauce and this gives the dish it six primary
characteristic flavor and will help give that so full a definition now we can add saw to our vegetables and return the total toss all these beautiful ingredients and we
have developed very beautiful soft he can come down now since it only needs to he and we can now start serving male that clear up bored a little bit and go now first of all to our baskets as you can see we have made 8 nice
little baskets and we need to fill those shrimp and vegetables tossing those once again the colors are beautiful the fragrances
are absolutely fantastic so let’s take and put a nice school for are two always beautiful colors and
flavors each one our baskets really nice beautiful shrimp and the aromatic vegetables and the wonderful sauce that was created
with the Shea really why and the chicken stock so we fill all OVA nice little baskets
on oodle baskets putting a little green on top of each one and we have a
little left over which will use far the kitchen help the meantime we have now repair out nice noodle baskets with our stir fry shrimp wonderful flavors and fragrances we need
now to serve out topo dish will bring a serving
plate up fallen and we have a nice tocqueville what’s
new wonderful voice to sauce that develops
and the nice texture and flavor and
fragrance is here are really unique and they’ll go well with a little bit up rice and we’ve already prepared the
rice we just need to serve that in a nice
serving bowl we had the rice all cooked ahead since that something we’ve got many times and
you’ve seen done many times so I will simply put rice in the bowl and have a little extra for refills if necessary thought we have iPad now are Chinese male up our noodle baskets with the shrimp star Friday ish along
with some tofu poised to saw and nice bowl rice we’re gonna bring this into the dining
room and set it up we’ll have a little while I’m and across a little fortune cookies to
go with that the meantime would like you to see the recipes them out out well now we have a not Chinese male with a flair a
wonderful be noodle baskets fried crisp and
crunchy and they hold a wonderful mixture
upstream and broccoli and snow peas and flavors and fragrances that are just
fantastic and then we’re gonna come in at a course
where October full in poised to saucer very unique
condiment and labor that come from the oyster
sauce and of course a little bit up rice so let’s so I’m a
little bit a each of these items take some other hopeful with the salary and the bell
pepper and the always just saw and a little bit
over rice to a company that and I’m going to take or one of our nice baskets and place
that on my plate and ready for your me a feed I’ll wonderful Chinese food great food its interesting it’s fun to
play was a great you will enjoy this Chinese the Deutsche to sauce rather the oyster sauce in the tofu its
exceptional because who doesn’t like shrimp for that
with the little white wine well help make this mail come alive and Costco and %ah male where they I fortune cookie and of course the fortune
will be personal so join us want you A bientot!

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