Still Fat After Intermittent Fasting | The Untold Truth!

In this video we’ll discuss the reasons
you may still be fat after intermittent fasting. Hi ladies and gentleman, I’m Dr. Zyrowski
and welcome back to the channel. If you’re new to the channel it’s a pleasure to have
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That way I can help you excel your health and your life. In this video you’re going
to discover why you’re still fat after doing intermittent fasting. I recommend to a patients
all the time to do intermittent fasting. They all come back seeing great results but there’s
always that group. There’s the group that comes back and says Dr. Zyrowski I’m not
losing any fat, I’m not having any weight loss, I don’t feel any better, this intermittent
fasting stuff is not for me. So that’s when we sit down and we have the talk. Not the
talk basically is where we dive into all the different focus points where people will go
wrong with intermittent fasting. Why they don’t get results. Why their still fat.
Why they won’t lose weight. Why the weight won’t budge. So if you’re having this
issue or you’re someone who just wants to get better results with intermittent fasting
lets go ahead right now and have that talk. So let’s focus in on diet first. This is
where I see a lot of people go wrong because a lot of people use intermittent fasting as
a crutch to follow a lot quality diet. When you follow intermittent fasting and follow
a low quality diet in many cases you’re going to create metabolic instability and
you’re driving these hormones all crazy. You’re going to this fast where your driving
insulin levels low but then you’re spiking them with high sugar, high carb meals. It’s
not a good thing to do so intermittent fasting is not a crutch. A lot of people think I can
do intermittent fasting because I’m going into that fat burning zone and I can eat what
I want over here. It just doesn’t work like that. And so you want to make sure that you’re
following a good quality diet. I always recommend the low carb diet. This is a diet where you’re
eating 100 grams or less of carbohydrates. You’re eating a lot of good whole foods.
You’re doing no sugar, you’re doing no grains and you’re eating good delicious,
satiating meals that make you feel good. Now when we have people who are doing low carb
and they’re still not getting results and they’re being honest about doing low carb
and not getting results we go and look at different things. Some of these other things
popping up which we’ll talk about in a moment or maybe they have some metabolic instability.
In that case what we’ll do is we’ll go into Keto. Do 30, 60, 90 days of Keto, come
back out do low carb and in the meantime we’ll see some great results. Okay so diet is very
important. Double down on diet if you’re not getting results.
Next, calories in, calories out, too little too much. So this is a problem that people
have. Now it’s always interesting because if you look at the gym community like the
fitness trainers they’re always talking about calories in, calories out, that’s
all that matters. And then you look over to the other side of the spectrum and you see
the doctors and they’re saying it’s not so much about calories in calories out it’s
about what you’re eating, the quality of foods that you’re eating. And I’m kind
of right in between there because what I see happen with intermittent fasting is a couple
of things. First of all people are eating a high quality diet but they’re eating too
much of a high quality diet. It doesn’t matter how long you intermittent fast if you
are over consuming calories then you just aren’t going to lose weight. Now the other
problem that’s going to happen is some people because they’re doing intermittent fasting
and their packing all their meals into a short period of time they’re not eating enough
so if you’re doing intermittent fasting and you’re coming way under to a calories
deficit the problem is is that you’re going to crash your metabolism. These people typically
see fast results right away but then after that they just plateau and they can’t get
things to budge in either direction. So you don’t want to be over consuming because
if you’re coming in at a huge calorie surplus you can still do intermittent fasting and
gain weight. A lot of people do this simply because they go and their in that fasted window
and they’re so hungry when the meal time comes around they just stuff their face so
the first meal, between meals and even for the second meal. So we want to be right in
the middle. What I recommend is that we go and we track our macros for 30, 60, 90 days
and we really truly understand what we’re eating. We’re understanding the calorie
intake that we have on a daily basis because like I said if you’re doing intermittent
fasting and you are either under consuming or over consuming you’re gonna create metabolic
problems. You can’t come in at that huge caloric surplus and expect to lose weight
and if you’re going way under you’re going to crash your metabolism. So track your macros
for a period of time, you can easily get some different app calculators that are going to
help you do so and track your calories for a bit and you’re going to see great results
if that is the issue that you’re having. Next is metabolic instability. So there’s
a lot of things that come in to play when it comes to the metabolic hormones, metabolism,
how it functions. We look at these three major metabolic hormone players: insulin, leptin
and ghrelin. Now insulin is this hormone basically that is going to shuttle sugar into the cell.
If you have like pre-diabetes, if you have diabetes you have insulin resistance, essentially
you’re going to have a harder time getting results with intermittent fasting. The results
may just not come as quick. Now the other problem that you have is leptin resistance
or ghrelin resistance. Now leptin is basically the food suppressant. So when you go and you
are eating your meal leptin goes and tells your brain “hey, you’re full, stop eating”.
People who have leptin resistance don’t hear that signal. They don’t hear that leptin
signal and they just keep eating so it’s very easy for them to over eat and over consume
every single day. Now the people that have ghrelin resistance, this is the food initiator.
This is the hormone that basically says “hey, I’m hungry and we need to start eating because
I’m really, really hungry”. Some people, they’re just getting over stimulated in
that area so you can see what’s happening here. First of all, you’re not properly
shuttling sugar into the cell. You’re going and not being told by this hormone leptin
to stop eating. This hormone ghrelin just keeps being a gremlin and telling you to eat
constantly and this causes a lot of issues. So once again we’re doing intermittent fasting
we’re going to go back, double down on the diet. This is very important here. We’re
also going to go in and do a couple other things. First of all we can go in and make
sure we’re doing something like the Keto diet, which is really going to help create
that metabolic stability which I talked about over here. But also what we can do is we can
add some nutritional supplementation that not only helps balance insulin but also just
creates metabolic hormone stability across the board. I’ll put a link to the one that
I use. So if we have this metabolic instability first of all we have to realize that intermittent
fasting may take longer for us to get results. We can go in and do a diet overlook. We double
down on the diet, potentially follow the Ketogenic diet for a while. And then lastly we add some
different nutritional herbs and vitamins in order to help balance metabolic hormones.
And so that’s what we do here. Next breaking your fast. Ok so this is very
important because a lot of people need to do a reset. It’s very, very compelling to
go and find all these little things that you can do while fasting that won’t break you
fast. I get probably questions like “will x y and z break my fast” more than any other
question out there so a lot of people are trying to get creamer in their coffee. They’re
trying to get stevia and xylotomy in their coffee. They’re trying to add in all types
of different drinks and potion and powders and what happens is you can just create this
whole issue where you’re just basically breaking your fast every single day. If you’re
not getting results with intermittent fasting take a step back, get rid off all of that
stuff. Get rid of the apple cider vinegar drink, get rid of the supplements, get rid
of the powders, get rid of all of that stuff. Take a step back and go to water and things
like black tea or black coffee and then that’s it. That’s it when you’re doing your fasting.
And that way you can be sure that you are truly fasted during that time. Because it’s
very compelling to try to add in all these little sneaky things that won’t break your
fast, but if you have metabolic instability and you have some other issues it’s hard
to say what’s going to knock you out of that fast state. Just like somebody who is
pre-diabetic or diabetic is going to have a much different reaction to eating some simple
carbohydrates than someone who is metabolically healthy. So we want to make sure that if you’re
having a problem where you think you may be breaking your fast, get rid of everything
and just go strictly to something like water, sparkling water, coffee, black tea and stick
in that area. Any by the way, if you want a full guide to intermittent fasting, a complete
guide that teaches you everything, go ahead and click on this video right up here because
this video I did teaches you everything you need to know A to Z about intermittent fasting.
Last here is time. How long should it take? Now, one of the things I get all the time
is “Dr. Zyrowski, I’ve been doing intermittent fasting for like a whole 2 weeks and I haven’t
gotten any results yet so this clearly doesn’t work”. Okay so there are so many things
wrong with that statement. First of all you may just be one of these metabolically unhealthy
people. Maybe your diet is messed up, there are so many things that you have to be aware
of in this time. But there other thing is is that when you’re looking at these people
who are seeing huge results right, they didn’t do it 1 or 2 weeks. People who are having
massive weight loss transformations. People who are getting lean and ripped. In most cases
this has taken them months to years in order to get these results. So a lot of times we,
even myself, we want to get results so fast. We want them right now, we want them here
in the moment. But the problem is is that that is not reality. We have to realize that
when we look at intermittent fasting as a strategy in order to help us to improve our
overall state of wellbeing, lose fat, lose weight, get healthier and it is a time game.
It is something that we’re implementing in and we have to give it the time. And if
we can just stick to it over a long period of time we are going to constantly get healthier
and healthier. So be sure to give it the time that is necessary in order to lose the weight,
in order to get those results. So that wraps this video up. Go ahead and
just share this video with your friends if you could because it’s going to help everybody
who is having a hard time saying that intermittent fasting doesn’t work. It’s going to help
them reset their intermittent fasting and get great results. So if you can share with
your friends and give this video a thumbs up and also let me know the results that you’re
having with intermittent fasting in the comments section below and subscribe to my channel
if you haven’t done so yet. Check out my other videos on how you can improve your health.
I’ll see you in the next video.

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Reader Comments

  1. Wilmar Gutierrez Pelaez

    Good video, except for the part where he says: "get rid of apple cyder vinegar". If IM is not working I highly doubt it's because ACV

  2. Rockie mountin

    Hello Dr Z I’m 58 years old T2 for about years my Dr started me on 1000 mg of MetForman 2x a day then added GLIMEPIRIDE 4 mg 1 a day then he started me on insulin and I started looking into diet real hard because I’m just getting worse, so I started KETO 2-1-19 at 355 lbs today I’m 317 I’m also fasting anywhere between 20 -28 hr almost everyday some days I will eat twice and all I eat is meat beef pork chicken and green veggies like very large garden salads I track my micros and sometimes a bit high on the veggie carbs 30% or high on the proteins but for the most part I’m very close,But my fasting blood sugar is all over the place if I don’t take my meds which I want to get off if I can my question is can every T2 be reversed or just people who have not had it that long

  3. DetoxHealth

    The longer the fast, the more weight you will lose. The stomach also contracts, which means it can expect less food after the fast, to be satiated. Intermittent fasting is by definition, short-term fasting. Longer fasting will produce a more noticeable result, but requires will-power.

  4. fatin elmor

    Hello, thank you for sharing your knowledge,

    Hopefully you can help me answer this question, I’ve been doing OMAD 6days a weeks for the past 8 months and I have seen amazing results. I got really used to it, now that I am healthy and in shape should I continue doing it.

    What are the health costs or benefits of doing this 6days a week for the rest of my life?

  5. Sad Sees

    Dr Nick, i have been on keto in a d out and IF for long time. Very good physically and mentally. My blood test shows normal reading but the Uric acid which is very high. I don't suffer from gout or anything, but knowing that the uric acid is very high worries me. Do you have any explanation and suggestions for me to reduce uric acid levels to its normal level.

  6. tausha miller

    Somebody is always posting the opposite of what others post. Fact is everyone should go by personal experience and do what works for them.

  7. Sky _

    It takes time. Don't rush. Im doing 18:6 most of the time, but right now, Im doing 24 hrs of IF since Im not yet hungry. Btw, Im on a low carbs diet.

  8. Dheian Mocha

    had intermittent fasting for roughly 5 months now and surprisingly I lose 5 kgs as well and my waistline significantly became slimmer, the bulges around it especially my tummy it is not bloated anymore compared when I was still at gym….it was great

  9. شذى ورد

    Hi dr, thanks for all your videos, dr I used to do keto, but I am not going well with it, I have diabetes, thyroid, and now I have injury in my back, I put so much weight a fter I lost my weight, at the moment I am struggling of depression, I think what I am going through is to much, please I need your advice what to do?? And how I start keto again, and get healthy, thanks from Australia.

  10. lookingforsure

    Ive been doing if for 5 weeks and lost ''only'' 5 pounds. Its a bit disheartening when i see everyone posting videos about losing 10 pounds in a week. But ill be patient and stick to it.

  11. Kopper Klan

    My issue is bloated fat belly which is 47.5 inches. I did 4 days water fasting but still no change even though I lost 10 lbs. Can you tell me what could be issue? Should I get my gut checked? Should I take probiotics? I've heard that probiotics can kill your natural ability to digest and one become too much reliant to it? Thanks

  12. Beast Mode

    This video is informative as well as correct. In my experience as a trainer I noticed people aren't even active. People who aren't active can be in a surplus much more often, then someone who is active. I recommend people to walk fasted or try to be more active which will utilize fasting more effectively. It matters on how you break you're fast as well l, which will determine how you're body reacts. Most people will eat solid food which I do not recommend. You want to break your fast with jamba juice or something light not solid. I use my juicer or blender using veggies little fruit honey coconut oil. Then I wait 3 hours to actually eat. One more thing is in the summer you lose wieght naturally quicker fyi.

  13. Rupam Bhagat

    I had a baby three months before by c section. Can I do IF? I am breastfeeding my baby… I want to reduce my belly fat… Even after 3 of delivery I look like 6 month pregnant

  14. Tearsof Brionne

    I have PCOS and one of the hardest part of having PCos is difficulty of losing weight..but when I started IF I get a good result for just 1 week…. first i did 12 hours fast then after 14 hours and after a week 16 then 19 and 24 hours…I started FEB. this year I was 71kg and now im still doing but i keep changing my IF plan each in every week and that works on me…

  15. ExarKenneth71

    I'm eating five farm raised eggs in a egg salad with 3 slices of Bacon 1 slice of ham for my OMAD, I'm a Carni and staying sated with this. BUT I'm having trouble with temptations I never had to deal with while eating my 2 meals a day. So am I really sated or what??

  16. Sheri Vance

    You mention-the apple cider ‘drink’….thoughts on just a simple shot of ACV??? I take a shot of plain ACV, 1 tbs very morning on an empty stomach???? Break a fast???

  17. Jackie Heaney

    Having doctors like you that have called me a liar for years, is frustrating and infuriating.
    I followed a SAD for years, and got bigger and bigger.
    I got a gastric band, ( because the doc didn't believe me)
    Calories down to 4/500 a day. Still fat.
    Now with my sugar and ketone blood detectors, I am full IR. Been on Keto and OMAD for months, have not lost much weight.
    I resent the fact you say we cannot follow your rules, we did I got to141 kg.
    Get one message.

  18. Startice Galmore

    I’m just having a problem with knowing how many calories to consume during the eating window…I know before I was eating too much sugar/junk during that time so I stopped that. Now after a few weeks I’m just not hungry during the feeding window so I’m afraid I’m eating too little. So what is a healthy caloric intake for 160lbs pretty active working out 4-5 times a day for 30-60min each day?

  19. Fluffy Slippers

    I really, really like this chap. He’s one of three doctors I follow. Been following his channel and advice and I’m getting results.

  20. Fighting Gator

    I've been if for 16 months got great results right out the gate now I feel like I'm packing on fat externally. I eat a very low carb diet and have a extremely physical outdoor job so I don't exercise. To start getting some results again do I need to have a longer fast are start trying to exercise?

  21. Phil Amick

    I have been IF for about six months. I have tried Keto, Atkins, low calorie and every other thing over the years, but nothing has worked quite like IF. I am down about 45 pounds and the difference in my body is amazing. I haven't looked like this in twenty years. I am amazed at how good I feel and at how easy it is once you get past the first few weeks. I eat fresh and lean 90 percent of the time, but nothing hard core or absolute. I am enjoying life and finally have the energy to live. Thanks for all the amazing information and to those who aren't losing weight, track everything, hold yourself accountable, exercise, and most importantly, don't give up. If you slip one day, start again and don't beat yourself up. The results will come, if you put in the work.

  22. Marko Josipović

    How can I know if I am eating too little calories if I am not tracking calories? Would I be hungry? Doing 20/4 regime with weight training every other day.
    I don't see my muscles shrinking – could I use muscle mass as indicator for my metabolism?

    Also, when I am fasting, I have no desire for food.

  23. ZenTeT

    I'm doing keto OMAD and having zero issues to drop .5-1lb of weight a day although I'm a cyclist so my long endurance rides help I'm not pro but I can manage 80km rides with little issues

  24. TigroTom

    IF saved my life. Doing it for about a year now. I lost weight; BP is down; energy level up and feel great! Never eating breakfast again!

  25. The Real LOL: Life Of Legacy

    I physically cant squeeze 1600 cals of low carb meals into my stomach which is a 30% deficit from my tdee. (Aprox) In lucky to hit between 1000 and 1200. Plus as soon as I tried hitting 1600 I stopped losing for a week. I'm also never hungry so i think forcing yourself to eat isnt a great plan to hit some arbitrary number. I have plenty of energy and was losing weight quickly until I was told to up my cals to 1600 and then it all slowed to a halt. Food is supposed to be for energy and if you have a ton of energy and arent hungry, I dont see how force feeding yourself is a good plan. The people that can eat 2000 cals in 1 or 2 meals of all clean low carb food amaze me because I can barely get 2 eggs, some avocado, a little cheddar cheese into my stomach let alone 6oz of salmon, broccoli and whatever else I'm trying to eat for a day. I'm constantly trying to find ways to get olive oil and coconut oil into the food just for a a calorie and fat boost on macros.

  26. Mohan Sundararajan

    After Keto and IF, by eating in 4 hour window, I have gone down to 60 KG from 70. I am 66 yrs, medium structured and 6' 2" height. Is this ok?

  27. X O

    I've been keeping my house cool and having cold shower starting today. I'm doing low carb this week. Doing IF but if I'm hungry 5 hrs after my last meal, I check if maybe I haven't eaten enough that day. If I'm not hungry, I don't eat, even if I'm already at the 16 hr mark.

  28. Leigh Thomas

    It can take several months or even years to reverse metoblic syndrome. I went full cranovor OMAD and it's made a huge difference after 18 months of keto.

  29. Robert Stane

    Greetings Dr. Nick… I used to be a very trim 175 lbs. but gained weight to 203.  I decided to eat OMAD and about 750 calories.  I lost 13 lbs. in two weeks, but then leveled off at 190 lbs.  So, I fit the category of eating perhaps too little and not making any gain for several weeks.  But this is still very puzzling to me.  My normal calorie intake should be about 2500 calories and I'm taking in only 750.  How can my body not use it's fat storage and how is it getting by without any weight loss?

  30. Carla Harmon

    Stevia does cause an insulin response. Try fasting clean and see how much easier it is. I only have water, black coffee or unsweet tea. It has made my fast so easy.

  31. AngelinaLuna

    I did IF last year from Sept to the beginning of the year and lost about 25 pounds very effortlessly.
    Unfortunately I was careless and gained the weight back (30 pounds). Not my set weight has gone up, and have been trying to do the same with no luck. I don’t know why? Should I jump the shark and do prolonged fasting? My routine was 18:6 and worked pretty well. Thank you in advance for your answer.

  32. Sadie Tuescher

    How can do you low carb as a vegetarian with some nut allergies? This takes for granted that everyone can eat meat. I hate it.

  33. Matthew Savoy

    i do IF …started on my 40th birthday Aug 19th 2018…Ive lost 65 since …..I do 17-7 or 18-6 …This guy says LOW carb ?
    I call BULLSH** …. The trick with carbs is EARNING your carbs …..with activity …i love RICE …eat it all the time……

    But i only eat it around my workout time ….FOR EXAMPLE …Today im dong CHEST, SHOULDERS TRICEPS and 12 mins of cardio

    Im gonna first do my chest workout …..Instead of jumping to shoulders and triceps i'll have a lean protein and CARBS…..i'll wait 45-60 Mins and then go back to the gym to finish shoulders TRICEPS and 12 mins of cardio …..

    THEN i'll have CARBS again !!!!!!! ……the rest of the day im low carbs …My last meal is ONLY protein …..

    IF doesnt mean NO FOOD ..i eat all the time and i love FOOD FIND WHAT U LIKE AND EAT IT ALL THE TIME

  34. Hadeel Abdelnasser

    So was wondering….what am i doing wrong if I've been on IF for a few months now and I improved quality of food….no sugar but i do have stevia or erythritol sometimes w/ sucralose…my sleeping quality isnt always optimal….i lost some weight but NO change in measurements!!!! I feel like I'm stuck…What shall I do to get better results…I'm currently weighing 66.5 kg and fat percentage is 30.7 so yeah it's a lot….i'd appreciate all advice…thanks

  35. little italian

    Hello. I take medicine for hypothyroidism. I am supposed to take one pill an hour before i eat. Will that pill (Levoxyl) break my fast prematurely? Thank you for any help.

  36. Dr. Nick Zyrowski

    You want to master intermittent fasting? Watch this complete intermittent fasting guide and you’ll be well on your way.

  37. Ray James

    Is there any way I can fast and still eat cake? I've been Intermittent fasting for 6 months or so now and I've lost 25lbs, my problem is when I break my fast I pig out, I even broke a 25 hour fast with alcohol the other day.

  38. Meme Simone

    I've been IF for several years. It no longer works for me. I IF keto and still nothing anymore. I have to fast 3 (72 plus hours) days or more to see results. It's quite depressing. I quit red meat, pork, Turkey, only loss inches not weight. My face shrunk. I'm to the point I have to do 10 day spring water fast Adkins. I reallly don't like high fat in any case.


    I find your videos great. You describe slow enough and detailed. It just amazes me how no matter how much you try to help someone, they feel the need to put a thumb down. Honestly, i hate lies and some companies have adverts that give fake info just to make money. U can even try proving its fake and they still cant see it. Its like going to buy a tv and your a salesman and tell them to buy another cheaper tv that is exactly the same design, spec, etc, but the person moans to the manager that your trying to save them money. 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Everythings backwards. 🤣.
    Keep up the great work and i left you another 😉👍

  40. Jayne Bachoo

    Maybe I need to reset…I do a once a day meal and water for the rest of the time …my scale hates me though my weight fluctuates so much I wonder if something is the matter with the scale. One meal a day I eat pretty good veggies and meat what is my problem . I bike 5 days at least per week also some walking … frustrating somewhat!

  41. Dorothy sasa Saano

    Am on this type of fasting but I take too much of green tea is bad coz I have heard you talking about black tea is it better than green tea?

  42. Samer Nosseir

    I am 5ft 8" used to weigh 202ibs I started keto 2 months ago now I am 180 ibs.. I lost all craving for food esp bakeries, before I wasn't much into food only bakeries, after that long with keto If was so easy so I started 16 hrs then shifted to 20 which was really doable, my problem was when I suffered severe stomach cramps like hell, so had to stop…. But in general IF was something new and good

  43. Mahesh Londhe

    Thank you doctor for very helpful videos.I have lost around 20 kg in a 13 months.Just doubtful about whether I am heading towards crashing metabolism .Currently I have switched over to OMAD and calorie intake is around 800-900 calories.

  44. Rozeara Khatun

    Hello doctor.. could you plz suggest how to lose belly fat ? I'm on KIF omad . But belly isn't shrinking that much.. kindly help

  45. Stefan Van der Spuy

    I just don't sleep too well on an empty stomach… So OMAD is OK, having my meal early in the evening. But currently on day 2 of a 48-hour fast and taking strain! Another evening ahead if I break the fast tomorrow morning.

  46. CarmellaNYC

    Dr Nick could you pleaser advise…i was eating 1200 calories on the Noom program for 4 months and lost 10 pounds. I then stared IF 16/8 and lost 2 pounds in a week, then I started KETO i lost another 2 pounds quickly and have been doing longer fasts like 18/6 and 20 or 22 hrs, however a week of longer fasts i found it hard to eat alot of calories, my daily intake for about 10 days was around 700/800 calories, I'm more like 1000 to 1200 again, my point is after week 2 i have not lost any weight, its been 6 weeks and I'm scared i lowered my set point to 700 calories in the 10 days I was struggling to eat calories. Any advice or suggestions?

  47. Angelo Likouras

    I have been IF for over 12 months, lost weight but of late have plateued. I think my metabolism has crashed. If that is the case and I track my macros and calorie intake, won't I be putting on weight?

  48. Stephanie DeBorde

    I just started a week ago. Everyday I make in extra virgin olive oil 4 scrambled eggs with turmeric & pepper. I put that on top a bowl of fresh spinach & broccoli on top ACV. Coffee, stevia sugar & almond milk. I’ve already lost 4 lbs. & still aiming for about 5 to 7 more.🙏🏻 & Every morning I feel Amazing, so Energized!! ❤️

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